Toronto, Ont, Canada


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Toshiba Boombox. - Electronicsin Electronics
Canada Dry wooden crate. - Advertisingin Advertising
Shikoku Seiki clock radio. - Radiosin Radios
Wooden box not sure what it would have been used for. 
Posters and Publicity fine printing and design 1927 commercial art annual. - Booksin Books
Posters and Publicity fine printing and design 1927 commercial art annual. - Booksin Books
1960 0r 1970 metal table with glass top. - Furniturein Furniture
First aid kit from 1976. 
Record album covers. - Recordsin Records
1960 0r 1970 small seat. - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern


  1. Thank you antiquerose and Manikin. Wish I had found it with the Microscope and the extras that go with it.
  2. Thank you antiquerose.
  3. Glad you like it ho2cultcha. Will post some more.
  4. Thank you antiquerose, do you think it is from the 1960 or 1970 era? I looked for a name under the seat could not find one.
  5. Thank you. This is my best find so far.
  6. Thank you for solving it Rustfarm.
  7. Rustfarm you might be right, I was not sure if they are for radios antennas or car antennas. They would make for good pointers I guess.
  8. Thank you for the extra info GeodeJem. Someone told me these were sold at Eton's department stores some time ago.
  9. Thanks SEAN68 I will post some more later tonight.
  10. Hello I have no idea as to how one would find these chess pieces as they are no longer made. Maybe you could look on line and find something.
  11. Nutsabotas6 nice I have a photo of a Mercury Cougar that I saw at the mall parking lot will post pictures.
  12. Thank you Tray.
  13. Thank you Caperkid.
  14. Thank you fortapache. It worked when I bought it but needed cleaning so I opened it and cleaned it, however it dose not work now. :(
  15. Thank you for the extra info AGalWithGlass.
  16. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  17. Glad you enjoyed the post MeliG.
  18. Thank you for the link SEAN68.
  19. Thank you Rob will give it a try.
  20. rniederman thank you for the extra information. I could not get the camera open, any idea how to open the camera without damaging it?
  21. Thank you aghcollect. :)
  22. Trey on the back of them it says E-3674 TOP USA.
  23. Thank you aghcollect I could not make out the name.
  24. Please do not feed the trolls i.e. blunderbuss2, kerry10456, kyratango.
  25. Thank you for the insensitive comments.
  26. Good eye vetraio50 I would rather like to think the person is scaling the building rather then hanging over the balcony. Mind you, if he or she is scaling the building maybe they are trying to brake i...
  27. Thank you for the extra info aghcollect.
  28. Thank you kerry10456 is yours gray as well or is it blue? Saw a blue one as well but it was in bad shape.
  29. Nice idea Trey.
  30. Thank you for the info vetraio50.
  31. Thank you SEAN68.
  32. Fantastic.
  33. Thank you for that info aghcollect. Funny story, hope the cat did not get lost in the move. :)
  34. Toolate2 thank you for the comment. I really like your transistor radios.
  35. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  36. aghcollect thank you for the extra info.
  37. kyratango thank you for that info.
  38. Fantastic.
  39. Thank you Rustfarm for the extra info . I changed the title. Any idea of the age of the Fuel tank? 1960 or 1970 era?
  40. Anyone know the year this was made?
  41. Great find Trey.
  42. aghcollect thank you for that info.
  43. Fantastic love this.
  44. LOL Love the comments on this post. LOL.
  45. aghcollect thank you for the extra info. :)
  46. vetraio50 not sure. Would you paint them or leave them as is?
  47. Hi Alan2310 thank you. Looking forward to your post.
  48. Thank you SEAN68. Would you know the age of the truck? I think it might not be that old maybe for 1980 era or 1990 around that time.
  49. Trey I like your idea using them as a table frame. Great idea.
  50. Hi nutsabotas6 most of the things I have posted have been found on garbage day that people put out on the curb. I also like going to sales on the weekend.
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