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I specialize in glass of all colors, porcelain, china and more. I have good quality and unique items and have taken pride in making sure all items are in good conditI specialize in glass of all colors, porcelain, china and more. I have good quality and unique items and have taken pride in making sure all items are in good condition, washed and I research the item and post the best picture possible to share with not only the ones who love collecting vintage items, but also to collectors and interior designers. I hope you enjoying looking through items and will be sharing many more soon. (Read more)


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Four Beautiful Tortoise Shell Glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Dark Green Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Pretty Little Unusual Salt & Pepper Shakers - Glasswarein Glassware
Pretty Light Blue Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Clear Glass Cruet - Glasswarein Glassware
An Unbelivable Purchase - Glasswarein Glassware
Asian Lotus Rose Medallion Bowl - Asianin Asian
Asian Vase - Asianin Asian
Interesting Small Asian Folding Screen - Asianin Asian
My Beautiful Vintage Clear Glass Cruet - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. I have one just like it and also wondering who made it or it's age?? Anyone with any information?
  2. Thank you for that information
  3. The picture shows it as purpled but it's totally clear. Thanks for the comments.
  4. Thanks for the information, I will change it today.
  5. Tallcakes, is this considered a spooner? or a large open sugar? Thanks so much for all your knowledge!!
  6. Cactuscorner, this is the vase I wrote you about and I also posted glasses which are the same. Love this design, thanks for sharing.
  7. I would love to help but all my inventory is boxed and in my storage and only have the pictures I post on my computer as reference as I closed my store last year and still sell a lot of my inventory f...
  8. TallCakes, your are so informed, thank you very much for the information as I love this cruet so much and wish I could find it's mate.
  9. I will try but I have most everything boxed up in my storage and just have the pictures on my computer. As I stated in another comment box, most of what I buy, as Murano, comes from a lady I know who...
  10. Thank you for all your comments
  11. Thank you
  12. Could this be EAPG?
  13. I'm sorry everyone, not trying to ignore anyone, just don't use this page often because I'm usually doing research on my inventory and on EAPG doing research there as well. THANK YOU, for your help
  14. I don't remember posting them before as I hardly ever use this site other than doing research when Collectors pops up, but thank you for that information.
  15. Antiquerose, I would but I have all my inventory boxed up in my storage and can only share pictures of them stored on my computer, as I closed my store last year, but I can tell you that I purchases t...
  16. It looks just like one that I have but mine is rectangular. People have told me that it is Rose Medallion, want mine?
  17. WOW, now that's a talking piece, so beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!
  18. The colors are brilliant!! and then I love almost anything that's Murano.
  19. This is a KIG piece. This bowl is also made without the silver bottom.
  20. I have this pattern as well but mine is the base for the deep 10" bowl called an orange bowl by the company, as well as a flared 12" punch bowl. Very hard to find pattern.
  21. I love most of what Bryce Higbee made back in the good old days when they had such beautiful glass pieces. Very nice find!
  22. I have this as well but in the rectangular dish. Love it!!
  23. Very good information. Thank you so much Paul.
  24. I have posted the little perfume bottle which is not exactly like the pill box but I thought you would like to take a look.
  25. It is hand blown and I have seen another almost the same style and coloring along with the similar pattern. Murano......thanks everyone
  26. thanks everyone
  27. Anyone else with an idea or comment, it would be appreciated.
  28. It is hand blown, I checked the bottom and no there is not really any bad signs of wear.
  29. No one has any idea about this artist? Please help
  30. Anyone know anything about this piece?? Please help
  31. I have found that all your information is correct. It is a McKee Yutec piece and Kemple did buy the pattern, and it is from 1909 but I still can't find it's value. Can anyone help. Oh, it's called ...
  32. Thank you for your comments. I will look into further, now that I have a place to start.
  33. I posted more pictures and found a plate, of course, today. Unfortunately it's not as expensive as I thought......very dissapointed. There are a few that are more but they are made with copper or bra...
  34. Sure, I'll have them up before the night is over, or in the morning.....I'm in California. Thanks for checking this out.
  35. Seriously that old. Never thought about McKee as doing this type of glass. Thank you and I will check it out asap.
  36. Thank you for your comments. I don't think it can be used as a real plate since the back is fully incased.
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