Toronto, Ont, Canada


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Black GTO and a black Caddy. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Anyone know the make of this car? - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Fischer and Karhu cross country skis. - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Vintage black Rover car. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
flute or something else? - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Four metal letters age unknown. - Advertisingin Advertising
Old looking trunk. Needs some TLC. - Furniturein Furniture
Langmuir luggage made in Canada. - Furniturein Furniture
1957 Electrohome Vogue mk 2. - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
International flash light radio. - Radiosin Radios


  1. Thank you for the info Caperkid.
  2. fleafinder it makes a strange sound when played.
  3. Thank you brunswick.
  4. Hi greendog thank you for the tips on how to go about things. I am not that handy with tools, I did a 12 week course on woodworking. I have a friend that is very good at fixing things. Maybe he could ...
  5. jscotto363 thanks for the comment. Hope to get it looking nice sometime soon.
  6. Hi greendog any tips on how to restore this trunk? thank you.
  7. Jscotto363 I wish I had room for it it is such a cool piece as you say.
  8. Thanks mikelv85.
  9. Thank you for that info jscotto363.
  10. Thank you jscotto363.
  11. Caperkid you should post your Finish ones.
  12. Thanks jscotto363 any idea of how old this tool would be?
  13. Thank you bobby725.
  14. Thank you everyone. I think taking the white Paint off would be good.
  15. EJW-54 neat will go look at your gas pump thank you for the extra info.
  16. Wish I had one of these jscotto363.
  17. jscotto363 ya these are cool. Going to put beer and pop ect in it. Hope to get in a few more BBQs before the cold weather comes.
  18. Antiquerose looked online but could not find the artist.
  19. Fantastic love it.
  20. Thank you jscotto363.
  21. Thank you vetraio50 .
  22. Trey looking forward to filling it up with beer and pop.
  23. Vetraio50 indeed these are very cool.
  24. Thank you iggy.
  25. Thank you antiquerose, Nicefice and Caperkid.
  26. Thank you for the extra info packrat-place.
  27. Thank you for that info SpiritBear.
  28. Going to take it to the watch man to see if he can get it to work.
  29. Thank you antiquerose will change the title of the post.
  30. Thank you for that information rniederman.
  31. Caperkid Lol.
  32. Thank you Trey.
  33. Thank you scottvez.
  34. Thank you SEAN68.
  35. Motorheadmn lol.
  36. Thank you Trey.
  37. Thanks antiquerose.
  38. Efesgirl going to do some fact finding on these.
  39. Thank you brunswick.
  40. Thank you for the info katherinecollections.
  41. Hello Celine yes that is my dog. His name is Lego.
  42. Nope no hanging glass or the plastic prisms came with it when I found it.
  43. PhilDMorris what kind of bulbs would you use for this chandelier? New bulbs or vintage ones? The chrome needs cleaning.
  44. Vetraio50 it had cheap glass bulbs none were working.
  45. Thank you antiquerose.
  46. antiquerose I added another photo.
  47. Thank you antiquerose. I found some good luck cards in the bag. The man had moved on from his old job and was going to take up golf. A bunch of thank you cards and old pens were found in the bag.
  48. Thank you for that info brunswick.
  49. antiquerose going to use some bars of soap.
  50. Hi antiquerose it looks great but the trunks smells like a dead body was left inside it.
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