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Antique Bronze  Elephant With Chinese Man Riding - Asianin Asian
Antique Folk Art Iron Flower Press? - Visual Artin Visual Art
Vintage Chinese/Japanese Vase Handpainted With Raised Figures - Asianin Asian
Vintage Chinese/Japanese Jade Real Seed Pearls Necklace - Asianin Asian
Antique Signed Chinese/Japanese Brown Bowl Brass Stand - Asianin Asian
Old Chinese  Carved Resin Cinnabar Style Faux vase Signed inside Lid - Asianin Asian
Vintage Beautiful Chinese/Japanese Vase In Box  Signed On borrom - Asianin Asian
Old Antique  Made In France Silver or Plated Pitcher/Jug - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Very Rare Guerlain Paris Ladies Suit,Employee Suit??? - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
Antique Durabilt Mfg Co. Aurora il,Tool,Ammo Box,File Box - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Thanks Zowie
  2. Thanks Katherinescollections
  3. Thanks Kyratango
  4. Wow! thanks so much for that great wonderful information TubeAmp and vertraio50!!!
  5. Hi,no I didn't it was in a lot of jewelry I bought,thanks Shrine
  6. Will do
  7. amiin11 I don't really know anything about vase,I don't know a price I was hoping someone can help there's s line on outside but don't look like a crack look like it was made like that
  8. Wow! thank jwendell222!!!! you have great knowledge!
  9. Thank you so much jwendell222!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Valentino97, it is Czech 1930's
  11. Thanks DrFluffy I will research Czech jewelry
  12. Surfdub66 and noob thanks I'm still searching
  13. Thanks surfdub66
  14. Thanks Manikin and Sean68
  15. Thanks CanyonRoad I'll keeping looking,I'll look up Ceramics Monthly older issues
  16. Thanks maryh1956 I'll try Mori first name
  17. Thanks racer4four,melaniej,and maryh1956
  18. Yessssss found it the name is the same,again thanks so much!!!!
  19. Ok thanks antiquerose!!
  20. Thanks antiquefreek so very much!!!!!
  21. Hi checked out site but item was sold so couldn't compare mark but will look up Mark Hines thanks antiquerose
  22. Hi don't see the word Korea but will look again,thanks
  23. Thank you aghcollect!!!
  24. Thanks so much vetraio50
  25. I have no idea what it mean but yes it is strange
  26. Thanks jwendell222 for great information!
  27. Thanks Shareurpassion,I have several strange looking pieces,I will check the testing out,I tried the water and salt didn't work at all,piece didn't float but it has a piece of wire in tio
  28. Wow! wonderful information,thank you Soulportal sooooo much have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!
  29. lollol it was my little puppy but a cat might have got on there,but I know my puppy did lollol
  30. inky I had a small puupy who love to get upon everything lollollol
  31. oops misspelled the word Aztec,sorry about that,that's what I meant southcop,I'll look up Colombia figures,thanks
  32. CindB I've looked at African,Polynesian,India,Native American,I can't find anything,I was thinking it look like an Actez figure but will continue to look thanks
  33. Wow Kyratango & Riply206 thanks sooooooooooo much for that great information,
  34. Thanks soooo much aghcollect! I loveeee this site,
  35. WOW! thanks so much idcloisonne! almost identical to my plate,I love this site!! again thanks1
  36. Thanks Kat22,it is all hand painted,I've looked at some other plates but still can't find one like mine but I will continue to search
  37. Thanks CanyonRoad soooooooo much! great information!
  38. WOW! thanks soooooo much Tlynnie1942!!! that's why I love this site so much,great information again thank you
  39. Oh no! I was not telling you to look,I meant if you happen to run across that older post,I am looking,sorry
  40. I'm not sure if it's terracotta just look like it,thanks for info,if you find out anything else please let me know
  41. Hi 6 1/4: tall, 2 1/8" across mouth, look like the iside is terracotta
  42. Thanks racer4four,I looked up several art paintings from Manila and they all look almost the same,hope someone can help me too
  43. Thanks Klmgems1,it is an old bite as the seller told me,I only paid 2.00 for it,it is so beautiful even with the bite I had to buy it lol
  44. The first letter is "A",but thanks I will look that name up
  45. WoW!!! thanks so much argshistory!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Thanks racer4four
  47. hollowsphere thanks so much for your information,not sure if it's original or not.
  48. Thanks blunderbuss2 for that information,it's a strang knife indeed
  49. Thanks fortapache
  50. Thanks,but I figured military,someone told me it might be wells fargo,when a magnet is put on handle in some places it will stick so I'm kind of confused,any idea what time period
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