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Ex Navy, Well rounded appreciation of all of the arts. Love poetry, collect art glass, Always happy to share a cuppa and good conversation. Cpomedx@yahoo.com.au


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Whitefriars bubble candle holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hoya reverse cut obelisk Pagoda - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whitefriars vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sklo union candle holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Robur Teapot.  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sunbeam white mixing bowl - Kitchenin Kitchen
Concrete retro pots 
1960s Japanese plate set - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
1940s walnut fluted glass room divider - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Has me drooling at the citrus sight. Gorgeous
  2. We now have about 90 , collected from all over. We love the rainbow too.
  3. Beautiful! , reminds me of a piece I have posted here previous. Have a look. A huge lamp, almost Lalique. Love this piece.
  4. It was being used as an ashtray in the old mans garage, sitting adjacent to shelves of old tins of paint and tools. Covered in grime, but still, recognizable !
  5. It's rare, but sometimes there are still treasures to be found.
  6. Many thanks for the correct information. Much appreciated. There is another large blue vase in my pictures that I can't identify. . .?kosta
  7. Any thoughts on year of manufacture?
  8. It would seem to be the case. I thank you for your information.
  9. We really love craftsman designs.
  10. That's some great information. Many thanks for your comments sklo42
  11. White and two.....perfect
  12. I agree. Thanks.
  13. I agree, it's some form of liner bowl, Thanks.
  14. "We are all just custodians of our pieces" I love the fact the glass travels through millenniums and we are lucky enough to witness this in our short lives. Such a responsibility to look after our tr...
  15. Very impressive. Beautiful texture and colour.
  16. Looks lovely. Who made the blue vase next to it? Thanks
  17. Damn, damn, drop dead gorgeous indeed.
  18. They do have a subtle beauty to them. Thanks
  19. Such rich colour! It's wonderful. Ps, I have two black cat bottles too
  20. Looks like a shortbread mold. We use them often when baking.
  21. A gorgeous piece indeed. Love the colour.
  22. We love them also. You have a lovely original to be treasured indeed
  23. Such vibrant colour!
  24. 7£ omg, I'm told that they were sold as junk but wow, that's incredible.
  25. How wonderful. My birthday present was a I dream of Jeannie replica bottle.
  26. Thanks for your thoughts. It is VERY thick indeed.
  27. We now have 53 , all in a row, But if one wiggle bottle should accidentally fall, We would cry
  28. We just love glass. It lasts for millennia.
  29. How wonderful. The best quality!
  30. Don't forget the soldiers to have with your googy egg! Do you dip your soldiers in to the yolk? Haahaha
  31. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/130087-my-am-radio-from-1971
  32. Omg that is beautiful, Fantastic indeed.
  33. 30 years ex navy, I don't drink, I don't smoke, ...... This ashtray will never ever see a butt again,
  34. Happy if someone has another answer though.
  35. Gotta love orànge!
  36. I believe they are a type of candle holder. The recesses are where the shaped wire holder positions the individual glass . I have frosted examples exactly the same at home. Hope that illuminates a ...
  37. The pursuit of freedom and all those who threaten it! 30 years ex CPO! Still miss it.
  38. Now hear this, Now hear this, How wonderful are they. Service guarantees citizenship! Just love it, It's not just a job!, it's an adventure. BZ
  39. Same same, plastic caravan dinnerware. Used by lots of relatives and such, Change of decade, let's just throw it away! I'm glad not everyone threw it away!
  40. Amazing as it may seem, the design is almost a mirror of the personal assistant bots they have in the space station.
  41. Just gorgeous http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/129844-purple-art-glass
  42. Sorry, no idea. :( But it is lovely indeed. The colours add to strength to the piece.
  43. That's so distinctive. Great vibrant colour and organic
  44. French knitting bobbin, A child's toy or craft item to encourage knitting in a very simple form. Did it myself as a toddler.
  45. Now that's a bargain!
  46. Release the light, lovely. It's gorgeous
  47. Absolutely Sean.
  48. Lovely. :)
  49. If we find our "Treasure" , what do we then look for? The next one I guess. I will always be amazed at the brilliance and clarity of this particular piece. Such treasures will be here far longer th...
  50. I'm so excited, the colour is amazing. just looking at it fills me with nourishment for the soul.
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