Hi, Just starting out as a collector, and I and my significant other definitely have the bug! We are having a blast, and love to share our finds!


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Tiffany Sterling Silver - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Kitchen Stuff - Kitchenin Kitchen
Lead Figurines - Toysin Toys
Shabby Chic desk - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage School desk I painted black from Catholic School in Arlington,MA - Furniturein Furniture
Blue and clear Ashtray - Art Glassin Art Glass
Stained Glass Hanging Lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Agate Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
This is what I assume to be an ashtray from the 60's or 70's.  But it's gorgeous and has no marks. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Piano Stool - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Hi katherinescollections, I appreciate your comment and help with my pattern. I have another set I am going to post this week sometime (soooo busy) Maybe? you can help me with that pattern as well...
  2. Yes, I sent in to Replacements.com and they agree that they are English King Pattern.
  3. Love it
  4. I wrote the pattern down , but realized afterwards that the PAT # was on another set that I have. So don't pay any attention to the English King pattern because I am not sure.
  5. Any idea's if this is a writing desk or a ink well desk?
  6. Thank You ron1939 , They are awesome feet.
  7. Thanks for the love, I am just starting out at my refinishing. I was thinking maybe I should have gone for more Shabby and less Chic myself. (Next time)
  8. Hi Herbgrower, Funny you say that I hung one of these in my living room. The cord isn't even replaced yet, So it isn't functioning yet, But I love it, so I keep it there.
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Abandoned house Vintage Sterling Filigree and Foil/Glass Mexican Bracelet A few more pics from out San Angelo trip