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I restore antique motorcycles for a living , I collect I wide variety of items , but mostly advertising items .


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2015 Southern National AMCA meet Denton Farm Park N.C. - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Graco Motor Vitalizer Farm Found - Petrolianain Petroliana
2015 Oley Pa. AMCA MEET - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
As promised some of my mystery tools - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Fairchild Camera and Instrument Giant Bulb - Camerasin Cameras
Unknown Matthews metal stamps - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mystery Motorcycle Badge  Golden Rocket - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
New Years Day gathering at Chand Bleils machine shop - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
NIWA axe head - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Happy Halloween ceramic/porcelain skulls - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. In order, drill press, heavy duty hinge, probably from a walk in freezer or refrigerator, and a door latch, striker/lock.
  2. We don't do values here, thanks.
  3. What an awesome sign!
  4. There's always Wauseon to attend next July 17,18,19 in Ohio near Toledo! I will be there , space#79. Thanks for the loves!
  5. Looks a little phallic to me!
  6. Greatest hood ornament/mascot ever! Love it x 10!!!!!
  7. I think it is automobile related by the shape of the sign. It looks like it's in the shape of early radiator with a headlamp on either side.
  8. The coolest sign ever!
  9. A sign like the one on right sold for $9500 at a Penn auction on December 2013. No offense Trey , but Ebay isn't qualified to determine frauds and fakes, besides like you said, they still get their sl...
  10. Guilty as charged!
  11. I think this is an early widget, very rare!
  12. Can't wait to see what this does! Very interesting!
  13. Thanks for the loves. I am still in negotiations for this piece, I sure would like this in my possession soon!
  14. I have a few more, my email address is on the top of the page. Send your email to me and I will send the other photos to you.
  15. There is one on EVILBAY!
  16. This is an early Bowser curb gas pump from from the early 1900's, this sold gasoline by the pint , quart or gallon.
  17. A rigging knife used on sailboats. The tapered pin is called a marlin spike.
  18. You are correct.
  19. This is a pinking punch for leather work. Used mainly for making rosettes, but can be used decorating/tooling leather.
  20. Thanks for the loves!
  21. It is a dibble for planting. Google it!
  22. Rustfarm is stumped on this one, but still working on it!
  23. This is a click reel used for measuring yarn, the wheel is missing and should be mounted on the right side shaft.
  24. Fun three days! Ride don't wash my Eglide! Thanks for all the loves!
  25. That type of chain was also known as twin roller chain to be used on twin roller sprockets.
  26. Yes this is for candles called Danish tapers.
  27. Everyone needs at least one robot in their life!
  28. Very good ! Two down and two to go! Two points to slackjack!
  29. Sorry, no one is even close. This will be interesting! Thanks for the loves!
  30. I'm thinking you should send that to me for a complete and thorough analys, and send the cool knife as well!
  31. How about vintage root canal tools? Yikes!
  32. Thanks, I also collect odd tools that perform simple tasks, but often defy logic in their use. I might post a couple in the near future.
  33. It is a cork boring tool sharpener, it sharpens the tubes that put holes in corks for laboratory use. A nice find.
  34. Thanks for all of the loves, I sure do appreciate it!
  35. I agree, this is from about 1905. I owned a couple of these years ago. There should be a counter near the top on one side, also a lever midway on the pump to select pint, quart, or gallon delivery. Th...
  36. Great item!
  37. Oley 2015 coming up soon, I will be there!
  38. It looks like a Suzuki motorcycle "S" to me, Google search Suzuki sign images and have a look.
  39. Look up spencer rigging knife on Google images and wikiapedia for your answer.
  40. This is a yachtsmans rigging knife with a marlin spike. This repairing/maintaining sail rope/rigging.
  41. Advertising is my favorite art!
  42. An Irish mail.
  43. Yeah, what BB2 said! if you don't collect something , you can't be trusted!
  44. Thanks for the loves and all the info!
  45. You might need some help!
  46. I have a later version of this that I use a couple of times a week on invoices. This paper fastener ought to put back into production as it never needs staples!
  47. The iron ring on the one end tells me that it made for striking with a mallet or a hammer. This could possibly be for driving down the ends of kegs or barrels. What other cool stuff do you find in th...
  48. A lot of these travelers did not have markings for measuring. They were marked with talc/chalk and the revolutions were counted to determine the lenght of steel that needed to be cut to make the "tire...
  49. I will try that company Monday and see if they will enlighten me with that information, thanks for your reply.
  50. This a toothed stone hammer used by stone masons. A pretty nice example of an old tool.
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