Toronto, Ont, Canada


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Very neat book covers. - Booksin Books
Our Home by C. E. Sargent, A. M. - Booksin Books
Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore. - Booksin Books
Basketball Aviation training division book. - Booksin Books
Harvey E. Dodds skis. - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
The collected poems of Rupert Brooke. - Booksin Books
Then and Now W. Somerset Maugham. - Booksin Books
Cornwall painted by G.F. Nicholls described by G.E. Mitton. - Booksin Books
Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren. - Booksin Books
 Three nice  paintings. - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. Thank you SEAN68.
  2. jscotto363 looking forward to reading this.
  3. Thank you Celiene. I will do some info finding on the artist.
  4. Thank you Manikin.
  5. Thank you Trey.
  6. Thank you Tray.
  7. Thank you jscotto363.
  8. Hi Tray looked inside to see if it had your sign but it was not in it. Going to post another few pages, part two of the catalogue.
  9. Will post some of the other stuff that was in the box that this was in.
  10. Have not given it a good look but will get back to you if it has your sign in it. It has some very neat pictures.
  11. Hi Trey hope you are well. Was at a sale on the weekend and the grandchildren of the homeowners were selling the grandfathers stuff. Had lots of vintage stuff in the garage. Bought this along with a b...
  12. Thank you for the link antiquerose.
  13. Thank you TubeAmp.
  14. PostCardCollector. No date inside the book except a hand written name and the last number is 19. I guess that stands for 1919 or something. I think the first printing of this book was done in the 1700...
  15. brunswick no label just metal under the lid.
  16. NevadaBlades I think you are right about them being made in Japan.
  17. PostCardCollector found this book at the local value Village.
  18. Finished the book and enjoyed it.
  19. NevadaBlades I wish Toronto still had Goodwill stores. :)
  20. NevadaBlades I think the trunk was not used often. I found old sports stuff inside such as baseball cards and hockey cards along with vintage golf gloves.
  21. Thanks jscotto363.
  22. Thanks brunswick.
  23. antiquerose looking forward to this book. How was working at the Horse racing industry? I bet you could write a book about it.
  24. Thank you Caperkid.
  25. antiquerose does it have both AM and FM?
  26. Love it.
  27. Brunswick looking forward to reading this book.
  28. You are welcome jscotto363.
  29. vetraio50 thank you for the information will look up those designers.
  30. Thank you for the info Celiene.
  31. Caperkid neat galaxy wonder how it drives.
  32. Bucket head nice would love to have a Corvette.
  33. AutoPInback64 thank you for the information.
  34. fortapache I find the older cars really cool. I wonder how fast that GTO is.
  35. mikelv85 indeed such a cool car. Will post some more vintage cars soon. :)
  36. Thank you for the info Caperkid.
  37. fleafinder it makes a strange sound when played.
  38. Thank you brunswick.
  39. Hi greendog thank you for the tips on how to go about things. I am not that handy with tools, I did a 12 week course on woodworking. I have a friend that is very good at fixing things. Maybe he could ...
  40. jscotto363 thanks for the comment. Hope to get it looking nice sometime soon.
  41. Hi greendog any tips on how to restore this trunk? thank you.
  42. Jscotto363 I wish I had room for it it is such a cool piece as you say.
  43. Thanks mikelv85.
  44. Thank you for that info jscotto363.
  45. Thank you jscotto363.
  46. Caperkid you should post your Finish ones.
  47. Thanks jscotto363 any idea of how old this tool would be?
  48. Thank you bobby725.
  49. Thank you everyone. I think taking the white Paint off would be good.
  50. EJW-54 neat will go look at your gas pump thank you for the extra info.
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