I'm an award winning author and graphic artist, collecting rare and extremly rare original vintage Type 1 Grace Kelly photographs. istvan@sapphireguardian.comI'm an award winning author and graphic artist, collecting rare and extremly rare original vintage Type 1 Grace Kelly photographs. (Read more)


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Guardian Grace - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Flirtation Dance - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Rosebuds - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Hello There! - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Grace Kelly Portfolio Photo (1951) - Photographsin Photographs
Gift of an Angel - Photographsin Photographs
Sapphire Guardian Twin Katana Blades - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Grace Kelly Promo Photo (1956)  - Photographsin Photographs
Naomi Watts Authentic Hand-Signed Photo (2007) - Photographsin Photographs
Charlize Theron Authentic Hand-Signed Photo (2011) - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Beautiful photo. :)
  2. Happy New Year, Everyone! You all stay safe and have a great 2015!
  3. You're welcome. :) And yes, this one and Hello There are the more common ones. The "Flirtation Dance" is actually the very rare one.
  4. Walksoftly. I've uploaded the three Jules Erbit lithos what I have. You may find them here. :)
  5. Lovely picture. :)
  6. Nice one. I also have a few Jules Erbit vintage prints. I should scan them. :) By the way, a tiny note. Jules Erbit wasn't an American Illustrator. He was a Hungarian illustrator who have lived in the...
  7. Thank you AGH, Jewels, Walksoftly and Racer. I'm glad you love her. :)
  8. Thanks Phil! Merry Christmas to you as well. :)
  9. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you as well! :)
  10. Ah, a real beauty. I have a Continental (Serial #218857) in perfect condition. She was made in 1939.
  11. Thanks Sean! And Merry Christmas to you as well! :)
  12. Thank you Jewels, AGHCollect, Sean, Manikin and Vetraio. :)
  13. My one is an older Prada Sport SPS-52ES. This one;
  14. Prada is a pretty good sunglass. One of my sunglasses is also Prada.
  15. Yes, it's definitely the U.S.S. Kearsarge, a Mohican-class sloop-of-war.
  16. I know this feeling. I also love the waiting and the daily excitement of checking the mailbox for my vintage portraits. And I love when something has a great story. The story is the essence. And this ...
  17. Nice collection. :)
  18. They're gorgeous. Welcome to CW! :)
  19. And mystery solved! I was right. 1951 is the winning date, just as I suspected since the beginning. :) Here is the very same photo, dated to 1951.
  20. True. She is in safe now, along with all the other photos. But I still feel great regret. :(
  21. Thanks. Unfortunately when she has arrived there was an accident, caused by me. In the package the photo was filled with safety tapes, plus had an enclosed safety sleeve. And while I thought it's a si...
  22. P.S.: This is the aforementioned High Noon publicity photo, which was taken in 1952.
  23. Thanks Phil. First I also thought for that LIFE 1953 photo series, but she doesn't have any earrings here, plus her face on this photo is also a bit younger. This is a model video which was taken betw...
  24. Thank you, Sean! And yes, she is absolutely stunning. :)
  25. Thank you, Roy. I'm glad you like it. :)
  26. Happy 75th Birthday, my little typewriter. :)
  27. Yes, she is and she looks much more beautiful in real life. :)
  28. One true guardian of the soldiers. :)
  29. It looks great! And yes, for the first glass, the stone is presumably glass. But regardless of it, its a beautiful piece of jewelry. I definitely like its unique shape.
  30. Thank you Mankini, Geo26e, Musikchoo, Phil, Jewels, Vetraio and Tom!
  31. Thank you, Sean!
  32. Thank you! I'm glad you like her! :)
  33. It's either a "holy water sprinkler" or a "honey spoon". I've a similar honey spoon that with you can carry the honey from jar to the bread and this reminds me for that the most.
  34. Great photo! And Phil did a truly amazing job with it!
  35. Yep. Her home was at Henry Ave 3901 (and its still stands there), which is the corner corner of Henry Ave. and West Coulter St., near the McMichael Park in East Falls, Philadelphia. Furthermore the ho...
  36. Thank you to all of you! :)
  37. Thank you to all of you! :)
  38. You're welcome and I'm glad it was able to give you a nostalgic feeling. If any piece of my tiny collection is capable to give a good feeling or a smile to the viewers, I believe it is already worth s...
  39. Time may pass, even a hundred year or so, but beauty still stands. Amazing photo!
  40. A real angel. :)
  41. The best is that I've acquired it alongside with her 1955 award winning photo, so this picture, with the other one is also a nice contrast in the album, like a "Before / After" photo series.
  42. P38 Lightning is the first one, and presumably P40 Warhawk is the other two.
  43. Phil. Yep, I know that ad and I also love it. Gracie's CGI is close to perfect, plus Charlize is my favorite present day actress.
  44. Beautiful pictures. Each has perfectly caught the atmosphere of the era.
  45. You're welcome. And yes, Lady Gracie is a beautiful angel in my eyes. :)
  46. I'm glad you like it. Check out all the other photos of her in the collection. There are plenty rare ones. :)
  47. It's definitely not a B25 Mitchell. The Mitchell's has a double tail with a special vertical stabilizer, while this one has a single tail. Presumably this one is a A26 Marauder. That one has a similar...
  48. Yes. A beautiful, interesting, talented and very intelligent woman, who has fought against all odds so hard to achieve her dream, to be a recognized and known actress. But just as you said, karma has ...
  49. It's truly beautiful. I love it!
  50. Truly beautiful! :)
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