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Collector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee cityCollector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee city and county; not just law enforcement. (Read more)


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  1. Could you back track and get the original owners name?
  2. I hope these notes will live long and prosper.
  3. Based on shapes of the medals I would guess some of them could be Italian. The uniform on the other hand looks like American Fraternal. Could we get a more detailed scan?
  4. Thanks Manikin. The clerks reaction was "Oh! I didn't see that one." so I guess I really got lucky finding it before she did.
  5. This is a private purchase sword purchased by the Uhlan himself or his family. My great uncle was a Baden Uhlan in 1910 who served for only one year since he was able to provide (pay for) his own ho...
  6. These helmets must have been dumped on the market lately by the German government since the Fleet Farm Stores in Central Wisconsin are currently selling them in their military surplus sections.
  7. I have seen similar medals issued in England for the end of the First World War and 2 or 3 in Germany for one of the earlier wars.
  8. Thanks everyone!
  9. While the intrinsic value may be next to nothing the collector value may surprise you. As a long service award collector if I saw some thing like this at a show or shop I would pay 10.00 without a se...
  10. Prohibition ended and the department head was frugal?
  11. There may have been a horizontal pin mounted there before the current vertical pin. Interesting badge, never saw one like it before.
  12. Looks like a "sweet heart" type pin.
  13. That is the Navy Unit Commendation Bar which is a ribbon bar only award. Both Jewels and Scott are correct.
  14. Still a very collectible badge!
  15. Re-enactor's sword?
  16. Looks like the Emperor of Austria, Franz Josef who died in 1916. The photo was from 1908 which was his 60th anniversary as Emperor.
  17. Thanks everyone.
  18. Even the very worn notes of the 500 & 1000 dollars denominations command a healthy premium. These notes actually did circulate and were not limited to banks only. I can remember using them on rare oc...
  19. I liked those to. Too bad the new ones are not oval any more.
  20. Legion of Merit, Legionnaire Grade. Great retirement award! He must have had an impressive record of achievement over his 30 year career. As a collector I hope it is named on the reverse.
  21. Perfect depiction of my 10th grade home room teacher the day she quit.
  22. Second picture the one on the right could that be Belgian ?
  23. Thanks agh!
  24. Thanks TA.
  25. Thanks every one
  26. Great series Chrisnp !
  27. Thank you Justin !! I spent hours on that badge looking for pictures of city seals and found one for Hayward that looked like this. Darned if I can find it now. So I looked up Minneapolis just now an...
  28. Greg Brunk published a really good book about counter marks on US coins but I suspect this one may be too modern and unknown.
  29. Thanks Scott and mrsslo
  30. This is a very common restrike of an old Austrian thaler. these have been restruck at several different mints for about 150 years and until the mid 1900's this coin was the coin of choice in the middl...
  31. Very nice anti-German WWI pin, probably American or possibly British.
  32. Are any of these ever marked so as to id the department of issue?
  33. Do you have any papers about him like his discharge? He has 3 battle stars on his ribbon bar so his WWI Victory Medal would have 3 bars on the ribbon. His collar brass says ordnance. Is that a crow...
  34. You didn't mention the cross, it is a grave marker!
  35. Thanks everyone for the Loves and comments. Books are a great help for collectors. It is also fun to find unlisted medals.
  36. Any markings on it? Could be Swiss since they totally modernized and re-equipped their army their old stuff has flooded the market for the last few years.
  37. "The War of Northern Aggression. " I have always been amazed by that one. I guess who fired the first shot isn't historically important in some schools of thought.
  38. Thanks Mani, the answer to your question is no, the Milw. P.D. is still using the their classic eagle top badges of the 1901 style. They just got new patches a short while ago which I haven't seen yet.
  39. Manufacturer is most likely Schwaab Stamp and Seal of Milw.
  40. Nice badge! As a Milwaukee badge collector I can tell you that this is a late 1930's badge. This is the newest version of this title that I have seen. The patent date on the pin base was issued in ...
  41. Old soldering irons maybe?
  42. Great set of a locally named child's badge with named certificate!!
  43. It does look like a gazelle drinking water!
  44. I have one of their 25 years service medals dated 1905. The name is still in use but not by the original company.
  45. That was a classy outfit that also issued some nice gold long service medals.
  46. Thanks Sean. Casinos are interesting places to watch mathematically challenged people turn large fortunes into small ones.
  47. Sean, very nice! The stein could be a plain German import without any art to be decorated here. The coat of arms looks like it could be a private creation which would not be unheard of. The lions ...
  48. With the words "Public Service" would that mean cab driver or bus driver?
  49. I love the engraving on these. Maybe some day someone will write a song about these and title it "Love Token Number Nine"
  50. Thanks everyone
  51. See more


Signature arrowheads? Is it possible? SOVIET JEW PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE PENDANT Bar Tokens 1787 colonial coin M-19-g.4 FIRLAND HOSPITAL PIN