Toronto, Ont, Canada


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Autokaskirja Kirjamies car book. - Booksin Books
Cities Service Koolmotor outboard motor oil tin. - Petrolianain Petroliana
Rotunda Lock lubricant product of Ford Motor Company. - Petrolianain Petroliana
Moto-Master automotive products tin. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Black currant Pastilles tins. - Advertisingin Advertising
Mid century modern candle holder. - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Transistor radio. Deluxe solid state 2- speakers TM-7805 - Radiosin Radios
The beatles 1967- 1970 South Korean pressing. - Recordsin Records
1960 glass decanter. - Bottlesin Bottles
Trunk not sure how old this is. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. ravage60 thank you for the info.
  2. swampdogg the tin is still full. Will post some more tins.
  3. nutsabotas6 I wished it worked. I guess it will make for a nice display.
  4. Thank you for the info trunkman.
  5. Very neat.
  6. Thank you for the title name artfoot.
  7. Thank you for the info mikelv85.
  8. Thank you vetraio50 do you know anything about the artist? Will look him up.
  9. Thanks for the info fortapache.
  10. SpiritBear I posted the plug so you can see it.
  11. Thank you for the info Efesgirl.
  12. Thanks jscotto363 they had another one for sale but i thought this was the better one of the two.
  13. Thank you for the information mikelv85. I will send them an e-mail and see what they come up with.
  14. Thank you jscotto363
  15. Thank you vetraio50.
  16. No markings inside of the drawers.
  17. Thank you for the info maryh1956.
  18. Thank you for the info vertraio50 and OlofZ.
  19. agreed it should be saved. thank you for the link Celiene.
  20. Hi shareurpassion no I do not have the whole set. Would like to have seen what the dressers looked like.
  21. Happy new year antiquerose.
  22. Thank you for the great info Poire.
  23. Happy new year Alan.
  24. Happy new year vetraio50.
  25. Good question antiquerose I think it is a leaf or two and I can not make out the rest of the image.
  26. Merry Christmas to you SEAN68.
  27. Merry Christmas to you as well Scott.
  28. Thank you for the info.
  29. Thank you katherinescollections.
  30. Thank you for the link SEAN68.
  31. Thank you for the info scottvez. I will post a picture of the back sometime.
  32. Fantastic.
  33. Thank you jscotto363.
  34. Thank you TallCakes fro the info.
  35. I think you are right valentino97 it is not mid century more 1990 style. Will mark it solved. thought it was mid century :(
  36. Thank you Caperkid. It is on the large size.
  37. Thank you for that information AnnaB.
  38. jscotto363 you should learn to play chess it is a fantastic game.
  39. Very nice find.
  40. Almost done it is a good read so far.
  41. Thank you for the link Gillian.
  42. inky took a look at the painting and picked it up then put it down back on the shelf. Someone then picked it up right away. :(
  43. Thank you SEAN68.
  44. jscotto363 looking forward to reading this.
  45. Thank you Celiene. I will do some info finding on the artist.
  46. Thank you Manikin.
  47. Thank you Trey.
  48. Thank you Tray.
  49. Thank you jscotto363.
  50. Hi Tray looked inside to see if it had your sign but it was not in it. Going to post another few pages, part two of the catalogue.
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