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Mk2. Home front FIRE. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2, Malta Camo w/ R.A. Flashes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
German M35 DD - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 Ambulance Driver - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
MK2 No.2C Home Guard - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 No.2C Stretcher Party - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 No.2C Medical Officer - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 No.2B Home Guard - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 Gas Identification Officer - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk1* RASC - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Nice Mk1 HSRAC.
  2. Nice little helmet these, & quite hard to find. Mine is made by ACME, & is stamped as such, think yours was made by them too.
  3. Nice Mk1*, Mk1 chin strap lugs, Mk1 chin strap, & if ever the words Dunkirk helmet were to be used then this is it. The "M" I'm sure donates that the rim is magnetic & not the whole helmet, try a ma...
  4. Post WW2, the shell would be an M1.
  5. A post war US M1 liner.
  6. A very nice & rare combination of private purchase, hessian cover & net.
  7. An nice good example Mark.
  8. Stunning!!!!
  9. I wondered who got this lovely Mk1*, well done. That's why I said refurbished 1937-39ish, as I have seen a few with 1940 dated liners so can't be exact with the date. Standard paint scheme from 193...
  10. These were called an Mk1*, refurbished WW1 helmet shells. Done 1937-39ish. So the insignia would have been applied early WW2, then sometime during the war the white with an R. Always nice to see Mk...
  11. I know a lot of collectors weren't sure about this helmet, but I couldn't fault it. A nice rare helmet.
  12. Lovely looking NFS helmet, M.W will most likely be a large business in the area who had enough employees to have their own fire brigade.
  13. A very desirable helmet, & especially with all that info to go with it.
  14. Royal army service corps, & another nice helmet.
  15. Nice looking helmet, yellow/red Royal Armoured corps. The service No. is for the general service corps.
  16. EC&Co (E. Camelinat & Co Ltd) I posted up one here 6 months ago, same maker.
  17. Really nice, not sure if it is just an Messenger, or part of the PAMS ( Police Auxilliary Messenger Service) mostly people aged between 16 & 18 yrs old.
  18. Lovely G&S.
  19. Neat, never seen one before.
  20. What a beauty.
  21. Nice helmet, looks like a size 7 3/4's as there are no rubber buffers on the head band.
  22. The colour I'm sure is Dutch CD, but what's quite interesting is the fixing for the liner. Not seen that before, but then again I'm not really up on Dutch helmets.
  23. WD might be for the maker William Dobson, the liner & chin strap looks like the Dutch type used early war. Maybe they used up these until 1955-56 when the Dutch started making the Mk2 clone?
  24. A really nice helmet of the 6th Middlesex HG, I have No.7 & 3.
  25. Not my field the US M1, but it does look to be WW2 issue.
  26. Outstanding NFS Mk2.
  27. Great lid, pretty sure the net is a WW2 South African made one, which are very rare & hard to get. The Brits, & also NZ, & Oz troops are seen with these nets.
  28. If you look at Petey's white Police helmet with the three pips to the front from 3 months ago, you will see this one has the Mk2 chin strap lugs which is on a Mk2 helmet. Not sure if there are any M...
  29. The chin strap lugs are the Mk3's which came into use in 1939, pretty sure all Mk1* had the Mk1 & Mk2 chin strap lugs. But it's the near perfect roundness of the shell which makes this a Mk2, the Mk...
  30. I don't think it's a Mk1*, they were WW1 helmets refurbished in 37-39ish. This one looks like a Mk2, are there any markings on the shell?
  31. A nice rare HSDR, I wondered if it was going to be you that beat me to it, well done. Did you have to replace one of the nut & bolts, if so snip off the end of the bolt, they are like that on all of...
  32. One 1 1/2" red band translates to a company officer, obviously promoted from a section leader who had 2 red bands. Haven't seen a black band before but looks good.
  33. A nice BMB raw edge, only used on the home front. The number on the inside rim might be for a fireman as a lot of these raw edge helmets seem to have been used by the NFS.
  34. RPR, Repair Party Roads, it's had an interesting service life.
  35. The flash looks very similar to the 8th anti-aircraft Div, but it had an red 8 pointed star to indicate a shell burst. The 5th AA Div had 5 flames coming from a crashing plane. Got to be one of them...
  36. Great condition Fibre rim DR, shame about the rim. They were only produced for a short period in 1942.
  37. It's a Dutch Mk2 clone produced in 1956, the VB stands for Verernigde Blikfabrieken (United Tin Factories)
  38. I think it was the Norwegians who converted these helmets post war, you see the Mk1 & Mk2 para helmets converted in this way.
  39. Semper means, always, so honor honour or honesty or a word similar. Pretty sure the helmet is a home front & not army issue. But still very nice all the same.
  40. Is there a date on the shell or on the Mk3 liner? The shell looks like a BMB made one.
  41. I know a white band like that on the NFS was for an assistant area officer, so might be the same for the AFS.
  42. Is there a date/maker name on the visor, can't remember if these were made by BMB?
  43. When I saw this for sale I thought you might go for it, well done.
  44. Yep, pretty sure it is hand painted or might have been a transfer that had worn thin & was then over painted.
  45. There are some great helmets here, which is good for first time collectors of helmets as they can see what to look for & not what to look for. As there are more & more fakes coming onto the market, wh...
  46. A nice helmet, the red band normally donates a Company Officer.
  47. The decal will be post war, I think it was 47 or 48 they reverted back to County brigades.
  48. Not a clue what L stands for, what services would L be, Lights? G= gas, W=water, E= electricity, R= roads, S= sewage. The helmet though I think is a private purchase one, the chin strap lugs are fit...
  49. Awesome helmet, & being red most likely for fire.
  50. Would it be Rescue Service?
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