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Large Vintage Wool Handmade  Native American Blanket Or Rug - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Chinese/Japanese Jade Necklace - Asianin Asian
Antique Chinese Figures Statues - Asianin Asian
Antique Signed Lithograph In Antique Wood Frame - Visual Artin Visual Art
Beautiful Sculpture Woman Wrapped In Hooded Clothes - Visual Artin Visual Art
Signed Duck Decoy - Folk Artin Folk Art
Lot Of Vintage Glass Vases,Speckle - Art Glassin Art Glass
New Orleans Handmade Large Folk Art Advertising Before Katrina - Signsin Signs
Antique Pewter Chinese Box,Dragon Design Chinese Writing - Asianin Asian
Beautiful Vintage/Antique Mirror Vivtorian Prints/Litho On Each End - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks grendel67!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks grendel67
  3. Thanks so much grendel67!!!!
  4. Thanks scottvez got any idea the design look like arrows and birds
  5. Great info! thanks oldandsily! love this site!!!!
  6. Thanks sarahoff and oldandsilly!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks oldandsilly
  8. Any idea how old pieces are
  9. Thanks Katherinescollections!
  10. Thanks sarahoff will do!
  11. Thanks so much oldandsilly!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'll try to upload 2 and delete 2 site only allow 4 pictures per post
  13. Thanks so much robin56
  14. I can't make it out,I'm afraid to take apart it's at the bottom almost hid by the frame but I'll try to post what the name look like,thanks
  15. Have any idea what company made this set or how old,one has a rough spot on bottom I think it's called pontil,thanks robin56
  16. Again thanks so much aghcollect!
  17. Thanks aghcollect,you have any idea how old this box is
  18. shareurpassion I' have being in the business of buying storages for over 20 years,but since all the shows on tv storages are so high bids are up on sometimes junk,over the past 7 or 8 months I've lost...
  19. Thanks so much vetraio50 great info!
  20. Thanks PostCardCollector
  21. Wow! thanks so much aghcollect! the elephant painting is very neat!
  22. Thanks Zowie
  23. Thanks Katherinescollections
  24. Thanks Kyratango
  25. Wow! thanks so much for that great wonderful information TubeAmp and vertraio50!!!
  26. Hi,no I didn't it was in a lot of jewelry I bought,thanks Shrine
  27. Will do
  28. amiin11 I don't really know anything about vase,I don't know a price I was hoping someone can help there's s line on outside but don't look like a crack look like it was made like that
  29. Wow! thank jwendell222!!!! you have great knowledge!
  30. Thank you so much jwendell222!!!!!!
  31. Thanks Valentino97, it is Czech 1930's
  32. Thanks DrFluffy I will research Czech jewelry
  33. Surfdub66 and noob thanks I'm still searching
  34. Thanks surfdub66
  35. Thanks Manikin and Sean68
  36. Thanks CanyonRoad I'll keeping looking,I'll look up Ceramics Monthly older issues
  37. Thanks maryh1956 I'll try Mori first name
  38. Thanks racer4four,melaniej,and maryh1956
  39. Yessssss found it the name is the same,again thanks so much!!!!
  40. Ok thanks antiquerose!!
  41. Thanks antiquefreek so very much!!!!!
  42. Hi checked out site but item was sold so couldn't compare mark but will look up Mark Hines thanks antiquerose
  43. Hi don't see the word Korea but will look again,thanks
  44. Thank you aghcollect!!!
  45. Thanks so much vetraio50
  46. I have no idea what it mean but yes it is strange
  47. Thanks jwendell222 for great information!
  48. Thanks Shareurpassion,I have several strange looking pieces,I will check the testing out,I tried the water and salt didn't work at all,piece didn't float but it has a piece of wire in tio
  49. Wow! wonderful information,thank you Soulportal sooooo much have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!
  50. lollol it was my little puppy but a cat might have got on there,but I know my puppy did lollol
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