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Antique Salvation Army Letter Written By "Emma Mason" - Paperin Paper
Vintage Levi Men Jeans,Red Strips/Metal Tag - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Antique Vase Gothic Style - Lampsin Lamps
Stoneware/Pottery Bottle Shaped Like a Man - Potteryin Pottery
Antique/Vintage Chinese/Japanese Jar With Needle Like - Asianin Asian
Antique Album Photo Book,Brass Faster Stamped "M.Sch. JFK" - Booksin Books
Antique Painting Signed Marie Adler - Visual Artin Visual Art
Vintage Very Long Nude Abstract Nude Woman Print - Visual Artin Visual Art
Storage Auction Find Beautiful Signed&Numbered Lithograph Copyrighted Camilla Lucan - Visual Artin Visual Art
Antique Hand Carved Wood Sculpture "David" After Michelangelo+ Greek Woman - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. Wow great information! thanks Brunswick! I did find a little info but not this much,the letter came out of an old storage I bought at an auction the former owner appeared to be a hoarder or antique co...
  2. Thanks Efesgirl! I googled fresh produce jeans and found nothing hmmm don't know what I did wrong but thanks so much! will mark solved,I grew up in the 70's but don't remember this name on Levi
  3. melaniej did she do only etchings,I can't find any paintings painting appear to be really old or maybe painting is rare
  4. Thanks bratjdd! do you have any idea who the artist is
  5. Anyone know what the jar is called and what's the little needle for
  6. Thanks fieafinder!!!!
  7. Thanks Melaniej!!
  8. Thanks soooooooooo much melaniej!!!!! I searched and searched
  9. Hmmm maybe there are a lot of old ceiling lights in the storage I bought,thanks Efesgirl!!
  10. Thanks PostCardCollector! it is beautiful
  11. Thanks sooooo muchhhhh vetraio50!!!!!
  12. OlofZ hope you can read it both pages are shown
  13. Wow!! thanks soooo much OlofZ!! I'll try to post both pages if I can,I would love for you to at least read the whole letter,I really thank you it appears to be some kind of church I'm going to look up...
  14. Ok lollollol
  15. rniederman I added all eight stamp photographs still looking,the back still has glue,if you find any sites please let me know
  16. Isn't the proper name rooster lol,is it native American
  17. Great! I do Ebay but have no examples to see I'll keep looking,again thanks so much rniederman! oh by the way they appear to be unused
  18. rniederman are they rare? I've googled postal photographs,Royal mail stamp photo and found only one in a newspaper advertising from I believe early 1900's,have any idea where I can look at examples of...
  19. Thanks racer4four!
  20. Wow! great! wonderful information! before my friend passed he sold me the pictures and other items from his mother and dad's estate but this was really strange because I have a lot of items but neve...
  21. Thanks Efesgirl!
  22. Ok thanks!
  23. Thanks Manikin,the owner of the old bus had them for years she was selling items on the bus before moving to another state I have no idea where she live so I know nothing else about drawings except th...
  24. Thanks PostCardCollector! I have so many,pictures,paintings,WW2 post cards,paper items among other items from my doing antique shows,flea markets,I was in a car accident and haven't did too much now
  25. Thanks PostCardCollector! and Efesgirl! still have no idea but maybe you are right
  26. Manikin I'm posting more pictures in another post maybe I can get more information,I've googled and still haven't found any more information
  27. Thanks racer4four!
  28. Ok thanks
  29. Thanks scottvez but this is an actual photo not a post card or just an image,the house it came out of was an older home with many photographs,old home movies of travels of this family,her brother wor...
  30. Sure I'll get them out and post some more thanks for information Manikin
  31. Thanks Manikin! some of them like the one picture still has a sample small piece of cloth,do you know who AS is that's the initial on one,maybe a family member of Sakowitz
  32. Thanks so much EFesgirl!!!!!!!
  33. Thanks ravage60
  34. Do you have an idea what it is a coin purse? thanks valentino97
  35. Maybe I don't see anything else but thanks again Kyratango for letting me know the maker
  36. Just curious Kyratango I don't see the karat but there's an "O" next to the mark and the name does it say Gough
  37. Thanks Alam824! I don't know what the word mean but I love this set of cufflinks!
  38. Wow!!!! thanks Kyratango!! I love this site! so much information from members!!!!
  39. It's a diamond I have a diamond tester,thanks Efesgirl
  40. thanks racer4four can you read the letters
  41. Thanks Gillian!
  42. There's no writing it has been scratched out,do you think it's Harley belt,thanks for looking at item aura
  43. I tried to flip picture but didn't work
  44. You mean the one with the ribbon is upside down,I'll redo the picture,thanks a lot Efesgurl
  45. Thanks so much for all the information,scottvez,TallCakes,,and Dizzydave
  46. Thanks Dizzydave couldn't find that link keep sayin not found but I got information from another site thanks so much!!
  47. Thanks Scott,why does it have 3 stars I've never seen one like this do you have any idea how old this flag is
  48. Thanks so much I know I'm going to keep one,you have given me so much information again God bless you wilmafan your mother was a wonderful artist!! great talent!!!!
  49. Pictures are up,I have both paintings and one abstract thanks for all the information!!
  50. I can only post 4 pictures but I will erase 2 and put the other 2 one more painting and the casein,they are really beautiful was she ever in the art auction I couldn't find her name
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Pre-Raphaelite-Arts and Craft Movement (?) Oil On Canvas 16" x 23" On Stretcher marked "Trotter" /Circa Late 19th Century Rocking Chair with Sewing Drawer Beautiful Blue Asian Vessel Antique/Vintage Porcelain Figurine ~ Manana Importing. Company N ew York, NJ 411 ~ MADE IN JAPAN Florentine Art Studio Plaster Lamp  1890 MOTHER HUBBARD SERIES BY DONAHUE  HENNEBERY & CO. More Asian Art.My bedroom wall KOKESHI DOLLS (AFRICAN) JAPANESE KOKESHI DOLLS