I restore antique motorcycles for a living , I collect I wide variety of items , but mostly advertising items .


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  1. Still love it, handmade makes it all the better.
  2. How about some better pictures and more of them, this is pretty cool!
  3. What great idea! How about a friend with a CNC milling machine making that for you? You could also try Superior Steel Stamp in Cleveland, Ohio, he has made steel stamps for me.
  4. Very cool!
  5. It looks like a Kirby vacuum cleaner attachment.
  6. This for pre pull tab beer cans and other end of course is for bottles, this works best on cans or bottles of Miller Highlife!
  7. I'm leaning towards a bilge pump for a boat.
  8. Pretty interesting, I can't wait to see what it does!
  9. Why don't you try Phillip 66 headquarters in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, they are still in business. Do a google search!
  10. thanks, Annelanders for your thoughts and for all of the loves from others.
  11. That was your shed or the neighbors shed?
  12. It is a button hole cutter. Brass part turns to vary the length of the button hole cut.
  13. I would chose BOTH!
  14. I can't be certain but I think around late 1940's, 1950's. These usually have a soft, fine stone.
  15. I have the exact same thing in my living room! My thoughts are Art Deco era, a very cool lamp!
  16. This is a mass produced sharpening stone and should have a wooden handle attached. I see these very often at flea markets mixed with kitchen tools.
  17. Two possible answers, brazing tongs or hair straighting iron.
  18. Oh man, look at all the colors!
  19. Definitely a fantasy piece.
  20. I have the same horn painted black. Not all phonograph horns were visible, later model horns were inside of the phonograph, far from ornate. This is not an ear trumpet, too heavy and does not point in...
  21. Could it be a twist action mop wringer that attaches to a pail or mop bucket?
  22. Solved!
  23. It is part of a square, scale is missing. Glass part is a level, mystery no more!
  24. You know that is Oswald the chauffeur on the label, don't you? Nice can, looks like the 5 quart.
  25. I would agree with Pencil about this being used for laundry tubs and a wringer. These usually were not painted just varnished and sometimes had a makers company name screened on them. Very unique!
  26. They would make excellent pointers! Great marketing strategy!
  27. Look like antennas from portable am fm radios. What do you think Tubeamp?
  28. I have one of these that is a reproduction. The base is missing as is the clock, right now I have a vintage ammeter installed where the clock should be and it is creepy!
  29. It's definitely not a sense of humor locator!
  30. Hello Manikin, check out my posts for motorcycle birdhouse, thanks, RF
  31. Thanks for the loves!
  32. Thanks for the loves! I've shown these around to our experts, but no luck.
  33. Great sign! Start the little ones early!
  34. Tallcakes is correct, it is boiled cutter/topper, mystery solved!
  35. Thanks Slackjack!
  36. How about a bore erosion gauge?
  37. That sounds pretty reasonable, I will look into that, thanks.
  38. I am leaning towards the same thing, TA. Wouldn't you think whoever designed this amazing tool would have left his name or company logo on this? I would certainly be proud of designing or manufacturin...
  39. I have not searched patented items yet, I look forward to doing so and thanks for the loves!
  40. Thanks for the loves!
  41. Well done slackjack! Quick work!
  42. Looks to be a bronze colored slush mold piece by the silver color inside. I love it more than the LOVE button allows, great piece!
  43. These are wire strippers used for stripping insulation off the ends for electrical work. I do not know the age of these. Many different companies still make and sell this type of stripper today.
  44. There is one these on EVILBAY right now listed as a straight razor or a blood letting tool, check it out!
  45. I collect and use vintage auto body tools, but this is the first time I've seen anything like this, you could be onto something.
  46. I'm pretty certain this is a vintage weed puller.
  47. Thanks for the loves, I'll probably have the neon repaired, but leave it in its current condition!
  48. Sooooo, what's the older city you detect in? What else did you find? We want to see!
  49. Thanks for the quick answer on this tool. I would have never guessed that to be the answer! Thanks for the loves!
  50. I have one of these in the shape of a motorcycle hanging off of the barn, the birds always nest in it!
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