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Art Deco and designer jewelry collector, partial to early plastics... I created a Facebook page to share my passion for plastic jewelry and more: https://www.faceboArt Deco and designer jewelry collector, partial to early plastics... I created a Facebook page to share my passion for plastic jewelry and more: (Read more)


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Bulter and Wilson Art Deco Style Clip Earrings - 1980's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Art Deco Cat Brooch ? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Art Deco Dog Pin / Brooch - 1930's? - Art Decoin Art Deco
Frog Pin / Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Jakob Bengel Art Deco Necklace - 1930's - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Style Glass Necklace - Jakob Bengel? - Art Decoin Art Deco
Antique Limoges Enamel Saint Fabiola Pin / Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Isadora Paris Galalith Panther Necklace - circa 1979 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sobral Jewelry Collection - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Art Deco Machine Age Jakob Bengel Necklace - 1930's - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Really?! I'm flattered... Thanks a lot Katherine ! :)
  2. My pleasure, Elisabethan! If you ever get an answer from the Bengel Museum, let me know... Best.
  3. Hi Elisabethan! Your necklace is beautiful and I'm pretty sure it is by Bengel. Its stucture is very reminiscent of Bengel's work. The coral beads are probably made of glass. A simple test consists ...
  4. Thanks, shareurpassion! ;)
  5. Yes, it usually is shiny, except if it shows heavy signs of wear...
  6. Thanks for this new comment, Elisabethan! Hamish, with a little training, you'll manage to distinguish bakelite from other plastics. Bakelite is often marbled and it has a specific shine. It also mak...
  7. Hi Elisabethan! I have a Facebook page entitled "Plastic Fanatic", dedicated to my plastic jewelry collection. Go have a look! Hope you'll like it... Have a great weekend! :)
  8. Definitely, Efesgirl!
  9. Thank you Elisabethan! ;)
  10. Thanks for you comment, PostCardCollector! Indeed, it may be pewter just like yours. Mine has no hallmark and is about 2" long at the widest...
  11. Merci !! ;)
  12. Thank you nutsabotas6!
  13. Thank you Ivonne! :)
  14. Hi there! I'm back with my camera and new pictures of the brooch. Looking closer at the back, I noticed there is a depiction of the Grotto of Lourdes in the little blue medallion. You can also see a h...
  15. Thanks Alan! I love your painting too... :)
  16. Thanks again, Agram.m! :)
  17. Thank you so much for all these precisions, Agram.m ! The brooch is unsigned, but there is a losange-shaped hallmark at the back (indicating this is silver?). I'll take more pictures soon to show you....
  18. Very interesting, thank you! Indeed, this lady definitely evokes Saint Fabiola, although the latter traditionally wears a red veil.
  19. Thank you Elisabethan! Yes katherinescollections, that's why I think it might as well be Holy Fabiola... ;)
  20. Thanks very much kyratango! Sure, I'll take a few more pics as soon as soon as my camera is fixed! I had to take this one with my cellphone and it's really not good...
  21. Hi Agram.m! I recently purchased a brooch that looks very much like yours. If you could take a look at it and give me your opinion, that would be lovely! I'll try take better pictures some of these da...
  22. Thanks very much, inky!! ;)
  23. Hey Dr Fluffy! It's hard to tell if your rings are by Sobral on not. But they are lovely all the same... Recent Sobral pieces are marked like this:
  24. Thank you for the tip, solver! Indeed, this is a bargain. I'm going to email the seller... Thanks again!
  25. Thank you racer4four! :) These come from a country that's full of light and colours, that's why...
  26. I totally agree with you: plastic is fantastic! So many possibilities... Thanks again! ;)
  27. Thank you very much Elisabethan!! And good luck on your search... :)
  28. Yes, this is definitely a bakelite necklace. It is very beautiful and this colour is very much sought after. The matt beads may be galalith. Nice find!
  29. Yes, the book is very expensive. I'm sure I'd love though as it seems there are loads of pictures in it. In France, it pretty is hard to find. I live in Paris, but was unable to find it in the librari...
  30. I have a very similar Paddington bear that I bought at Hamleys in London in 2002. Must be a reproduction of this one. Mine has a blue coat, a red hat and red wellies. Yours is great, so authentic!
  31. Ok Katherine, take a picture of it and let me have look... I'd be glad to help! :)
  32. Thank you! :)
  33. Thank you! :)
  34. Hi Mike. I have a set that is very similar to yours with the same pattern and the same clasps (mine is silver-toned and marked 835). It belonged to my Mum and dates from the late 1970's. Hope this he...
  35. Thank you ladies! :)
  36. Thank you! :)
  37. Thank you for your comment, nutsabotas6 ! :)
  38. At your service! You're right, this jewelry is 'something else': fun and classy at the same time. And always fashionable.
  39. You're welcome. It is my pleasure to share my humble knowledge and to learn from others... Bye for now!
  40. Very nice, recent and probably from India.
  41. You are now the proud owner of a Jakob Bengel necklace, Elizabethan: congratulations! And have a nice weekend too! :)
  42. Hi there! No doubt your necklace is by Jakob Bengel. It is a beautiful piece... Congrats! ;)
  43. Hi and thanks again! Yes, Lea Stein is considered to be an 'Art Deco' artist even if she worked in the 1970's.
  44. Hi! Thank you. No unfortunatly, most of them aren't marked (a few of them are marked "guarantie" on the clasp). But the style is very recognizable. I carefully examined Bengel's jewelry on Sheryl's Ar...
  45. Thanks to all fot the "loves" and compliments! :)
  46. You're welcome! You helped me with my Victorian necklace, remember, so I'm glad I could help you in return...
  47. Thank you very much! :)
  48. Hello! No doubt your bangle is by Lea Stein (circa 1970). I has the typical Lea Stein ivory pattern and 'faux-clasp'. Congratulations! Kindest regards from France... :)
  49. You're welcome! Cheers! ;)
  50. Thank you! :)
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