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San Diego California

I enjoy showing my cars and bikes at car shows.


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Early 1900 SHERWOOD SPRING COASTER wooden wagon survivor! - Toysin Toys
1950 Murray Comet Jet Drive Pedal Car! - Model Carsin Model Cars
Kevin's 1948 Schwinn B-107 autocycle! - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
1951 Murray Dipside  Champion Jet Flow Drive Pedal Car Survivor! - Model Carsin Model Cars
 Murray Champion Pink Pedal Car. - Model Carsin Model Cars
Kevin's Unrestored 1964 Schwinn Wasp Newsboy's Special - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Kevin's 2005  Schwinn Heavy Duti Straight Bar - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Kevin's  Unrestored 1967 Schwinn Heavy Duti - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Kevin's 1939 Prewar Schwinn Motorbike Deluxe - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Kevins original 1950 schwinn panther. - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods


  1. Thank you AzTom.
  2. Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1.
  3. Thank you Virginia.vintage,for the nice comment.
  4. Thank you blunderbuss2.
  5. Thank you fortapache.
  6. Thank you alexg.
  7. Thank you fortapache,for the nice comment.
  8. Thank you alexg, for the nice comment.
  9. Thank you Izenghish,for the nice comment
  10. Thank you AzTom.
  11. Thank you CindB.
  12. jscott0363,thank you for the nice comment.
  13. Thanks for the info fifties50s.
  14. Thank you shareurpassion.
  15. Thank you fortapache.
  16. Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1 for the nice comment
  17. Bert236, I would love to see pictures of your dad's bike.
  18. Thanks andyman for the comment it's hard to find one in this condition.
  19. Thanks airborne for the comment. I would like to se pictures of your 54 and 64 wasp.
  20. Thanks toolate2 for the nice comment and for all the love for my bicycles.
  21. Thanks for the comment nutsabotas6.
  22. You have a nice looking Schwinn Typhoon like the color.
  23. Thanks Thandeauz for the nice commemt.
  24. Thanks notsabotas6 and Aimathena for the nice comments on my schwinn wasp.
  25. Thanks nutsabotas6 I spent alot of time cleaning and polishing it to get this rare bike in shape.
  26. Thank you nutsabotas6 for the comment.
  27. Thanks nutsabotas6 for the comment.
  28. Nice find check out my 1939 schwinn motorbike deluxe.
  29. Thanks Echo_Delta for the comment.
  30. Thanks toolate2 for the comment.
  31. Thanks toolate2 for the comment.
  32. Thanks toolate2 for the comment,has all original parts even the lens.
  33. Very cool bike check out my all original 1949 Streamliner and let me know what you think. Thanks, Kevin
  34. Thanks for the comment.
  35. Thank you for comment it is hard to find bikes this clean.
  36. Thank you for the coment. Yes, I do know the difference between a Schwinn king size heavy duty vs. a Schwinn regular heavy duty. The king size heavy duty accommodates someone a bit taller as the frame...
  37. Nice Bike.
  38. Very nice love them all.
  39. Nice bike like it.
  40. Yery cool bike love it.
  41. Nice job looks great.
  42. Very nice love it.
  43. Nice phantom check mine out when you get a chance.
  44. Thanks for the comment you have done a nice job on your phantom looks great.
  45. Thanks for your comment. This doll is great ... very intriguing.
  46. Hey, John, Sorry, this particular bike is not for sale, but are you looking for a Schwinn Heavy Duti?
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Rare Louis Wolf Chubby Bisque Germany Dolls German 1962 Schwinn Typhoon Bicycle