I restore antique motorcycles for a living , I collect I wide variety of items , but mostly advertising items .


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Recent estate sale find vase  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Brass Bust Machine Age Haganuer? - Figurinesin Figurines
Victorian Oval Painting on Porcelain - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Unknown tool / transfer tool gauge - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Cleveland Welding Co. prewar Roadmaster 26" Pit bike Rat Rod bicycle - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
Bridgeport G I Co. Shotgun reloading tool - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Unknown tools and purpose  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old wooden stool possible clamp or tool - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Brass or bronze auto or truck headlight bezels/ doors - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Crested dog Austrian figural Gothic Victorian - Victorian Erain Victorian Era


  1. The brand name for this is Monta Mower.
  2. It really is a lawn mower, cordless , you know.
  3. Check out this link ,
  4. Thanks for ALL the loves!
  5. You really should look this up on eBay as a Coleman lantern pump!
  6. This IS a Coleman lantern pump for early Coleman lanterns!
  7. These are used for straightening curly hair!
  8. I know its one of coolest pipes I've ever seen!
  9. Thanks for the loves and the info!
  10. That's actually pictures of an Indian and a Harley Davidson!
  11. Thanks for the link , I saw the same items before , but the item in question was not described . Also in the photo it looks like another tube is possibly joined this tool. My tool does not show any si...
  12. I just picked up a sign just like this Thursday , dated 1958 on the bottom right. My sign isn't quite as nice as yours .
  13. This is an early shock absorber made for early auto leaf springs . This is missing the clamp that attaches this piece to a leaf spring . One unit per spring , and indeed made or marketed by Indian Mot...
  14. Look up Big Bang cannon on a google search, they have parts , instructions and new cannons for sale . These are very loud and do not shoot projectiles!
  15. Nice pedal fire truck. If it were mine I would leave it alone, its worth more to me in its unrestored condition!
  16. There is a sign?????????
  17. It's a pig snouter to keep pigs or hogs from rooting , I've had a few. Not fun for the pigs!
  18. You should send this torch to me for extensive testing (it might take a couple of years though!)
  19. They look like laundry tongs to me.
  20. Any relation to the Malco Gasser?
  21. Solved my own mystery, these headlamp doors/bezels are from a 1937 Chrysler Airflow!
  22. It looks like a cobblers or leather working tool. Any makers marks?
  23. How about a hair curling iron ? Are there any signs of it being heated? Is the upper part concave?
  24. How about a hair curling iron ? Are there any signs of it being heated? Is the upper part concave?
  25. Thanks for the love, aghcollect, any thoughts on this?
  26. Very nice engine . Usually an engine with a flywheel is used in marine applications. This engine appears to be hand made. Google search model boat or airplane engines for some help. Could we see ano...
  27. It's a hog scraper .
  28. This is possibly made of beryllium , a non sparking metal used to make all sorts of tools used in hazardous locations. I have a putty knife made with a beryllium blade and have seen hammers , pipe wre...
  29. I put it there , ya see there was this hole in the front fender and I ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  30. An Indian four Police bike , what a lucky guy!!
  31. I'm thinking your other hand!
  32. Maybe the blade is for trimming paper shells? Everyone that has seen this thinks it has something to do with reloading , they could all be wrong, but it's all I've got.
  33. This bike gets more attention than the restored bikes at the shows I've taken it to!
  34. Thanks for the love AmberRose, everyone that ride it loves how smooth and easy is it is to ride!
  35. Nice bicycle , the original term for that style chain and sprockets is twin roller, skip tooth has unfortunately replaced it. Keep on building them !
  36. Thanks for the love racer and tom.
  37. Do you think possible boilermakers tools for flaring the tubing at the end of each sheet?
  38. This looks like it might be a horse tooth float or file , google search this in images and see if you agree.
  39. This looks a lot a Norton motorcycle toolbox but i am not sure of the model or year.
  40. Thanks for the love, any thoughts ?
  41. It's a bearing scraper , a mechanics tool for scraping Babbitt bearings. Babbitt was a cheap and easily renewable bearing surface used in hit and miss engines , car and truck engines and many other ap...
  42. I think that might be a belt driven dynamo for producing electricity from a steam engine.
  43. When I need Chinese characters deciphered , I go to the nice lady at our local Chinese fast food restaurant, she has helped me many times. Good food too!
  44. It is a foundry pattern, they make great decoration in loft areas or for industrial decor . I have quite a few pieces myself.
  45. It's a jiffy basket lidder, look it up under patent searches
  46. Denver and Rio Grande Railway/ Railroad?
  47. I also have one of these , in the center photo is a chuck for holding a sewing awl. The black iron part is a handle for pushing the needle through the cloth and turning the T handle either presses a ...
  48. It makes sense to be a mining sign, is it porcelain?
  49. Those numbers looked up as patent numbers minus the suffixes come up as electrical pliers and a mat cutter. I believe they are part numbers as in left and right.
  50. I don't think it is a patent number as it has -1 and -2 suffixes. Those numbers would put in the 1901 era.
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