I'm a retired artist. Now I get my kicks from repurposing vintage or antique stuff. mostly mantel clocks, wind up phonographs and of course radios.


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RCA- VICTOR TUBE RADIO - Radiosin Radios
Zenith - Radiosin Radios
Philco 37-600 - Radiosin Radios
Silvertone Metal Midget 4 Tube Radio  Model 132.878 - Radiosin Radios
ARVIN model 444a  - Radiosin Radios
RCA model 8x547 - Radiosin Radios
RCA Victor 9x571 - Radiosin Radios
Bendix - Radiosin Radios
Motorola - Radiosin Radios
Sentinel model 328 - Radiosin Radios


  1. I have one like it but!!!! I don't have any rolls of film to go with it..... You're ahead of me
  2. The War of The Worlds is my favorite sci-fi movie ever. Saw it for the first time when I was about eight years old. Scared the heck out of me.
  3. I think it looks darned good.......excellent job!
  4. Yeah ! nutsabotas6.....unfortunately there is nothing else out there,except some guy on the web has some material that simulates bakelite when baked but refuses to tell what it is. I re-enforced it w...
  5. I have the exact same one except it has no dial face. Nice little .radio for it's time
  6. antique or not as long as you enjoy it...looks like aged bronze, beautiful piece...need a Siamese cat to finish the look... ;)
  7. the very cool things they made for it can be used for business cards non smoker here
  8. ounce again nice work.... too bad clowns get a bad wrap because of those old creepy one can really appreciate their true purpose of laughter.
  9. beautiful work!!! I believe any tube radio no matter how big or small or high end or low end should get another chance
  10. AWE-SOME !!!!!!!! and very cool it still works. might be an all American five tuber
  11. how in the heck did they attach a plow shear to bad John Deer joke
  12. this car is sick...WOW
  13. looks like someone added Adam to Botticelli's Birth of Venus . I don't think Eve will be cool with this piece
  14. interesting relief.......really nice piece
  15. I think it looks cool....It almost makes me thing of a divot box..."I am not sure if That's how it's spelled",,, The box is supposed to hold an evil
  16. Love the color...OH ! and the urn too......but seriously the urn looks real cool
  17. some thing like ..." close your eyes' and I'll kiss you tomorrow I'll miss you" Some how I believe I missed some thing.
  18. thanks antiquerose
  19. FANTASTIC!!!
  20. Sorry about that gusmanthecat...I put it in the title like I should have done :)
  21. AWE!! too bad that was a nice piece. I know the feeling all too well
  22. Thanks TubesValves...right on target. I did a google search and the Radio museum showed it big as day. You are correct, right on target. It has the wrong dial pointer on it although similar in design...
  23. Thanks was too cute to pass up
  24. thanks jjsr...hope it helps....I have it fixed, all I need is the tube line up
  25. Help please......unfortunately I still can't find what kind of radio this is
  26. Help please.......I still can't find what kind of radio this is
  27. thanks inky!
  28. pretty daughter would love that natural scene
  29. love mantel clocks
  30. thanks inky!
  31. 30 years ago someone gave me a tabletop wood radio. I was in my 20's, young and foolish.......threw it away Things like that happen all the time.
  32. rockets of the atomic era...very cool
  33. love cats....and yes blue eye shadow is coming back!....why not thick eyelashes are back with that Egyptian look
  34. the ghostly glass....better get one of those haunted collectors for this one....yet maybe not, they may keep it. ;)
  35. very detailed...they don't make things like that any more. everything is too modernistic to save money. "LOVE" it
  36. Thanks inky.....I'll give it a shot
  37. Thank you MsPippenshmooze
  38. The detail is incredible...nice
  39. Kind of looks like the owl from the 80's version off Clash of the titans... ;)
  40. Thank you DrFluffy
  41. thanks fortapache. I went to Disney at the 50's prime time caffe, it reminded me of the place.
  42. Thanks aghcellect, that might just help
  43. You have a nice collection of cats. I love cats, especially Siamese of which I have one. Also if I may say without causing an uproar I see you as a very beautiful woman. You have a very photogenic fa...
  44. Nice piece. I love the way it looks with that ghostly green glow
  45. love the vivid colors
  46. I had one way back was all TONKA YELLOW
  47. Keep collecting
  48. Very cool toy......and my oh my ...does your collection of vintage coolers have no bounds?....LOL excellent collection
  49. I'm not sure what their worth...I bought a pair od model A rims with tires at a flea market for five dollars. I'm told they are pretty easy to come by. I have no idea what their true value is. I only ...
  50. pretty darned nice cooler and the story is incredible. Thanks for sharing.
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