Toronto, Ont, Canada


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The Toronto Star newspaper metal rack. - Advertisingin Advertising
1970 or 1980 wooden cart. 
Pencil drawing on paper. 
West Bend Penguin hot/cold ice bucket. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Elite skis made in Norway. - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Phono Motors Limited record player. - Electronicsin Electronics
Large Torcan "99" Radiant fan heater. 
Mid century modern butler. - Furniturein Furniture
Pencil drawing of downtown. - Visual Artin Visual Art
Water colour painting of a building. - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. Thank you Caperkid.
  2. SEAN68 LOL indeed I also just had my hair cut. Hope all is well.
  3. Thank you for the info Caperkid.
  4. Gillian thank you for the info. Going to read the link you sent.
  5. Thank you for the info mp.kunst.
  6. Thank you for the extra info mp.kunst.
  7. The link did not work.
  8. Thank you SEAN68.
  9. Thank you for the comment motorheadmn.
  10. Hi antiquerose it has four legs. Thank you for the links. I think you are right in it being oak.
  11. PhilDMorris it is in bad shape and needs a lot of TLC. I think with a little work it might look nice.
  12. Hi antiquerose I could not find any labels on the desk. It has some small nails as well as larger ones. Hope that helps. I also added two new photos.
  13. Thank you antiquerose and PhilDMorris.
  14. AzTom thank you for the extra info.
  15. Caperkid any idea as to the age of these would be?
  16. auntiquerose thanks for the info. I think adding new panels would be great for it.
  17. LOL. These were before my time.
  18. Anyone know how to block a rude member from commenting on a post?
  19. This is great SEAN68. Love your collection and pictures.
  20. vetraio50 I wonder as well what country. Hope you are well.
  21. AzTom found the name Massey Ferguson in small letters on the side.
  22. It says something on the side but I can not read it. Going to change the title. Thought it was made by the same company as the other toys.
  23. AzTom good question. Looked and could not find any markings for Ertl on the toy. Do you think it was made by another company?
  24. Thank you Caperkid, SEAN68 and nutsabotas6.
  25. antiquerose any idea the year these were made?
  26. Hi antiquerose markings are inside Eetl co. U.S.A. Dyersville. Iowa.
  27. Thank you Sean68. Hope you are well.
  28. Fantastic find antiquerose.
  29. Thank you fortapache I will add some more later.
  30. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  31. Thank you mikelv85 and antiquerose.
  32. Thank you kennethleblanc, OneGoodFind and mikelv85.
  33. Will do antiquerose.
  34. autiquerose all I need now is the Rob Ford Bobble head. LOL.
  35. Thanks for the info antiquerose.
  36. Thank you SEAN68 Will post some more.
  37. Thank you brunswick will look them up.
  38. Thank you SEAN68.
  39. Thank you for the extra info.
  40. Nope they have only stopped making the penny in Canada. You can still use old Canadian currency. Used an old $50 bill the other day in the store.
  41. Thank you for all the extra info.
  42. antiquerose thanks will look into the info you posted.
  43. Thank you brunswick.
  44. Thank you SEAN68. Will post another one.
  45. Thank you antiquerose.
  46. This is a classic nice photo antiquerose.
  47. Thank you SEAN68. Hope all is well cheers.
  48. You are welcome antiquerose.
  49. Thank you Nicefice might add a few more posts later today.
  50. brunswick thank you for the website.....I will go take a look at it.
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