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Toronto, Ont, Canada


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1960 bookcase as seen at the Goodwill. - Furniturein Furniture
1950 side table. - Furniturein Furniture
Moto-Master specialized lubricants tin. - Advertisingin Advertising
Park Sherman Inc. Letter scale. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Michelin Man Bobble head. - Advertisingin Advertising
McGraw Edison toaster. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Tan-saD furniture. - Furniturein Furniture
White chair from Budun design company. - Furniturein Furniture
Daiwa table light. - Lampsin Lamps
Nordmende Samba C console. - Electronicsin Electronics


  1. Thank you for the info vetraio50.
  2. Thank you SEAN68.
  3. Fantastic.
  4. Thank you for that info aghcollect. Funny story, hope the cat did not get lost in the move. :)
  5. Toolate2 thank you for the comment. I really like your transistor radios.
  6. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  7. aghcollect thank you for the extra info.
  8. kyratango thank you for that info.
  9. Fantastic.
  10. Thank you Rustfarm for the extra info . I changed the title. Any idea of the age of the Fuel tank? 1960 or 1970 era?
  11. Anyone know the year this was made?
  12. Great find Trey.
  13. aghcollect thank you for that info.
  14. Fantastic love this.
  15. LOL Love the comments on this post. LOL.
  16. aghcollect thank you for the extra info. :)
  17. vetraio50 not sure. Would you paint them or leave them as is?
  18. Hi Alan2310 thank you. Looking forward to your post.
  19. Thank you SEAN68. Would you know the age of the truck? I think it might not be that old maybe for 1980 era or 1990 around that time.
  20. Trey I like your idea using them as a table frame. Great idea.
  21. Hi nutsabotas6 most of the things I have posted have been found on garbage day that people put out on the curb. I also like going to sales on the weekend.
  22. Trey nice idea.
  23. Trey love your collection you have some really neat stuff.
  24. Thank you for that extra info pops52.
  25. blunderbuss2 I think you might be right, painting it would ruin it. However I think a nice stain might look nice.
  26. Thank you SEAN68. Elisabethan I call the shark Jaws.
  27. Fantastic.
  28. Thank you walksoftly. Will change the title now that it is solved.
  29. Fantastic.
  30. Hello reptile.picnic yes I posted it on Kijiji. Thanks for the extra info.
  31. Happy valentines to you as well. Cheers.
  32. Same to you vetraio50.
  33. Merry Christmas to you Virginia.vintage.
  34. Anybody have any ideas as to what this is?
  35. pops52 thanks for the extra info, they had a whole box full of stuff like this but only picked up a few things.
  36. You are welcome Virginia.vintage.
  37. Hi Kydur the dimensions are length 10'' cm. Width 3'' cm. Hope that helps. They also have two little holes in the back of them i guess to put screws into.
  38. Thanks jscotto363.
  39. aghcollect thank you for the info.
  40. Hi aghcollect not sure what size this is as it is in storage.
  41. Trunkman changed the title of the post. Going to look up Bentwood trunks. Cheers.
  42. Drill thank you for the extra info. Any tips as to how to restore the trunk? Or do you think I should leave it "as is"?
  43. vetraio50 the link works thank you.
  44. Thanks for the info, however the link does not seem to work.
  45. Hi jwendlell222 I have change the title. Thanks for the extra info.
  46. Virginia.vintage thanks for the extra info.
  47. Virginia.vintage thanks for the comment. Do you know how old this radio would be?
  48. Glad you like it. Will post a few more radios.
  49. Thanks Virginia.vintage think I might have a few more radios i will post.
  50. Thank you for the extra info.
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