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Vintage Chinese/Japanese Signed Vase - Asianin Asian
Beautiful Italy Signed Fortunata Pottery/Ceramic Urn - Potteryin Pottery
1942 Large Boats On Sea Painting Please Help ID Name - Visual Artin Visual Art
Vietnam Solder's Drawing & War Map - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Vintage Large Motorcycle Belt (Harley Davidson????) - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Native American Watercolor Need Help Id Artist - Visual Artin Visual Art
Military Medals???? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Anybody Know This Flag 3 Stars Sherritt Flag MFG Richmond Va - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Antique Feed Sack Cloth With Old Football Colleges Pictures With Number - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Antique Chinese Or Japanese  Watercolor Signed - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. thanks racer4four can you read the letters
  2. Thanks Gillian!
  3. There's no writing it has been scratched out,do you think it's Harley belt,thanks for looking at item aura
  4. I tried to flip picture but didn't work
  5. You mean the one with the ribbon is upside down,I'll redo the picture,thanks a lot Efesgurl
  6. Thanks so much for all the information,scottvez,TallCakes,,and Dizzydave
  7. Thanks Dizzydave couldn't find that link keep sayin not found but I got information from another site thanks so much!!
  8. Thanks Scott,why does it have 3 stars I've never seen one like this do you have any idea how old this flag is
  9. Thanks so much I know I'm going to keep one,you have given me so much information again God bless you wilmafan your mother was a wonderful artist!! great talent!!!!
  10. Pictures are up,I have both paintings and one abstract thanks for all the information!!
  11. I can only post 4 pictures but I will erase 2 and put the other 2 one more painting and the casein,they are really beautiful was she ever in the art auction I couldn't find her name
  12. I will be happy to send pictures,I have one more painting and a 1965 casein abstract but will need an email to send pictures too,I do live in Memphis Tn,I had a best friend who has passed would teach ...
  13. Oh my goodiness!! what great information! small world to hear from the artist's famil one of her children,I have 2 paintings and one under glass look like some type of water color,I buy out storages,a...
  14. CaperKid I have several one is signed by whole team Kyle Haviland on the Memphis RiverKings Team 1994-95 is one that I do know about,there's I believe 4 signed,thanks
  15. antiquerose the maker is Vic for D Grant with the name also D Grant on handle of stick,Louiseville Tourment series for Ross also had ross on the handle of the stick with the numbers,I'm not sure who i...
  16. I bought them from a storage in Memphis
  17. Just trying to find out some information,thank you Wonderwoman but I don't need another one.
  18. ho2cultcha appears they are operating on an African American man,the writing appear to read,"To Joe Paoll with my best wishes,Cathie"
  19. Thanks AmatoorPikr it is beautiful
  20. Thanks racer4four so very much!! I will look up Chinese soup bowls!!
  21. WOWWWWW! such great information,thank you so very much mp.Kunst,I will look up the artist,I would have never look at the JD,wow
  22. Thanks sooooo much vetraio50 and Dizzydave!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea not a sport expert I just bought all the lot of items she had,have a wonderful weekend!!!
  23. Thanks so much !!!
  24. Thanks so much wexval!!!!!!!!
  25. I have no idea,but thanks ho2cultcha
  26. Thanks so much AlexGild!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Thanks Celiene! I will look up both!
  28. Great information Collectomaniac!! again thanks!
  29. I believe it's rosewood am I right,I tried google but only got that the XB-500 was nade by Jackson,thanks for letting me know
  30. Thanks so much Collectomaniac!!!!!!!!!
  31. Thanks ho2cultcha!
  32. Thanks LovelyPat,have any idea the age
  33. Thank you so TubeAmp much,need to get new glasses
  34. Thank you soooooooooo much art.pottery!!!!
  35. Thanks robin56!
  36. Thanks BHock45!
  37. Thanks PostCardCollector I will,is it Native American
  38. I know it's a ladder back chair sorry forgot to put that in my description,but trying to find out if it's shaker or who the maker is but thanks PostCardCollector
  39. Thanks Katherinescollections so very much I will try names and site!!!!!
  40. Thanks CindB and Roycroftbooksfromme1
  41. Thanks davyd286 I'll look that up!!!!!!!!
  42. Thanks davyd286 so much!
  43. Thanks so much Kyratango!!!!!! I just love this site so much great info!!!!!
  44. Thanks valentino97,any idea what this lot is or the name on back,there's some light carvings on back as well
  45. Thanks grendel67!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Thanks grendel67
  47. Thanks so much grendel67!!!!
  48. Thanks scottvez got any idea the design look like arrows and birds
  49. Great info! thanks oldandsily! love this site!!!!
  50. Thanks sarahoff and oldandsilly!!!!!!!!!
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Pre-Raphaelite-Arts and Craft Movement (?) Oil On Canvas 16" x 23" On Stretcher marked "Trotter" /Circa Late 19th Century Rocking Chair with Sewing Drawer Beautiful Blue Asian Vessel Antique/Vintage Porcelain Figurine ~ Manana Importing. Company N ew York, NJ 411 ~ MADE IN JAPAN Florentine Art Studio Plaster Lamp  1890 MOTHER HUBBARD SERIES BY DONAHUE  HENNEBERY & CO. More Asian Art.My bedroom wall KOKESHI DOLLS (AFRICAN) JAPANESE KOKESHI DOLLS