Tehuacan, Mexico

Hi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. ThHi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Invaders, The Time tunnel and many others. I received my first train set from my uncle and have been into trains ever since. (Read more)


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BRASS STEAM LOCOMOTIVE - Model Trainsin Model Trains
BUCHERER LADIES WATCH - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
MECCANO 1938 BOOKLET - Paperin Paper
Evans Jukebox mid 1950s - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
1950's PHILISHAVE STORE COUNTER TOP DISPLAY - Advertisingin Advertising
CHINA  - Asianin Asian
LARGE TOKEN - Advertisingin Advertising
HUMPHREY BOGART 1953 - Moviesin Movies
THE WAR OF THE RINGS - Gamesin Games


  1. It was somewhat different then what I thought it would be Roy, I did have a good time and some of the sights were just awesome:)
  2. Hi PoliticalPb it does look just fine how it is for sure!!
  3. Never got to see them live, enjoyed their music!!
  4. You have so many items fortapache to build different scenes like a western to compliment a steam train, or Gi Joe for military and all your matchbox and other models to produce different time eras. Yo...
  5. The Brass trains have some fine detail thanks for stopping by Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse
  6. Thanking you for taking the " time " to stop by Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse much appreciated.
  7. Great memories iggy. I remember playing Paranoid all the time when it was first released. Ironman, War pigs etc..
  8. I started with O scale nutsabotas6 then moved into HO a lot less needed space and HO has some really good quality sets. Thanking you for your great comment on posting #100 very much appreciated
  9. For sure Thomas money exchanging sore losers and a few foreheads nailed. It was fun well it lasted until I found better pay else where. There were some pretty good shots they would play for hours ever...
  10. Wondering if the producers had to negotiate a new contract each time another one of Pal's offspring took over:)
  11. Feels good Thomas to reflect back to where the collecting all started and looking forward to posting more items and as always seeking out new treasures. Thanking you my friend for your great comments...
  12. Thomas this is the only song I remember from Gary Puckett. It got played a lot on the jukebox when I was racking tables in the pool hall!! Columbia did a good job on the album design.
  13. Always good to learn more about the older hockey games Mondavino. I have had a few of the the Munro and Eagle hockey games over the years and even though Eagle is credited as the company to put the ic...
  14. Used to wear an Aussie Thriller around my neck in Sydney, Australia to signal the crane operator when we were erecting steel beams and the operator couldn't see our hand signals. Great display!!
  15. All good Thomas:)
  16. Hi, this is interesting as 1932-33 was the first year Munro hockey games were sold through Baton's Department stores in Toronto Ontario which had a hump in the middle and a plain wood surface. Your ga...
  17. Roy and Rick thank you for stopping by and sharing the loves. Alwayd much appreciated!!
  18. Manikin, vintagelamp, SEAN68, inky, Phil, aura, Judy, Roy, Jlmam, fortapache, vetraio50, surfdub66, ho2cultcha, iggy, Michael, Wandlessfairy, Master, Thomas, Thanking you all for stopping by and shari...
  19. Wandlessfairy, SEAN68, Rick55, GeodeGem, Jlmam, fortapache, thanking you for dropping by and sharing the loves always much appreciated.
  20. This is great that you have both colors!! The yellow must be harder to find.
  21. PoliticalPinbacks, Thomas, vetraio50, nutsabotas6, freon, thank you for stopping by and sharing the loves always much appreciated!!
  22. Me neither GoedeJem until I checked the internet for info. I have a few tired and part time working watches also. It's not so easy to find a good watch repairman around with all the quartz etc. watche...
  23. Jlmam, fortapache, freon, nutsabotas6, vetraio50, Thomas, PoliticalPinbacks, Thanking you all for stopping by much appreciated.
  24. Such a great inspiration when your creating new music. Will be cool to see it continue to grow!!
  25. Thomas thanks for stopping by your comments are always appreciated my friend!!
  26. This is really neat have not seen another!!
  27. Reminds of the movie Cool Hand Luke!! Nice conversation piece.
  28. The link won't open, sounds like Thomas has solved the mystery though!!
  29. They all look to be in decent condition great display!!
  30. Thanks Politicalpb they are in great condition for their age!
  31. Excellent overall condition!! What year/s would these be from?
  32. I'm sure it would be quite the model PPB!!!
  33. Great song Right down the Line!!! Thomas awesome to see all your 45 posts.
  34. Awesome sign!! Checked out the link the Longines pocket watch adviso was very appealing.
  35. I could stand for being produced in Italy.
  36. Have always liked the quality craftsmanship of the Ertls.
  37. Great photos Roy!! My father put in 20 years for CNR and a year or so for BCR before he got into the trains in mining.
  38. Got your mind and hands working together for sure PoliticalPinbacks. Had a lot of fun building different meccano pieces. Later on in life found a huge box at a church sale many pieces and a couple of...
  39. Heavy for sure AnythingObscure, the Evans is around 150 kilos not something you can easily move around!! They really are so neat especially the older ones that light up. Maybe you will end up with the...
  40. Great that you have the original box and team player envelopes. I had a few hockey games. They were sold when I moved to Mexico. Had a lot of fun with them!!
  41. Very nice!! I have some original 1960's Aurora models built and unbuilt.
  42. Such a great band Thomas and with the addition of Joe Walsh they flourished for sure!!
  43. This would fit in any room, very eye appealing!! Great find.
  44. Thomas great photos of the handguns!!
  45. vintagelamp, and Wandlessfairy thank you for stopping by and sharing the loves!!
  46. Anythingobscure I really like your AMI and it sure holds a lot of records twice as many as the Evans I posted. Even though this Evans was assembled here in Mexico the Company first started in America ...
  47. Gotta love the Snappy license plate!!
  48. A good old jukebox would be a treat to have for sure Wandlessfairy. The old ones sure are heavy though around 150 kilos!!
  49. Everyone I knew in the 60's had at least one Beatles 45. I was a young teen when this was released. Great memories Thanks for sharing Thomas!!!
  50. Awesome line up!! Couch potato viewing for sure.
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