I restore antique motorcycles for a living , I collect I wide variety of items , but mostly advertising items .


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Went to a garage sale today............. 
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  1. If i am not mistaken these were sold as a self defense weapon/keychain. I recall seeing these in Soldier of Fortune magazines years ago.
  2. Mystery solved!
  3. I believe frisco is correct in his response, see my post to see my folder style timber race knife. I'll be on the lookout for these!
  4. The proper term for these items is "cut" and if a letter or number it is called type.
  5. Corkscrew might be the word you are looking for. This very unique!
  6. Thanks for the loves. Can't wait for the weekend, a tractor show and flea market, 3 days!
  7. Don't leave anything in the crawl space, take everything!
  8. If it is railroad related, it doesn't look like it was made in this country. Someone on this site will have an answer. This is very unique!
  9. I think 60's or 70's is correct. I still see the complete stoves at garage sales once in a while.
  10. Thanks for the link on this, interesting machine.
  11. Went there again today, now the place is totally picked out!
  12. The first three pictures should be from a Coleman stove, this is the pressurized fuel tank. The last photo items look like Turner or Bernzomatic items.
  13. Thanks for the loves, this sale is the talk of the town!
  14. These are true works of art, there is one in northern Ohio near that is just awesome.
  15. It is isn't it ? This a Beechcraft Bonanza and hasn't flown in over 30 years! Was back at the sale today, still a lot of good pickins left!
  16. Maybe an embalmers trocar?
  17. Thanks for the loves! Seller is unable to commit to a price, so it still sits in the field, I can wait.
  18. Dumpster diving is the best!
  19. What , no category for aircraft?
  20. The quarter is up for grabs, but not the knife! Thanks for all the loves.
  21. This is a sabre saw attachment for an electric drill, cool! Looks to be of 1970's era
  22. Wow! Does that bring back memories! But not all of them!
  23. Thanks for all of the loves!
  24. Thanks for the loves! The best gifts don't need wrapping, I am a lucky guy!
  25. We have a winner! Fhrjr2 has solved the mystery, and I thank you! This is a scribe race knife used for marking timbers, faster than using a wood chisel. The barn and home were over 100 years old and ...
  26. Try instead.
  27. Google search for a history on Wald cycle. Started in 1905 making bicycle accessories and possibly this bike. This company is still in business, contact them through website to possibly ...
  28. I do believe they are filled with carbon tetrachloride, nasty stuff!
  29. Nice can but we don't do values here!
  30. Looks to me like it is made of iron, and the Philips screw on back tells me this is probably a reproduction, just my observation.
  31. Thanks for the kind words, will you be at Wauseon?
  32. Thanks all, for all of the loves!
  33. Thanks for the loves, and thanks fresco for the ad and info!
  34. I recently picked up this same unmarked bear, and assumed that it was a Steiff. This one has glass eyes. Certainly someone out there knows who made this.
  35. Yes it is, first one I've seen. Very unique!
  36. Thanks for the loves, I think I now have around 30 different number and letter stamps in all sorts of sizes plus these figure stamps! Collecting and hoarding, is there a difference?
  37. Love it times 10!!!!!!
  38. Unfortunately it looks like the platform is missing that links to what you have, also the post or tower that reads the weight is missing. Look up images on Google for Fairbanks or Howe scales, that sh...
  39. I would have bought that freak as well!
  40. What the ???????????? Izzat?
  41. This is very cool!
  42. Okay, first tool is portable hose clamp maker, made by the Cleveland Pnuematic Tool (Cleco) and it use baling wire for the clamp. An awesome tool. The last tool is a hand rivet/eyelet press. The crank...
  43. First items are house or building leveling or lifting jacks,second are screw in anchors for a large tent or canopy, third is a handle for a two man saw, think Henry Disston, fourth, not a clue.
  44. Yes, better pictures get better answers. A very interesting lamp!
  45. What else did you Get? There has to be more!
  46. How cool is that?!
  47. It looks like a small heating element where the bulb would be.
  48. In order, drill press, heavy duty hinge, probably from a walk in freezer or refrigerator, and a door latch, striker/lock.
  49. We don't do values here, thanks.
  50. What an awesome sign!
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