I restore antique motorcycles for a living , I collect I wide variety of items , but mostly advertising items .


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  1. Can imagine waking up to this under your Christmas tree?
  2. I had one of these awhile back, not much value, but it is an interesting tool. Search fussell of mells history to learn more.
  3. Search Fussell Mell hay knife.
  4. Hay knife. English made.
  5. Thirsty horses don't need no stinkin hitching posts!
  6. Looks like a Panther/Schwinn rebadged by B.F.Goodrich, this was very common years ago. This is about a mid 1950's model. You are missing a front fender and a chainguard, nice bike! Parts are readily a...
  7. Thanks for the loves!
  8. That first photo is over the top! This is an incredible piece!
  9. I'm thinking possibly a leather working tool.
  10. Nice knife, but i believe that should read "cast steel".
  11. We too are disappointed with the molestation of this piece as well.
  12. Thanks for the speedy reply and all of the loves!
  13. How about an animal skin stretcher?
  14. This looks like an old soldering iron made by a blacksmith. The head should be made of copper. Scratch it with a file or knife to see if it is copper. This should have a wooden handle attached to the...
  15. It is a saw set.
  16. This is one of the nicest one of these I have ever seen!
  17. They are for an extension ladder.
  18. Looks like they are trying to reproduce!
  19. Possibly an old striping tool.
  20. Looks like a scythe handle grip to me. Google search this.
  21. Look like printer cuts to me!
  22. Hey, what about the gum machine in the first photo? Looks pretty cool!
  23. The initials stand for Peck, Stow and Wilcox. This was later changed to Pexto. This should help in your search.
  24. Some of my best picks come from recycle/scrapyards! Nice finds!
  25. Nice sign, have the same one on my barn.
  26. Thanks for the loves and positive comments, everyday is an adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way!
  27. You are welcome!
  28. Looks like you are going to need to find the other two colors! Great GW find!
  29. These look like foundry tools used in sand molds, for casting metals.
  30. I have seen something similar to this on early tractors and steam engines for use as a radiator or cooling tower, but I do not think this is one. That's all I got.
  31. Thanks for the love Dave. This is the second clock I got from the same building. I may post it soon!
  32. Very cool handmade tools. The top one was made from an old file.
  33. I did search out girgentana goat and it does look like the same horn. We may be closer to identifying this piece! Thanks again for the loves, the interest, and the lead. The combined knowledge on this...
  34. Thanks for the loves! I am still wondering what it's original purpose and origin is.
  35. Let's see more tools!
  36. Draftsmens pencil pointer. Used one in high school.
  37. Possibly a vetenarian instrument.
  38. I am thinking this is a repro. I have handled a lot of signs in my time and this one just doesn't have "it"! Thanks for sharing.
  39. Thanks for all of the loves! There was a lot more very cool vehicles, two and four wheeled!
  40. It is a gasket scraper, I have one in my tool box and use it often.
  41. Double love it! Nice gun!
  42. Thanks for the loves and the comments! The casket sure keeps the neighbors away! The casket might make a nice phone booth, a corner cabinet to display creepy things or killer rifle/shotgun cabinet!
  43. Thanks for the loves! Off to Wauseon, Ohio this week for an AMCA meet, annual motorcycle meet.
  44. Valve spring compressor.
  45. Thanks for the loves! I think we might have an answer soon!
  46. We thought possibly cannon bores as well. The construction reminds me of something made in the late 1800's, and thanks for the comment and the love.
  47. Looks like a castrating tool, yikes!
  48. This is possibly a railroad lock. No tumblers or springs in these, just a shielded bolt. A nice find!
  49. It's only original once, I would leave it as is! A very nice car!
  50. This is called Kubotan. Do a Google image search for ninja key chain and you will see this item. These are also being sold on FeeBay as such.
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