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I collect vintage radios and vintage clocks,,as well as coins, stamps. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site and love theI collect vintage radios and vintage clocks,,as well as coins, stamps. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site and love the stories and information shared by all. The images on my board cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly only. Thanks CW. (Read more)


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Ingraham Travel Alarm Clock  Originally Purchased on USS LATIMER  PX - Clocksin Clocks
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Vintage Vincent (e) Art  
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  1. Maybe its a tool to scrape putty from the old glass window frames. Thats my guess.
  2. Now I remember. These tools were used to break the glass after scoring it with a glass cutter. The glass would be chipped piece by piece with the edge of those tools. I think
  3. I ll take a shot and say they are for replacing window panes. The glass is held by putting it into the grooves on the metal. Maybe,,I seem to remember using something like this 30-40 years ago.
  4. Thanks for the info Kerry. Good looking out. I tried to find more info but it's not that easy. Thanks for the loves Tom Kerry Bruce Geo Racer Mike Agh
  5. Very cool Its difficult to tell the size by the photos,,,how large is it?
  6. Father in law loved this stuff. I think they are still in business. A great apertif
  7. had these as a kid then Santa brought a set to my son but they were from the He man series, Rock em sock em he man. still has them. very nice
  8. thanks antique rose and catteann
  9. thanks mike and tom
  10. Oh yeah, you needed 2 Floppy disks to run the dang machine. One had the programs and the other one was the master. Something like that. Then years later 3.5 disks came out. Then CDs. Technology is tak...
  11. 64 k wow. I remember them. My Uncle John was a computer guy so I remember playing blackjack on one of these back in the summer of 1977. The summer Elvis died. Man, I am getting old. Very cool. A:cd...
  12. Beautiful
  13. Very nice. I actually got Listons autograph many years ago. He was just walking about the old neighborhood. Very nice guy.
  14. Very nice pick up. Good stuff.
  15. Very nice piece. Great stuff.
  16. Holy Cow. Beautiful, gorgeous ladies. I love the sensuality with the shoes. OMG. Thank you.
  17. Hope she is careful on that ladder. Wouldn't want her to get hurt.
  18. Thanks for the loves Thyrgbauh Ron M Nutsabotsa
  19. Thanks for the loves and the comments. I love these old glass ornaments, couldn't believe they were in the trash. He had also thrown out a whole bunch of boxes of Christmas lights but I was too e...
  20. Thanks Geo and Manikin
  21. Thanks for the love Manikin and Nutsabotsa
  22. Thanks for the love Virginia :) And and Racer4four AGHCOLLECT Petey.
  23. Thanks for the love Kerry and Southcop.
  24. Thanks for the comment fhjr2. I didnt realize it was an ashtray till I got it home. I figured I could use just about any ashtray that fits. Glad you like it.
  25. Thanks for the love Sean, glad you like it.
  26. very classic jacket
  27. great piece
  28. Very very nice shield
  29. That is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. How much does that trunk weigh? Gotta be 35-40 lbs empty. Very very nice .
  30. Wow that is fantastic. Great plane.
  31. Thanks for the love Kerry and Inky :)
  32. "Junk" is the exact wrong term. Very nice pieces. I love them.
  33. They are great pieces. I guess i should keep an out for this junk.
  34. Love the staging. Great shoes on the doll
  35. Underdog is here to save the day... Very cool watch
  36. The figures are amazing. I have to take one of the dealer thats a lil better. His sunglasses are actually a sky blue. The "lady" has a nice um er fuggetabout it. I ll take a picture. Glad u enjoy.
  37. Great colors.
  38. Very nice clock. Charlie old boy. Good stuff
  39. I can dream can't I. Besides that what should I do , is there any way I could tell if its a print. I feel like taking it out of the frame. If its a print its in terrible shape, if its a real study or...
  40. Oh yes it is very thickly painted very rough certainly not a picture.
  41. Dont you dare throw it out. Its a piece of history. Very cool.
  42. Wow that is another great piece. Beautiful
  43. Sweet piece you have there. Very beautiful. 7 inches is one of the larger ones. Nice
  44. Great find. Very nice slice of History
  45. I thnk it is around 4 inches high and about 5 or 6 inches across. It is really a nice piece. Thanks for tthe loves.
  46. Thanks for the love Anne Mike Crabbkins AmberRose
  47. Hey Mikl, thanks for the link and the compliment. I hardly ever even take a glance at the Art and paintings in thrift shops. This one was laying on the floor and I walked by it a few times. I noticed...
  48. Very very nice.
  49. Oh Boy I am gonna be a millionaire:) Letter from Van Gogh to his brother same time as when the painting was allegedly done. "Now I believe that this is never going to stop. And my idea is that a ...
  50. Thanks for the love Trunkman and EJ
  51. See more


Some medieval armchair looks European I would think German or Austrian. Old, old utility meter Stratford on Avon Horse Brass