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Collector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee cityCollector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee city and county; not just law enforcement. (Read more)


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  1. I love the engraving on these. Maybe some day someone will write a song about these and title it "Love Token Number Nine"
  2. Thanks everyone
  3. Thanks everyone
  4. Thanks everyone
  5. Thanks everyone.
  6. Thanks everyone
  7. Thanks Mani, the band is made up of volunteers. There are some good MPD historical sites on the net and are easy to find via Google. Was in Milw. Thursday and saw that a lot of old builds, like the o...
  8. This is a membership medal for the Aachen Turners (gymnastic) Association. I assume that the number 10 on the jousting shield brooch is for 10 years membership.
  9. Tom, what is that round disc attached to the side?
  10. I can't read the date on the postmark but since it is "Feldpost" that means it was sent by a soldier in the military during the first world war 1914-1918. The uniforms are Landwehr meaning guys too o...
  11. The coin is a 1 duit 1749 KM 152.2 struck at the Zeeland mint for use in the Netherlands East Indies.
  12. Based on the shape of the loop I would bet this fob was made by the Whitehead & Hoag company around WWII.
  13. This is an English half penny token of which very many different types exist. Collectors call these Condor tokens and the leading book about them is the Dalton & Hammer book. My spelling of the name ...
  14. I am sure that Cooper must have been an independent agent. Thanks MrM.
  15. Thanks bb, both medals are in such good shape that I doubt the original owner ever used them.
  16. Glass gaming tokens look like this.
  17. Thanks Sean. I have always liked the full figure (head to toe) allegorical ladies designs on coins and medals.
  18. The crowned C would be the inspector's mark.
  19. Yes Sean, some good memories for me down there. Thanks to everyone for all the "loves".
  20. Yes Stillwater, I use an old Ohaus scale that was made for that with moveable arm to put the water container on. The balance arm has a second hook from which a wire loop holding a disc on which the it...
  21. Thanks Manikin and best of luck to your son! I doubt he will find anything valuable since the POWs were pretty well striped of anything that would have had souvenir value long before they got here. H...
  22. I think you are right about that since vast numbers of French troops crossed the Swiss border surrendering their weapons to the Swiss. These weapons would have ended up on the international market w...
  23. Reminds my of the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas.
  24. As soon as I think I know the facts I get a reality check. I just saw a picture of one of the bronze versions inscribed for 27 years and a 1930's silver version that weighs 298 grams.
  25. Nice original. I had one long ago when I was just starting and thought it was a fake too. It had more of a red paint than a hard enamel the remnants of which came off when I tried to clean it. I then...
  26. It is interesting to see one of these without German unit markings on them. Are the ones that evaded German capture in 1871 scarcer than those with the German markings?
  27. The coat of arms below the beret is El Salvador.
  28. Heck of a circulation find in that nice condition!
  29. Nice local issue badge. Where is it from?
  30. Genuine! The AAA issued these in cooperation with local governments that didnot issue their own badges. Some of the AAA badges even include state names in the design.
  31. St. Christopher
  32. Looks like part of a scale.
  33. "Lower Saxony", Southwest of Hannover.
  34. What you have here is a modern copy of a 1 thaler coin from the German city of Hameln dated (15)58. As with all city issues of that time the crowned double eagle side is dedicated to the Holy Roman E...
  35. Is the old truck plate phone related?
  36. The reason I brought up the button designs is that the Wisc. design buttons were not replaced with the Federal designs until April of 1912 after which only the collar brass retained a Wisconsin design.
  37. Looks more like fraternal than military to me.
  38. Chris, If this was a 4th Wisc. cap I think it would have Wisconsin buttons instead of federals ?
  39. Thanks every one!.
  40. Thanks every one. This is an example of a regionally and historically interesting item. Sadly it is only seen as a piece of gold and valued accordingly by most people.
  41. Thanks everyone. Presentation badges are much more historically interesting than regular every day badges.
  42. Thanks everyone. This is a very interesting field that I first noticed 14 years ago when I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and notice that the nurses wore many different pins.
  43. Thanks everyone!
  44. Neat sign. My bet would be that the sign is in Hales Corners.
  45. My first car was a 64 Falcon. Great little car with a six cylinder and automatic trans. Manual choke was great for winter starting except one time when it stuck on me and I drove with both feet on t...
  46. There are a lot of small advertising skillets out there but I have never seen one commemorating any kind of event like this! Is there any maker id. on it?
  47. Thanks every one!
  48. Nice Save!! The 1$ MPC note was in use from about 1969-1973 and is worth about 6.00 on the collector market.
  49. This Fractional Currency of the United States and not a Confederate issue.
  50. Phoenix, AZ. Many hospitals used the same basic design.
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