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1966-aberfan disaster, 21 st october-'events of the 1960s'. - Booksin Books
1919- old postcards- Birmingham England. - Photographsin Photographs
U.K. Coin sets from 1970/5/6. - World Coinsin World Coins
1973-old postcards- Nelson city- New Zealand. - Postcardsin Postcards
1986-old Birmingham-new Lord Mayors show. - Photographsin Photographs
1950s/1960s-camera collection-collected over 40 years. - Camerasin Cameras
1966-pathe news-world events-vhs video cassette. - Electronicsin Electronics
1966-the world cup-vhs video cassette. - Footballin Football
tecsun, pl-680, multiband radio, fm/am/sw/ssb/bfo/air band. - Radiosin Radios
1961 to 1964- ricoh auto 66, twin lens camera, instructions manual. - Camerasin Cameras


  1. Thanks all for loves and comments- at that time I was working on the post office telephone service as trannie telephone engineer earning £14 a week.
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  3. Hi again kenoyergirl- apparently I also missed a hot summer in the uk as I left in the April and returned end of August and it was there winter in New Zealand which is opposite seasons to us in the uk...
  4. Hi again - well actually I got used to the rough voyage from Southampton to Auckland so I had overcome sea sickness and it never bothered me but I remember that quite a few people were in fact they ha...
  5. Thanks for your comment- see also you tube were I made a slide show of the hurricane that hit the boat just as we left Miami it shows photographs of the waves coming over the the decks see you tube - ...
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  11. Thanks all for your interest, although in the uk, dab radio and Internet radio is taking over the fm , am and long wave bands I can still get 26 fm stations here in Birmingham.
  12. My father had one in the 1960s, he smoked 40 embassy a day, he bought it from new , I think it was in 1966
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  19. Thanks all for interest and comments, I live in the lady wood part of Birmingham about 3 to 4 miles away from the destruction area, I remember the sky went dark and there was heavy rain and hail with ...
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  21. Thanks fortapache, I remember these shops in the 1970s and 1980s, one was on the bridge link to the old bull ring shopping centre, they also stocked Tandy trs 80 computers.
  22. Thanks coke 1234, the 7000 came after this in 1968, it was a much better model with separate bass and treble controls a battery/tuning meter and better reception.
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  24. Forgot to mention, on top of the tv set I bought that month an Atari video games console which plugged into the back of the tv, it cost a total of £200 with some games, it had the computer keyboard an...
  25. Thanks all-the tv set is a 1975 grundig 26 inch, with a 1984 Ferguson video star vhs video recorder underneath, the stereo system is a 1980 tandy Realistic system with stereo tuner and amplifier and v...
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  32. At least back then I had all my hair, wasn't smoking and did not wear glasses!
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  36. Thanks for interest and comments, first time I have used it since last summer about 8 months, lost 3 games today , so put it away again. Not used much now as technology has moved on after 25 years nam...
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  43. Thankyou geo26e-the book states that the photos were taken in October 1975-probably on a Sunday , as you say in the early morning.
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