Toronto, Ont, Canada


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Thrift store in Durham UK. Neat store. 
7up metal cooler. - Advertisingin Advertising
Elf tone elegant solid state MW/LW two band radio. - Radiosin Radios
Pyrene fire extinguisher. - Firefightingin Firefighting
Thackeray's works Christmas books. Book of snobs. English humorists ect. - Booksin Books
The Swan edition of Shakespeare's plays. - Booksin Books
The little Ragamuffin by the author of a night in a workhouse. - Booksin Books
A candle lighted by the lord. With 24 pictures. - Booksin Books
 Pedometer made in Germany. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Ansco Pioneer camera. - Camerasin Cameras


  1. Thank you iggy.
  2. Thank you antiquerose, Nicefice and Caperkid.
  3. Thank you for the extra info packrat-place.
  4. Thank you for that info SpiritBear.
  5. Going to take it to the watch man to see if he can get it to work.
  6. Thank you antiquerose will change the title of the post.
  7. Thank you for that information rniederman.
  8. Caperkid Lol.
  9. Thank you Trey.
  10. Thank you scottvez.
  11. Thank you SEAN68.
  12. Motorheadmn lol.
  13. Very cool chair.
  14. Thank you Trey.
  15. Thanks antiquerose.
  16. Efesgirl going to do some fact finding on these.
  17. Thank you brunswick.
  18. Thank you for the info katherinecollections.
  19. Hello Celine yes that is my dog. His name is Lego.
  20. Nope no hanging glass or the plastic prisms came with it when I found it.
  21. PhilDMorris what kind of bulbs would you use for this chandelier? New bulbs or vintage ones? The chrome needs cleaning.
  22. Vetraio50 it had cheap glass bulbs none were working.
  23. Thank you antiquerose.
  24. antiquerose I added another photo.
  25. Thank you antiquerose. I found some good luck cards in the bag. The man had moved on from his old job and was going to take up golf. A bunch of thank you cards and old pens were found in the bag.
  26. Thank you for that info brunswick.
  27. antiquerose going to use some bars of soap.
  28. Hi antiquerose it looks great but the trunks smells like a dead body was left inside it.
  29. Thank you again Brunswick. Will look into that website.
  30. SEAN on Sat I went to a huge sale of about 60 homes were involved. Bought three things this was one of them. You would have loved it. They also had vintage glass that someone had bought. The lamp shad...
  31. Thanks Tray :)
  32. Thank you for the site brunswick.
  33. Thank you Caperkid.
  34. SEAN68 LOL indeed I also just had my hair cut. Hope all is well.
  35. Thank you for the info Caperkid.
  36. Gillian thank you for the info. Going to read the link you sent.
  37. Thank you for the info mp.kunst.
  38. Thank you for the extra info mp.kunst.
  39. The link did not work.
  40. Thank you SEAN68.
  41. Thank you for the comment motorheadmn.
  42. Hi antiquerose it has four legs. Thank you for the links. I think you are right in it being oak.
  43. PhilDMorris it is in bad shape and needs a lot of TLC. I think with a little work it might look nice.
  44. Hi antiquerose I could not find any labels on the desk. It has some small nails as well as larger ones. Hope that helps. I also added two new photos.
  45. Thank you antiquerose and PhilDMorris.
  46. AzTom thank you for the extra info.
  47. Caperkid any idea as to the age of these would be?
  48. auntiquerose thanks for the info. I think adding new panels would be great for it.
  49. LOL. These were before my time.
  50. Anyone know how to block a rude member from commenting on a post?
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