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Hemingray 42 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
CD214 various colors - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
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Some of my favorites 
some Canadian insulators 
My new insulator collection 


  1. Should make a nice light fixture. Also love your kitty cat paperweight. Did you look at my profile picture?, that is my kitty cat. African serval. I love cats too.
  2. Thnx Dr Signal. I cant wait for the time to come that I can post ALL my whitall tatum colors. Thnx melaniej, I cant wait to see your starter pieces.
  3. Thanks racer4four. I am not sure what the drip points are for, i quess exactly for what they are called for drips of water to be directed, just dont know if some worked better than others.
  4. The genuine collectors know their stuff and do not waste money on fake or altered pieces let alone post them for the world to see. The experienced collector can identify the fakes in an instant and d...
  5. Very cool to see the same piece in different environment.
  6. Thank you ho2cultcha and if you look out the window the sun not even out. You are right, it is simple and anyone can get a couple special pieces and have a beautiful window display. And put them amoun...
  7. Thanks for looking SpiritBear, these are all the manufactured color from many years ago, but good idea for you to be watchful of the stained and artificially colored pieces if you plan on collecting....
  8. From what I understand they were going to replace the glass 154's with these polymer insulators because people were shooting the glass ones requiring constant replacement. These are fairly resistant ...
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Old Insulator Just a few of my favorites.. My Insulators collection


posted 22 days ago