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1904 Ink Drawing Signed & Point Star David,Jewish? 
Old Pottery Green  Vase Strange Looking Need Information - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Need Help With Name On Old  Painting 
Antique Pewter Spoon 1700-1800? Angel Mark  
Antique Tanned Animal Fur Rug or Display - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Antique Military Bayonet/Knife Dagger/Wells Fargo Dagger - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique Middle East? Knife/Dagger Scabbard - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Peru Vase? Mexican? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Signed Spirit Necklace,Native American? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Bible Leaf 14 1/2"x11",Embossed  Psalm 57 - Paperin Paper


  1. The first letter is "A",but thanks I will look that name up
  2. WoW!!! thanks so much argshistory!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks racer4four
  4. hollowsphere thanks so much for your information,not sure if it's original or not.
  5. Thanks blunderbuss2 for that information,it's a strang knife indeed
  6. Thanks fortapache
  7. Thanks,but I figured military,someone told me it might be wells fargo,when a magnet is put on handle in some places it will stick so I'm kind of confused,any idea what time period
  8. Thanks so much fortapache and scottvez,great information,I will look up Japanese symbols.
  9. I'm not sure but I throught large daggers or knives are heavy,this one is light,the man who sold it to me said it had been in his attic for years,he said it belong to his grandfather,but there's no w...
  10. Thanks Gracay2004,it is a very beautiful piece,just trying to figure out where to put it,my house is already full with collectible lol,I need to have a sale
  11. Thanks Gracay2004,I believe it has been painted to look old but wasn't sure
  12. Thanks ho2cultcha
  13. Thanks nutsabotas6
  14. Thanks!
  15. I'll give it another try maybe get a better picture
  16. Thanks so much senchi,I will google that name
  17. Thanks Aghcollect and senchi,any idea what the name or writing is.
  18. I tried but I just need a new camera,sorry
  19. I'll try to get a closer picture but my camera will get picture fuzzy sometime
  20. I don't know but I'll look up all of them lollol,thanks so much great idea
  21. Wow! thanks so very much for that wonderful information!!!
  22. No marks,I looked with my loupe and found nothing
  23. Thanks for your info maryh1956
  24. Yes picture doesn't do item justice,it's a beautiful piece
  25. Antiquerose and Austrohungaro,great information! Austrohungaro that link does look like my item minus the lady,Thanks to both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Thanks I'll look Jugendstil's ashtray pieces
  27. Thank you!
  28. No I haven't but I will try that name,thanks so much
  29. Thank you glazzman
  30. Thank you love your dolls!
  31. Wow! thanks so much,do you know the artist name under the bottom or how old
  32. Thanks so much,it is cool
  33. No problem,I've looked and can't find not one piece that even resemble mine,so glad to know someone else has onto,,you can continue to keep up with my post we both perhaps can find out something
  34. Wow it is one like my coin! thanks so much!!
  35. Awesome! thanks
  36. Correct,I also had the pleasure of finding items in some odd places,I will mar this as solved,again,thanks this is a great site,I'm new so I'm so happy to find out about some of my items,have a wonder...
  37. Thanks will look that up
  38. Thank you so very much! great information!
  39. Olofz I look with my glass and it does have the writing on front,I can't make out all the writing on the back,but it look like the coin on the site,I'm not sure how it got on his porch,he was moving,h...
  40. Hi,I did look at coin from that link,it's not the same coin but similar,thanks so much for your info
  41. Thanks!
  42. Found it!!! from the studios of Ugo Zaccagnini,"Italy" in gold with the "Z",don't know what the wei stand for,
  43. Yes I think they are Asian but not sure,I have a set of plates,bowls,saucers,wish someone knew who made this set
  44. Thank you,I haven't found out anything about this one
  45. Thanks but I've never heard of lioness with boobs,lol
  46. Thanks,any idea what it's called or maker
  47. yes it does pump like the old water pumps
  48. What is this item and who is the maker please
  49. Thanks Dizzydave,I did googled big eyed painting and you are right,but this set was painted in the 1960's,I've had them about 15+ years,could be from the school in Paris France
  50. TubeAmp,great info,I will look into this one,really great! thanks so much! hope to clear this up soon
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