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Dominion 42's - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
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  1. Yeah, I know they also have soft scrub, but I have never used it, will have to check it out.
  2. Actually they have one specifically made for stainless steel.
  3. Actually the one I used is called barkeepers friend. So not sure if it is the same as what Melanie is talking about. I use it on everything including stainless it takes out stains, rust etc. Had no l...
  4. Nice...Look like they cleaned up pretty well. I've used barkeepers helper for many years arround the house, love it. It just did not work too well on my sooted up pieces. But looks like you got it ...
  5. The deck cleaner not as bad as sounds otherwise th ey would not sell it to the public to wash decks. Right?
  6. Hey Melanie, cant wait to see your new pcs, I put cleaning instr under your comment in my purple passion post.
  7. I tried that works on the not so tough stuff, but does nothing for soot build up
  8. Hi Melanie, yep, its startkng lol. I use deck cleaner that I get from Menards. It is acid, so use gloves and eye protection. I put some in a menards bucket with the lid, enough to cover your glass a...
  9. I didnt mean broken windows, i meant windows that have separation and break the sun light coming in.
  10. Thanks caperkid, some day i will get a pic of all the pieces together. I have been remodeling and my insulator shelf is not where it goes. And i dont have a good window without breaks to take pics in....
  11. They are all Canadian, thank goodness for the canadian colors
  12. I appreciate opinions, but am hoping for some accurate info. These pieces seldom become available and its hard for me to believe that someone would spend time and money to make a insulator that would ...
  13. Thnxs AzTom the colors put me in good mood when I look at them. I love your profile pic awesome
  14. Thanks Caperkid, to be thats what it is about COLOR
  15. Its nice, i love the two pc, have a couple myself but i concentrate on only a couple styles. Dont have space to ollect all I would like to.
  16. Thanks so much.
  17. I have seen them before, but not too often and am hoping some very knowledgable person can help me out with some info. I just lucked out being able to get 4 color and am hoping they come in more colo...
  18. I dont think they are foreign, i just cant find information on them. I just know they are called standoff insulators and they have no marks.
  19. If you look at the hemi blue with the dragon teeth, you will see it is not embossed HEMINGRAY
  20. Should make a nice light fixture. Also love your kitty cat paperweight. Did you look at my profile picture?, that is my kitty cat. African serval. I love cats too.
  21. Thnx Dr Signal. I cant wait for the time to come that I can post ALL my whitall tatum colors. Thnx melaniej, I cant wait to see your starter pieces.
  22. Thanks racer4four. I am not sure what the drip points are for, i quess exactly for what they are called for drips of water to be directed, just dont know if some worked better than others.
  23. The genuine collectors know their stuff and do not waste money on fake or altered pieces let alone post them for the world to see. The experienced collector can identify the fakes in an instant and d...
  24. Very cool to see the same piece in different environment.
  25. Thank you ho2cultcha and if you look out the window the sun not even out. You are right, it is simple and anyone can get a couple special pieces and have a beautiful window display. And put them amoun...
  26. Thanks for looking SpiritBear, these are all the manufactured color from many years ago, but good idea for you to be watchful of the stained and artificially colored pieces if you plan on collecting....
  27. From what I understand they were going to replace the glass 154's with these polymer insulators because people were shooting the glass ones requiring constant replacement. These are fairly resistant ...
  28. Thanks Valentino, alot of them hard to find and I guess that is what makes collecting so much fun, sometimes like an adventure.
  29. Thanks everyone for taking the time to love my glass
  30. Thank DCB I dont collect many styles but I am addicted to the colors.
  31. Thanks walksoftly and inky appreciate your comment and actually didnt get all the colors in the pictures.
  32. Hi hulalady, Thanks for loving my glass. Most of them are Cd 154 except the ones with the split top and those are cd214 there are a couple cd 155 in there also, they come in so many colors it is har...
  33. thanks Kaileys, you know how I love my 154,s I love that yellow dominion of yours also. I want it! Lawat56, you have alot more than I do. I do have about 50 I took off the pole out back, but j...
  34. Great start Wayne, but beware, once you start, you cant stop, just like potato chips
  35. I love it, it looks alot like an old phone that I got when I worked at the Joliet Army Ammunition plant in Joliet IL. I still have it and it still works just fine.
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Old Insulator Just a few of my favorites.. My Insulators collection


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