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Uk coins 1791-1967. - World Coinsin World Coins
1966-78, years to remember-vhs video cassettes. - Electronicsin Electronics
Holiday photos from the early 1950s-Great Britain. - Photographsin Photographs
1945-1995, end of ww2-50th anniversary coin set. - World Coinsin World Coins
1961-old Birmingham-alum rock-sladefield road. - Photographsin Photographs
1966-my first 35 mm camera-halina paulette electric. - Camerasin Cameras
2009-royal britannia silver coin set - World Coinsin World Coins
1974-amateur photographer magazine-new equipment-photokina. - Paperin Paper
2014-seiko gold plated mens solar powered watch. - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
2014-citizen gold plated mens eco-drive solar powered watch. - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


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  9. Replying-it has a rechargeable cell like aa batteries which charge up with a charger
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  22. Thanks all- in April 1969 I started as a cost clerk at the triumph motor company in bordesley green Birmingham , the company made the triumph herald and triumph spitfire car bodies. These were then s...
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  25. Reply to vintagefran , I sold it when I retired 2 years ago aged 65, as you don't get much pension in Britain and costs are going up all the while like gas and electric rent car insurance and so on, s...
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  36. actually, my parents had something like this back in the 1960s in the living room i remember my father used it for putting loose change in it after shopping, i think it came from the art-deco period o...
  37. thanks pops52-actually the camera cost £180 new with the f1.4 lens-10 weeks wages for me as in the april of 1969 i started work as a cost clerk with the triumph motor company in bordesley green birmin...
  38. Hi retrolad-replying to your comment. It has a built in selium light meter, no battery required , you cannot get film any more as it uses standard 8 film which was discontinued in the late seventies. ...
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  44. thanks inky for comment-have a look on street view at 85 gospel lane, acocks green and they are all new houses along that road-ive got one taken in her back garden in 1981-will see if i can find it
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  47. thanks inky-actually there was the old ww2 air raid shelter in the back garden still there in 1982 when i last visited as she died in 1984 aged 85. she was a hoarder!! she had magazines and newspaper...
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  50. thanks roycroftbooksfromme1-actually it was expensive to run as clients were coming in taxis, minibuses and buses all paid for by council and there were social workers benefit advisers, canteen staff...
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