I restore antique motorcycles for a living , I collect I wide variety of items , but mostly advertising items .


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Fairchild Camera and Instrument Giant Bulb - Camerasin Cameras
Unknown Matthews metal stamps - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mystery Motorcycle Badge  Golden Rocket - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
New Years Day gathering at Chand Bleils machine shop - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
NIWA axe head - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Happy Halloween ceramic/porcelain skulls - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Recent estate sale find vase  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Brass Bust Machine Age Haganuer? - Figurinesin Figurines
Victorian Oval Painting on Porcelain - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Unknown tool / transfer tool gauge - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Turn the bike upside down and see if there is a serial number on the short tube that the pedal crank passes through. This number or series of numbers and letters can be used to determine make and yea...
  2. I think this is for a glue pot, the insert and possibly the lid are missing.
  3. Thanks for the recent loves! The people on this sure post some awesome art glass! I believe I am hooked glass now!
  4. These are called "cuts". Dates are not usually on these and are usually made of Linotype metal , similar to lead with a copper wash. Google search " printer cut" for more information.
  5. Usually when a gauge has a red indicator it is usually for limits or a danger condition. Has pressure been applied to test this or is this revolution counter operated by a driven cable such as a tacho...
  6. Looks like a latex dip ballon mold! Love the color!
  7. It sure does look like that bike , doesn't it? Interesting site, thanks.
  8. Looks like it might be a carpet installers tool or part of one.
  9. Thanks for all the loves!
  10. The ultimate Coca Cola piece!
  11. Around here we call them yellow dog railroad torches or lamps. Do a google image search.
  12. Yeah, we don't do values here.
  13. These are awesome!
  14. I have this same lamp but with a different shade. I have seen this base many times with a different shade. This base is designed to hold pens or pencils in the front grooves and sides are for paper cl...
  15. I have one these with slight damage , about the same size, marked on the back reads, "made in Italy"
  16. My uncle was a magician and used a coin like this to change a penny into a dime and back to a penny.
  17. Can't help you with your ebay listings anymore!
  18. This pump is for a lamp, a lantern or an iron, it was used on all three before hand pumps were built into these items.
  19. Sure hope your not going to restore that car, it's too interesting the way it is!
  20. The dash base is for 1947 to 1961 HD, and the three light dash cover is for 1962 to 1967 HD. These are still pretty common and not yet considered rare, also both of these items have been reproduced by...
  21. Try this guy in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, Bills Custom Cycles. This guy is a good source for obsolete HD parts, also try NOS Parts in Wellington , Ohio, another good source, good luck!
  22. Cabover , can you link pictures of these items on your bike? I think I know where one of these bikes is and I have expressed interest in it. It has been carefully stored for over twenty years and not ...
  23. I knew this was the place to get an answer! Thanks Tubeamp for your quick response! Thanks for all the loves!
  24. I'd have to say this is from the early days of RC. Is there any sign company name and/or date code on the front of the sign, near the bottom?
  25. Lots of good humor but no answers yet! I'll take the humor and thanks for all the loves!
  26. Actually he is from Niles, Ohio, Cortland area you know.
  27. I thought the same thing at first , but I showed these to an Egyptian engine builder I know and he did not recognize them as such. Come on up for tamales some day , my treat!
  28. Awesome find , now if could only talk about all the great parties it's been to!
  29. Never even knew such a container existed! Very unique!
  30. EJW-54 is correct , google search piston ring expander image and you will see he is correct, I still use this same tool on occasion.
  31. How long is it?
  32. Nice piece, every jeweler I ever met has trays of loose stones from years of being in the business. It might be very easy to find the stone you are looking for!
  33. What else did you find???
  34. That removable head looks like a modified carriage bolt , anyone else see this?
  35. Nice find!
  36. Me thinks I might need new glasses! Thanks for the info. And thanks for the love.
  37. Better pictures get better opinions, but this does look old. Can we get a picture of the base from the bottom and possibly the bulb holder? That is a very cool lamp!
  38. These early lapping tools did not always use a suction cup , valve heads were slotted or had two small circular indents that the tool fit into. Sometimes the tip on the end of the tool could be revers...
  39. Thanks, it does get a lot of compliments.
  40. Did you know there is a vibrator museum? , google it!
  41. Try The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati , Ohio for information on this type of sign . AND CAN WE STOP THE BUY/SELL NONSENSE HERE ON THIS GREAT SITE?
  42. Thanks for all of the loves and the comments!
  43. Looks like the Westinghouse logo on those two hubcaps.
  44. Payne Diehl and co. is the maker of this oiler and metal can oilers. It has a patent date of around 1880.
  45. Howard rotovator built a serious roto tiller called the "GEM", search YouTube for videos on it. I have a 1952 model "gem" in my collection
  46. Isn't Whitechapel the area Jack the Ripper made famous?
  47. Open the case and see what is on the movement. Any chance you want to double your money?
  48. The brand name for this is Monta Mower.
  49. It really is a lawn mower, cordless , you know.
  50. Check out this link ,
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