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Vintage I Am Canadain Tin Beer Sign - Signsin Signs
More finds, Franklin Electric Exact Weight Over Under Scale - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Glass Candy Dish? Any ideas? - Glasswarein Glassware
Blue Mountain Pottery Bowl/Dish Old Mark - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
The Seamstress Polonne 1973-1991  - Figurinesin Figurines
Anyone able to give me some information on this vase? - Glasswarein Glassware
Virgin Statue Help - Figurinesin Figurines
Anyone able to tell me who made this glass? - Glasswarein Glassware
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Balckbird Mantle Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Bubblegum Machine - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated


  1. Wow I Love It... Think it's a real cool item
  2. Ty aghcollect and ttomtucker for the love
  3. Ty Trey, aghcollect and Sean68 for the love. Now I remember the car race, it was the Molson Indy Lol I'm I ever getting old. This was Manufactured by Wright Metal Signs
  4. Ty Trey for the love, this thing weighs a ton Lol
  5. Wow that's a great buy then... Now if only you could carry it around and place it in any parking spot, so you can park with a paid meter all the time :-)
  6. Very Cool... Guess it would be way to big a carrier for my tiny coca cola bottle :-)
  7. Does it have a stamp on the bottom and can you show us a picture of it? Beautiful set just the same :-)
  8. Love the crate... are you hoping to get full cans only?
  9. Huge, collectible market for collector spoons, certainly for silver ones. More information you have on them the better they sell, no matter what they are worth about 20% or melt value at the least.
  10. I have a similar one but it was painted green at some point, I was told by my dad many years ago it was for sugar... Looks the same as this one only painted.
  11. Wow that is amazing, I would probably fall off and kill myself Lol Thanks for sharing
  12. Thank you antiquerose, I think it would probably be a candy dish as that would kind of fit the style... for now that is what I will call it Lol. Problem I find with Blue Mountain Pottery is no one re...
  13. I Love it, The photo is fantastic, my father was a professional photographer and in his estate my Sister and I found 100's of tin types, along with of course 1000's of old photographs and cameras. It...
  14. Great Score... You gotta love Chalet, I have several pieces, in all different sizes.
  15. Now that BMP is gone, the pieces are starting to harder and harder to get... I have bought numerous items from the factory in the past on my trips back east. Over the years they have made so many un...
  16. Sweet... Love looking up ladies skirts :P
  17. Real Sweet...
  18. Found it Yippie.... It is called the Seamstress produced from 1973-1991 I found one on a website listed at $160 so not a million dollars but still kinda cool
  19. Wow Thanks a million vetraio50 I found that exact mark on an item on ebay, not sure if I believe ebay all the time, but it seems right. Polonne it is. :-) You have made my day
  20. Thanks Vetraio, I will at least have a place to start a search.... My father was a photographer, and my mother and him traveled the world, and always brought items back, my dad was good at keeping re...
  21. Great tip, but you have me wondering why the first item is Evangeline, numerous Canadian potters used the Canada mark, most of the Evangeline I have is marked as Evangeline? Just wondering The tip i...
  22. Great thing about these phones is you could slam them down... giving you that great satisfaction of hanging up on someone, miss that with these stupid end buttons... just not the same. In Canada we u...
  23. Stunning :-)
  24. TallCakes Thank you very much, I would think berry bowls are right as they are 6" across, makes sense also as there are 8 in total.
  25. Hi TallCakes, Thank you, perhaps the extra pics may help?
  26. Thanks for all your imput, no I do not consider this clock a family heirloom, my parents had such a large estate with much more family heirloom type items which has meant something to us kids Lol 55 a...
  27. Stunning...
  28. Love it...
  29. If I were you or a serious Coca-Cola collector yes I guess I would feel I paid too much but I am not a serious Coca Cola collector so I guess I never paid to much Lol... Looks great through in my Coca...
  30. One man's opinion about value, personally I like it, is it a coca-cola item NO, that I agree with but as a piece I like it.
  31. TGBWC was there such a thing as a Coca-Cola cash register? Thanks for the info on fantasy items, I get what you mean, still a cool item and I probably paid too much lol.
  32. It has to be made before 1974 as it has sat on the womans bar since then, her father whose estate she is dealing with gave it to her when they had the bar built
  33. Measaures approx. 14 1/4" X 4 3/4" High looks to be made of brass I would suspect it to be a repo item but really do not know how to tell
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