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Ex Navy, Well rounded appreciation of all of the arts. Love poetry, collect art glass, Always happy to share a cuppa and good conversation. Cpomedx@yahoo.com.au


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X-Ray tube.  - Electronicsin Electronics
Garage sale blue vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Garage sale finds - Art Glassin Art Glass
Uckers board - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Ashtray 4.5 inch shell casing. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
HMAS Perth DDG 38 Commissioning plaque - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Art glass Kimono - Art Glassin Art Glass
Industrial art - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
My AM radio from 1971 - Radiosin Radios
In the eye of the beholder - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Looks the real deal to me. The wear, the date and the wheel type match our expectations. Love it (I have over 2k hot wheels)
  2. Fantastic
  3. Beautiful indeed
  4. Love the colour and the curves.Thanks for sharing
  5. I do the same here in Western Australia. Every piece has a story , a memory of where it was found. Lovely
  6. I remember the large bottles fondly. Great collection. Well done.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous indeed. I can well imagine that any sunbeam would light up the piece brilliantly.
  8. Now I'm jealous. Love the organic curves. Thanks
  9. We had one of these at home in Sydney. As kids we played with it frequently. Yes, it can give a good zap !
  10. Lovely intense colour. Very vibrant indeed.
  11. Lovely colour and design
  12. Oh wonderful. Thank you ever so much. Great to know.
  13. Gorgeous indeed
  14. As far as I would say, yes, it's original. Same as my parents one from the 70s. We lived in Sydney for 45 years. I love atomic. Enjoy.
  15. That's lovely.
  16. Gorgeous
  17. Love the detail in the brand.
  18. I do have an interest. History starts somewhere! Thanks.
  19. I know you knew , lol
  20. With a lot of direction from an engineer friend that was on the ship with me. I found it quite fun to do.
  21. You are the first person in a number of years that has understood my "name" BZ. Psych , that's one job has to be done by dedicated passionate professionals. Very difficult. I couldn't do it. I did...
  22. Affirmative. Chief petty officer, medical, X-ray tech specialization. When we are at sea we are just "the medic" :)
  23. Freedom is a wonderful thing that is a rare thing in our troubled world.
  24. It's an honour and privilege.
  25. Many sailors do get seasick.
  26. With the prevalence go digital personal communications these days, We used to play during lunchtimes to get our younger sailors hooked. Of which they always did. Team work,espirit de corp and trad...
  27. Amazing that when they were built, they were called Tupperware ships. We used to laugh at FFGs. I guess it's a generational thing. They were well built, 333 crew, fast but not designed to last 30 ...
  28. The lack of perceivable colour gives an impression of purity to the form . Lovely
  29. Not sure, but damn its gorgeous.
  30. The amazing thing is, originally , it didn't sell. I first saw it about 5 years ago. Returned to the gallery one day a little while ago, just to have a look and to my amazement, upon discussion wit...
  31. Damn that's nice. Lovely colour and contour.
  32. Awesome doesn't begin to describe!!!
  33. And the best thing is, they are display to be appreciated readily. I myself have about 3k. Some from when I was a child. Red lines and all. A few buttons and some track.
  34. Stunning piece. Thanks for sharing.
  35. Quite definitive. Lovely
  36. That's fantastic. Literally wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
  37. For me, the ability to step beyond the arduous routine of offshore life, Having the finer things in life to ponder always gave me insight into analysing the challenges that are evident in life offsh...
  38. Beautiful indeed.
  39. I thoroughly welcome your input. We can all learn something everyday. Thank you
  40. Did you have any insight into that lovely large piece of purple glass that you mentioned. That purple centrepiece. Please
  41. I took off one panel, Thinking that all the glass panels would be the same. Assuming that each panel would be identical, yet still no makers mark that I can see
  42. Now that's nice
  43. Subtle yet stunning.
  44. You have some fantastic pieces.
  45. I have sepia photographs of long gone relatives posing on the ships of the white fleet when it visited Sydney. Being born in Sydney (first relatives arrived 1815), I miss the city constantly. I live...
  46. A very tactile piece. Love it!
  47. That would be most appreciated Vetraio50
  48. Approx 60cm x 25cm wide, 8cm high
  49. Beautiful
  50. I little improvisation. Electronic led candle just highlight the evening.
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