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"Disney MGM Studios Opening Spring 1989"  - Advertisingin Advertising
Primitive Gathering Basket 
Antique Plum Pitt Extractor - Kitchenin Kitchen
Heavy Brass Plate/Compote On Pedestal 
Basalt Loone - Animalsin Animals
Native American Wood Carving - Folk Artin Folk Art
Pen & Ink  Print - Visual Artin Visual Art
Still Life Oil On Canvass - Visual Artin Visual Art
Vintage Chinese porcelain tea cup/mug? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Native American Red Clay Wedding Vase/Pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. antiquerose and aura, thanks for the love and comment. Appreciate it. Pop
  2. Trying once more to ID brass compote, presentation piece? Also, is medallion centerpiece Greco/Roman Lady identifiable to anyone? Could be a start. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Be safe. Than...
  3. Efesgirl, thanks for the love . Appreciate it. Pop
  4. vetraio5, fortapache thanks for the love. Appreciate it. Thanks, Pop
  5. officialfuel , kyratango thanks for the love, appreciate it. Thanks, Pop
  6. ho2cultcha, thanks for the love. Pop
  7. Thanks for the love vetraio50. Leaning towards the type of basket being what's refered to as a "Butt Basket". Not sure though. Thanks Again, Pop
  8. Thanks for the love Officialfuel and Kyratango, appreciate it. Pop
  9. Thanks everyone for all the love. Also, thanks to OlofZ for the info on the German patent office. Pop
  10. Thanks for the love blunderbuss2 and Rustfarm, appreciate it. Pop
  11. Thanks for the love, vetraio50, tigerchips and SEAN68, appreciate it.
  12. Still a mystery to me. Can anyone identify anything about this pen and ink piece from 1979? I appreciate any comment, idea etc to finally get to the bottom of this identification. I still believe the ...
  13. Thanks, aghcollect. Pop
  14. Thanks racer4four, appreciate it. Pop
  15. Appreciate any help to ID this hand carved wooden piece. Thanks, Pop
  16. Thanks for all the love you guys/gals. Appreciate it and it is my pleasure to share it.
  17. Thanks, everyone.
  18. Thanks Canyonroad, appreciate the info. Any possible estimate on the age of the piece? From info received at this time, I believe it may be from the 1920's - 1940's.
  19. Saw one recently with a steer head like mine. Piece was described as being Navajo. Wonder if steer head was favored Navajo design or had some special meaning? More for the mystery.
  20. New category "Native American Pottery". Looking for any help to further identify or this piece. Thanks
  21. $5.00 You got a very good deal. Wow. Very nice.
  22. Lots of pretty flowers here.
  23. Not positve, but I think their names are Bert and Ernie?
  24. Nicest I've seen! Didn't know they made any with leather pouch in front. For flies I guess.
  25. That chair is missing one thing. ME.
  26. Brings back some memories.
  27. WTG. Girl in pic reminds me of old movie. "Under the Yum Yum Tree"
  28. Sorry, can't help here, but really interested to find out!
  29. This one is a keeper! Really neat.
  30. Hurry Congressman, I told them you would be back just as soon as you finish with the paperwork!
  31. Still searchin for any info... this one has bedazzaled me for some time now!!! Any help or direction greatly appreciated. Only thing I can tell you is that I bought it at a garage sale from young man ...
  32. Nice find.
  33. Great find.
  34. Only one word to describe it "WOW"
  35. We had chips and pretzels delived by Charlie Chip truck. They were the best ever!
  36. Really nice.
  37. Olive Oil with implants?
  38. Nice piece. Makes you ponder about it's history.
  39. One of the best that I have seen.
  40. Now I see why cigs got the nickname "Butts".
  41. Only two things I would do with this. Dust it and love it.
  42. Simply the best.
  43. Makes for the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich....EVER
  44. Hard to tell, but probably not very old. They are currently sold as souveniers.
  45. Made of terra-cotta. Called "Circle of Friends". Made in Mexico. Comes in any number of figures who at the end of the day, would come together. Actually a candle holder
  46. Simply beautiful.
  47. Neat. I never saw one like it.
  48. Good idea. Only if it could talk. Bet a few interesting stories to be told. And, rightfully so, I'm sure.
  49. Nice. Yeah, would like to see whole bike. Thanks.
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What is this, a tool or a Weapon ??