Toronto, Ont, Canada


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1967 silver corvette car. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
 Black Mercedes Benz. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Two blue classic cars. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
 Green Mini Cooper 1275. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
20-yd Slow fire handgun paper target. - Paperin Paper
Small pocket knife. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Olive oil pourer. - Kitchenin Kitchen
1960 Mid century modern chair. - Furniturein Furniture
Small pencil drawing in wood frame. - Visual Artin Visual Art
1960 0r 1970 scrolling desk calendar made in Japan. - Officein Office


  1. Thanks for that info guys.
  2. Thank you brunswick the doggy was called Lego that is an old photo of him when he was a puppy. You have some great records posted.
  3. Thank you for the extra info untsabotas6.
  4. Caperkid indeed I would love to own one of these.
  5. Thank you was wondering what it was.
  6. Thank you a SEAN68.
  7. Anyone know of the artist?
  8. Thank you mikelv85 for the extra info. It seems half the mystery is solved. I am going to try and find out who the artist is. Every time I look at the drawing I see something new. Maybe get it re fram...
  9. Thank you jscotto363 and Nicefice.
  10. Thank you for the extra info matisse.
  11. Found these at the value village store in Toronto.
  12. Thank you for the extra info.
  13. Thank you for the information mikelv85. I will post some more of this artists work.
  14. Nice mikelv85 I also passed these up and bought the native art. They are really cool Tea pots do you see them often?
  15. Katherinescollections not sure if they are original but they really neat looking.
  16. Iras I was going to buy this but missed the chance as I went to look at something else and when i came back it was sold. :)
  17. I think they were for both....he had so many tools.
  18. ho2cultcha nice I will take a look at your post.
  19. Happy new year veteaio50.
  20. Caperkid the lady in the yellow bathing suit is cute, yes three women would be a lot to deal with.
  21. Happy holiday sean68
  22. Caperkid not sure, I wonder what year these were made?
  23. Happy Holidays Nicefice.
  24. Happy Holidays to you too SEAN68.
  25. Seasons greetings to you too vetraio50.
  26. Merry Christmas inky.
  27. Merry Christmas antiquerose.
  28. ho2cltcha indeed love the cover and it has some nice pictures.
  29. Looking forward to reading this.
  30. Thank you SEAN68.
  31. Hi Looked and could not find any markings as of such on the lock. Yes the writing on the trunk is on the baggage stickers. The trunk is large and heavy. Enjoyed looking at your s...
  32. Thank you antiquerose and Manikin. Wish I had found it with the Microscope and the extras that go with it.
  33. Thank you antiquerose.
  34. Glad you like it ho2cultcha. Will post some more.
  35. Thank you antiquerose, do you think it is from the 1960 or 1970 era? I looked for a name under the seat could not find one.
  36. Thank you. This is my best find so far.
  37. Thank you for solving it Rustfarm.
  38. Rustfarm you might be right, I was not sure if they are for radios antennas or car antennas. They would make for good pointers I guess.
  39. Thank you for the extra info GeodeJem. Someone told me these were sold at Eton's department stores some time ago.
  40. Thanks SEAN68 I will post some more later tonight.
  41. Hello I have no idea as to how one would find these chess pieces as they are no longer made. Maybe you could look on line and find something.
  42. Nutsabotas6 nice I have a photo of a Mercury Cougar that I saw at the mall parking lot will post pictures.
  43. Thank you Tray.
  44. Thank you Caperkid.
  45. Thank you fortapache. It worked when I bought it but needed cleaning so I opened it and cleaned it, however it dose not work now. :(
  46. Thank you for the extra info AGalWithGlass.
  47. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  48. Glad you enjoyed the post MeliG.
  49. Thank you for the link SEAN68.
  50. Thank you Rob will give it a try.
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