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I collect all types of battle gear used by combat soldiers of the world


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Portuguese M940/63 steel helmet  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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  1. interesting collection, what the set up with the binoculars? is it some type of special night vision device?
  2. it's from the Vietnam War era judging by the three small buckles that are for a nape / neck strap, probably made sometime around 1965 - 1969
  3. Great find,and interesting combat used helmet, very rare to find a helmet like this that saved the owner's life.
  4. I still use mine for Thanksgiving dinners
  5. Yes, it's a Poct - 2 and with a faded 1980's date
  6. thats a very nice example with the matching para liner, the camo cover reminds me of this Saudi soldier.
  7. I agree, this place is good for back up, to save old photos and use for reference just in case the other forums ever go down.
  8. I agree, it's a made in Taiwan commercial army style camp shovel, I see these at the flea market all the time, they also feel lighter than a real US military issue folding shovel, not as well made as ...
  9. here's a Czech M53 that was used in Vietnam
  10. the Czech Vz53 helmet marking with crossed swords and number 52 is the Czech military acceptance mark and year of manufacture 1952. nice helmet, many of these Czech steel helmets were used in the V...
  11. the German 1898 n/A (neu Art) bayonet is an interesting and unusual bayonet, and well marked.
  12. thats a nice looking German M34 helmet, the chin strap you added is a good match, looks original and complete, some had the Nazi decals, these were also used by Air Defense. http://www.warrelics.e...
  13. excellent display, I also like to collect all types of military fighting knives and bayonets.
  14. thats a very nice piece, I like the matching Arabic / Persian numerals. The Iranian history does make it more interesting, since you see these as often.
  15. Yes, it is the Austrian M75 helmet liner Your Austrian Bundesheer helmet liner was manufactured in 1976 by the firm Ulbricht`s Witwe in Schwanenstadt , Upper Austria. this pattern was made for...
  16. Glad you liked it SEAN, Ive been searching for one of these with the extra liner retention spring clips for a while to complete my collection, plus both pieces are matching by maker and year of manufa...
  17. thats an East German M56, I also have one just like yours! what part of SEA did you find this helmet? The North Vietnamese or PAVN also used this model during the Vietnam War. http://www.collectors...
  18. I would be proud to have one of these in my collection, very nice example.
  19. I agree, I like the been there look too, these items were probably used in field conditions just like the soldier in the combat photo, and still has the grime , field wear, and sweat from the soldier ...
  20. Yes, I think I remember seeing a set of goggles with the same type of leather pouch, the pouches are probably a universal pouch for other items, just like first aid pouches were also used as compass p...
  21. thanks James, yes, the ammo vest is Chi Com manufacture, but it was made for export, it has English writing ink stamped on the back, not found on non import pouches used by the Chinese military, i...
  22. JimmyC, I think it's the Finnish M31? the Swiss did use this design during WWII The Suomi KP/-31 (Suomi-konepistooli or "Submachine-gun Finland") was a submachine gun (SMG) of Finnish design us...
  23. the cover on the referance photo looks like "hessian" or burlap material.
  24. I noticed mine also has a unusual odor? it could be from the green dye they used to make the crude cotton liner , the quality & construction almost looks more like something used in a movie prop than...
  25. thats an amazing piece! it looks so modern and sleek and displays nicely with the the light shining through, a masterpiece
  26. Thanks, Im glad you liked it! I was lucky to find this one for my collection, I dont see much militaria / surplus from Portugal, it's not easy to find.
  27. nice salty condition, reminds of onr of my farvorite movies called "The BEAST" about a lost Soviet tank in Afghanistan, the tank crew all wear this type of helmet.
  28. the enameled steel rice bowls are still sold in local asian markets, except they dont have the extra hole on the bottom for attaching to gear, most likely made in China.
  29. Thanks, this pistol is interesting piece of history from the former DDR, it has provenance! DDR is the German acronym for Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German) or German Democratic Republic (E...
  30. Thanks, it's been one of my most reliable handguns, and it didnt cost much, Im satisfied with the quality, it's made like a military issue firearm, nothing fancy and it was a lot cheaper than a Belgia...
  31. the French Mle15 looks sharp on the parade ground, but it's probably the thinnest lightest steel helmet ever made, not much stronger than a tin can and dents easily, Im surprised the military would ev...
  32. thats probably why it's in mint condition, it was probably in storage for a very long time, the P64 liner could be a clue when it was issued, possibly during the Vietnam War but didnt get much use, co...
  33. Thanks SEAN, I agree they look almost identical to the style sold JCREW, classic eyewear never goes out of style!
  34. Ive never seen an Iraqi M80 with a mold mark like that, it is an unusual varient, it also has the Iraqi acceptance mark that I have seen on Iraqi plastic canteen sets
  35. Yes, it looks like the liner was removed before painting, there is also an anchor stamped inside in black ink, I would say the Russian Navy did the repaint.
  36. I believe the improper use of the 'knee mortar" causing injuries is a true story. Some Allied infantrymen mistakenly assumed that the launcher's curve plate was propped on the leg to fire and there...
  37. thats a interresting personal item a WWI soldier would have carried in his pocket.
  38. they look like they have been recently polished? usually they have a dark patina, but they look nice like that too on the bookshelf.
  39. Thanks Chrisnp, most of my compasses all date from the WW1 era through the Vietnam War era, my newest compass is dated Mar 1975 just one month before the Fall of Saigon.
  40. The Bormann appears to be an early version of a powder train type fuze
  41. the guy in your photo looks younger and smaller than Sgt York notice the real Sgt York has older looking eyes? and he also looks larger with broader shoulders, the guy in the photo looks younger an...
  42. I agree with JamesC , it's a very nice example of a US issue M1 helmet as used in the Vietnam war, these were usually used with a camo helmet cover , and are very easy to get on ebay if you ever wante...
  43. your info is excellent for reference, makes it more interesting when you know the history of something
  44. excellent info Chrinp!
  45. I heard many of the NK bayonets were exported to the Cubans and used in Grenada, they were common souvenirs brought back to the US by soldiers and some made their way to the US via foreign surplus.
  46. that does make sense, then the soldier would not need to remove the bayonet during cleaning & reloading I also think the shape might give more power to the blade if used as a side arm like a sword,...
  47. fortapache, yes, these are much more useful than a spike bayo, a soldier can use a knife style bayonet as a tool for general use like a pocket knife or use it for self defense, more useful and practical
  48. Thanks Blunderbuss2, I like the sleek design of the German M56, it looks modern for a helmet originally designed back in WWII , it almost has a futuristic Star Wars look?
  49. very interesting combat used helmet! he was very lucky the helmet helped deflect the bullet and probably saved his life, the helmet did it's job.
  50. the Polish Wz50 seems to be one of the most common steel helmets used by Iraq, they must have received a large supply of export helmets from Poland, they also used the Polish Wz63 para helmet
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