Hi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. ThHi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Invaders, The Time tunnel and many others. I received my first train set from my uncle and have been into trains ever since. (Read more)


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  1. Very interesting piece of music history.
  2. Yes Vintagefran Irwin Allen was the go to guy for scifi in the 1960's with Voyage to the bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants 4 great ones along with other Tv and ...
  3. I remember watching this historical event on TV. Very nice indeed
  4. This is a great piece Scotty the face is so real looking.
  5. Lucky for sure Vintagefran, or the original spindrift would have been lost forever. This is great you are getting to see all the old episodes of Land of the Giants. Will be good if Lost in Space is re...
  6. shareurpassion, Vintagefran, MacDaddyRico, vintagelamp, Cbenn, oroyoroy, bijoucaillouvintage, ho2culcha, Roy thanking you all for dropping by and sharing the loves. Thank you for your comment vintag...
  7. Great info. on the real deal or a repro.
  8. Always liked this song Thomas.
  9. Hi Vintagefran glad you enjoyed the post. buckethead posted a link here about what happened to the original Spindrift if you check his comment. I'm lucky to have a small handful of my childhood toys t...
  10. Happy Birthday Thomas. Hope you had a good one!!
  11. nutsabotas6, Rick, Mrstyndall, thank you for your support much appreciated.
  12. Roy, Scotty, nutsabotas6, iggy, racer4four, freon, goodeyeguy, Phil, Malkey, fortapache, Vintagefran, Thomas, Jlmam, buckethead, trey, oroyoroy.. MacDaddyRico, Rick, tigerchips, thanking you all for s...
  13. Just the way they are dressed will fit in very well with your doorstop pieces Scotty the detail is very lifelike great scoop!
  14. Roy this is so interesting about how the Canadian Coast Guard came about naming their rescue boat always great to learn something new. Thank you for sharing this.
  15. PoliticalPinbacks, SEAN68, vetraio50, vintagelamp, Judy, iggy, Roy, Phil, fortapache, Scotty thanking you all for stopping by and sharing the loves, Scotty and PPb your great comments are always appre...
  16. So many boxes got tossed fortapache once the model was built. I will keep this one sealed and unbuilt the box displays nice.
  17. Excellent history from the man himself Dave Schiller this is an awesome poster!! A great gift from a friend of yours Belltown.
  18. So true PPb lots of imagination turned into futuristic items that have been created years later. Always a pleasure reading your comments!!
  19. The link you sent was a great read buckethead, thank you for sharing this:)
  20. Glad to hear this has brought back good memories from your younger days iggy!! You got a lot of play time out of your model by building it which is the best. Thank you for sharing your great memory.
  21. Hi Rick I did see a couple online they were already built with no box or instructions so thinking the same as you:)
  22. I'm happy I never built it Scotty I did build the earlier one from 1968 and when I found this one unassembled I just put it away.
  23. I was in my early double digits when Land of the Giants first appeared Phil. My mother didn't like the snake scene Aurora plastic model I had bought and built.
  24. vetraio50, bb2, PoliticalPinbacks, Phil, Jlmam, Thanking you for dropping by always much appreciated.
  25. Rick from it's very first movie it has grown into a giant franchise and doesn't show any signs of slowing down the force is with it!!
  26. Cbenn, valentino97, pw-collector, buckethead, MacDaddyRico, Roy, thank you for stopping by always much appreciated
  27. The diamond in the ruff comes with knowing by experience what you are looking at Scotty. Great find for you!!
  28. Thank you Phil it's a nice little piece of Saskatchewan history for a boy from the prairies!!
  29. Nothing tops a great day fishing.
  30. Hi Vintagefran sounds like you have a fine collection of sci fi pieces! There is a Spindrift plastic model well actually more then one. In a day or so I will post my Spindrift model and add more histo...
  31. Thomas, rockbat, ttomtucker, fortapache, Scotty thanks for stopping by much appreciated.
  32. Haha I like that because Heineken was $8 a case. Star Wars caused quite a frenzy from it's beginning. I remember when billiards was 2 bits a game.
  33. The 2 by Peter Max and the other by Charles Fazzino are fantastic and the history behind the autographs awesome. Great to read a story of giving back to the people. Thanks for the link.
  34. Space Truckin Deep Purple from their album Machine Head. As soon as I saw the words I remembered Deep Purple. Good company name. Great paint work. Read the link very interesting thanks for sharing.
  35. Hi Thomas I saw a young Frank Zappa on I think it was youtube he was playing a bicycle ( spokes and other parts ) with a violin bow strange sounds classic Zappa.
  36. Another great piece Malkey and the colors super!!
  37. You really have a good eye Judy, the first photo captures it's beauty so well.
  38. He's not smaller then my chihuahua Scotty:) Great detail
  39. Awesome!!
  40. The carving is very well done and brings back good memories. I read a book on the construction of the bridge when I was living in Sydney in the 1980's. This is quite an engineering feat. Inspired by t...
  41. The inside of your footlocker is in such great shape!!
  42. Love the smurf glassses my daughter loved garage selling with me she had a good collection.
  43. Very nice fob that compliments your pocket watch.
  44. 2 very well preserved Rabbit doorstops Scotty, great addition to your great collection!!
  45. I would be smiling too Michael great find!!
  46. fortapache, Roy, lisa, SEAN68, Thomas thank you for stopping by and sharing the loves always much appreciated.
  47. It looks to be from the 90's or newer as it's a Leaf-Donruss card
  48. Thomas a great lady indeed much different music then her sister Crystal Gale. Loved the movie with Loretta's music.
  49. Very interesting info on the Star Trek tie in. Thanks for sharing this Phil.
  50. Your wife has a good eye Scotty, great find!!
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