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  2. I recently did some research trying to find information on a camera I have. Here's two links that may help you. http://www.kodakcollector.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=28&Itemid=50 h...
  3. Anyone? LOL. And I think I have to change the pictures. They look horrible.
  4. Dave if you would like to have a look at the catalog here's a link to the site. I was able to find this after I got some info on the forum I joined, I think they know everything that has to with St...
  5. Your Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Dave, you are THE man. Turns out this was mailed from Roddenberry's company, Lincoln Enterprises. It was sold out of a catalog from the late 60's in different pieces that were available for purchase ...
  7. Dave, Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It took a couple of days to get permission to post but as a few hours ago I am allowed to post on the forms at Star Trek Prop Collector. As soon a...
  8. Dave, I used the link an emailed them. Hopefully im thinking of another site I tried and didnt receive a email back from. It would be great to finally get some good information. The online appraiser ...
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~~~Four Charleston Pontiled Soda Bottles~~~ Star Trek 1964 First Draft OLD Camera late 1800's? Phil Robinson Museum Bottle music box????  I have no clue! Philco Tube Tester Model 066?


*****Old pontiled soda bottle***** What Kind of Bottle is This? Rare or Common? ::::Saratoga Spring Water Bottles:::: Champion Post Drill Press Queen's Head Sign JB Coolahan Bottle, Annapolis MD Hamilton cj3b pedal car Cast Iron "Star" Childs Coin Safe Coke cooler like new, still in the box? Our Vaseline Glass Collection 6 3/4" Aqua-Squat-Original Budweiser-NO  C.Conrad on it anywhere


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