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Collector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee cityCollector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee city and county; not just law enforcement. (Read more)


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  1. By the 1938 German occupation of Austria any Austrian who wanted one of the WWI medals would have already bought it. Plus when the Germans took over Austria the Austrian WWI vets could then apply for ...
  2. Possibly fraternal like Knights of Columbus or similar groups?
  3. These are wearable taxi driver licenses. Just goes to show how fast governments can tax new technology.
  4. Thanks Tinanun. If your family member got a bronze and gold I guess there was no silver.
  5. Very timely !!
  6. Another possible search area is local jewelry manufacturers. Cities like San Francisco and Honolulu must have had some. In my collecting area many if not all the Milwaukee presentation badges are m...
  7. "Y.T.K." is not listed in my American Silver smith books by Kovel so it may not be an American made badge. The other is probably Japanese or may be Chinese. Both look to be private purchase badges. ...
  8. Thanks pga... What you describe are all new to me.
  9. No, my wife would claim that right.
  10. I would bet that the Paris mint could not produce enough of the medals fast enough and for that reason subcontracted some of the work. Both would be official issues.
  11. Thanks everyone!
  12. Looks like the negative was flipped due to the retrograde letters CC which are probably the school initials. The letter A is probably the Company letter. The school students probably being divided in...
  13. I suspect this is a student in a military school.
  14. Just a guess; short drape could be a private makers version rather than a mint product, George Studley maybe?
  15. To paraphrase a famous tv cop; Just the facts man, then let the chips fall where they may."
  16. Thanks Chris! I agree in thinking early WWII. Most of the Americans are only wearing marksman qualitications.
  17. Yes the uniforms are all officers as far as I can see. The collar brass indicates that some are engineers and many are infantry. I would guess they are planning the bases for the many American troop...
  18. Is it magnetic?
  19. Krause-Mishler =KM catalog number
  20. This is a 10 Para coin
  21. Stage prop?
  22. Standard Cat. World Coins 1801-1900, KM-10, mintage 2,689,000. Mint mark letter at about 5 and 6 oclock flanking the base of the eagle.
  23. Yes that is an 1892 G, scarcer date too!
  24. I think I can see what looks like the tops of an "A" for the mint mark
  25. Pole-ax head?
  26. Thanks Chrisnp, you know your aluminum history. Back in the 1850's the first aluminum ingot was stored in a bank vault.
  27. Thanks every one!
  28. National Aniline and Chemical Company , Buffalo NY plant. Guess the badge to be 1890's.
  29. Neat! I've never seen one before. Thanks for posting it.
  30. Thanks bb
  31. Thanks rniederman! The Rulau book doesn't explain it that clearly.
  32. Yes and Tsingtao was also the home base of the famous raider SMS Emden at the start of the war.
  33. These are all privately issued German WWI patriotic medals. Usually sold as fund raisers for one cause or another. Tsingtao was the port of German colony on main land China known as Kiao Chau. The ...
  34. Chris the 1st Leib Hussar Regt (17th Army Corps) was from Danzig-Langfuhr raised in 1741. The 17th Brunswick Hussar Regt. (10th Army Corps) was raised in 1809, according to Maj. Harrell's book on Re...
  35. Sorry blunderbuss2 but this is a French bayonet but with a twist. The crowned head mark indicates that the blade was made by the German firm Weyersberg which exported to France and Italy. From your ...
  36. MTBSTC: Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons Training Center, Rhode Island
  37. Thanks Roy, this one brought back some chlorinated memories to me.
  38. Must correct myself in that this medal was not issued by the World Council of Churches but rather the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America. I guess my mind was still stuck in the 1960'...
  39. Thanks guys. Yes Laura was Mrs. James E Fraser.
  40. The sign says they are the musicians of the 5th battalion, 4th Bavarian Infantry regt. and is dated 1905. Neat picture!!
  41. Rose, first your nickel is not silver. The maple leaf after the date means that the coin was actually minted in 1948. The Canadian Mint was late getting their new dies so they altered the old die an...
  42. Thanks V50. The date is probably the group's founding anniversary celebration date. The flag is correct for the time period and is found on many similar items. Most of these groups were founded bet...
  43. He does get around!
  44. Thanks Sean, but I like to think of it more like forgotten history saved from oblivion.
  45. The coin looks like an 8 maravedis 1788 of the Segovia mint. It is a copper coin that looks gold plated.
  46. Good write up!! Otto was as morally unfit as his old man.
  47. Scott may be correct in that it is not a salesman's sample but rather an item ready for sale.
  48. WWI salesman's sample. Design British uniform with US flag very similar, except for the US flag, to Canadian WWI Welcome Home Medals. Looks like they tried to tap into the US market. Neat item.
  49. Friedrich Rex
  50. I know of crowns being removed after 1918 but this is a new one to me.
  51. See more


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