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Collector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee cityCollector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee city and county; not just law enforcement. (Read more)


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  1. In July of 1943 they quit putting next of kin information on the tags, to prevent the enemy from playing mind games.
  2. Thanks blunderbuss. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the drug companies should be regulated like the public utilities. It is not a free market when the consumer has to buy or die an...
  3. these are hard to find in high grade. This one looks better than average.
  4. Love that kind of honesty.
  5. Nice pin, Great price!!
  6. The die used to strike this coin was damaged causing a small crescent shaped gouge which in turn resulted in some raised metal which looks like some kind of mark.
  7. Interesting that the mint is giving away shredded currency since they don't print paper money.
  8. This is a Charge Plate which is a precursor to the plastic credit cards of today. The fact that she got a 20% discount most likely indicates that she was an employee.
  9. Von Luckner did several speaking tours in the US and Europe. This was probably one of the souvenirs he created along the way.
  10. Fascinating !!
  11. Don't have my books handy but this coin does look genuine.
  12. Now that you mention it Scott, I have never seen any Civil War badges with the coiled wire pin and catch except for the veterans badges, both with and without dates. Any idea as to when the coiled wi...
  13. The pin is sturdier than most of that era. your guess is as good as mine.
  14. Thanks Scott, I believe this type of badge without the Civil War dates was made while the war was still going on. The post war versions have the war dates. The earlier undated types command higher ...
  15. This photo would date from the mid 1920's. If he was still alive, healthy and living in Germany during WWII he would have been drafted into military service of some sort as they were drafting any mal...
  16. Based on the scans, no wear, artificially aged, good for the re-enactors market.
  17. Looks like one of those WWII era civil defense helmets.
  18. The style of the double eagle is Holy Roman Empire. The arms in the center are Spanish, Castile and Leone, so this would be a time when one of the Spanish Kings was the Holy Roman Emperor.
  19. Thanks bb2.
  20. For Chinese cash coins I use the Krause SCWC China section where they illustrate the mint and Emperor's names. Some times the coins are hard to read and I could be wrong.
  21. "Ehevertrag" = marriage settlement. Could that be a divorce settlement? It looks like they have an inventory of items with prices. Could also be a marriage agreement listing what the wife brought to...
  22. This is basically a passport page or addition to an existing passport for a 5 year old child born in Russia and traveling to Austria-Hungary.
  23. Two Chinese cash coins on top and one medal below, same items on 3 pictures. First picture shows mint names reverse side. Left= Boo-Yuwan mint which is the Kung-Pu Board of Public Works in Peking. Ri...
  24. Value depends on the inscription which is hard to read on this one, but most are common and can be had for $3 or less.
  25. That is a German Student Society watch fob, probably pre WWII.
  26. Chinese cash coin commonly from the 1600-1800's.
  27. Emil Jannings was a major German film star from the early silents into the talkies era.
  28. These medals had to be applied for. Even German veterans living in the US could and did apply for their medals. I have a certificate for the combatant version named to an employee of the City of Mil...
  29. By the 1938 German occupation of Austria any Austrian who wanted one of the WWI medals would have already bought it. Plus when the Germans took over Austria the Austrian WWI vets could then apply for ...
  30. Possibly fraternal like Knights of Columbus or similar groups?
  31. These are wearable taxi driver licenses. Just goes to show how fast governments can tax new technology.
  32. Thanks Tinanun. If your family member got a bronze and gold I guess there was no silver.
  33. Very timely !!
  34. Another possible search area is local jewelry manufacturers. Cities like San Francisco and Honolulu must have had some. In my collecting area many if not all the Milwaukee presentation badges are m...
  35. "Y.T.K." is not listed in my American Silver smith books by Kovel so it may not be an American made badge. The other is probably Japanese or may be Chinese. Both look to be private purchase badges. ...
  36. Thanks pga... What you describe are all new to me.
  37. No, my wife would claim that right.
  38. I would bet that the Paris mint could not produce enough of the medals fast enough and for that reason subcontracted some of the work. Both would be official issues.
  39. Thanks everyone!
  40. Looks like the negative was flipped due to the retrograde letters CC which are probably the school initials. The letter A is probably the Company letter. The school students probably being divided in...
  41. I suspect this is a student in a military school.
  42. Just a guess; short drape could be a private makers version rather than a mint product, George Studley maybe?
  43. To paraphrase a famous tv cop; Just the facts man, then let the chips fall where they may."
  44. Thanks Chris! I agree in thinking early WWII. Most of the Americans are only wearing marksman qualitications.
  45. Yes the uniforms are all officers as far as I can see. The collar brass indicates that some are engineers and many are infantry. I would guess they are planning the bases for the many American troop...
  46. Is it magnetic?
  47. Krause-Mishler =KM catalog number
  48. This is a 10 Para coin
  49. Stage prop?
  50. Standard Cat. World Coins 1801-1900, KM-10, mintage 2,689,000. Mint mark letter at about 5 and 6 oclock flanking the base of the eagle.
  51. See more


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