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grammas suitcase skippy and moppet - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Girls can fix stuff too just ask Niper - Advertisingin Advertising
105.2...and I keep digging and digging  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Amazement and mistery #105 thanks Gramma - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Gene Autry six shooter 4kerry from gramma - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. oh my my goodness... you!! have written me before and commented on my grammas watch collection she left me.....can you email ... I have a bradley mickey mouse sports watch soccer player like yours...i...
  2. this is allot of work to post here.... i appreciate all input and if it is enjoyable for me to go thru all the efforts to share these... That and my brain will pop I cant stand it when I cant find tru...
  3. well I am quiet sure they are somewhere..... but Kerry>? or anyone seen one like my john travolta sat nite fever wrtistwatch...thanks much to all..
  4. very nice.. and thanks for the comment I dont get to check here often but I will check in !!!!
  5. thanks very much bratjdd!!!
  6. wr. here ..wow thanks for love from london.. nipper and I say thanks amazing pieces!
  7. yepp ..probly tooo much information.. ! rather shop for things like you buy!! the Laboratories'' I am not a mad scientist..not yet anyway... ha! That was the first start of grandparents business as w...
  8. Dr......wow Pepto// as Peptobismol''..in a glass tube..fantastic....!! I have tube knowledge...that is for sure..except mine are vacuum tubes! about 200 from the 40' thru the 60'..many in original r...
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Bradley Animated Mickey Soccer Watch 105.2...and I keep digging and digging 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Pocket Watch - No. 2 L.LEWIS OCEAN SCENERY WATERCOLOR PAINTING


posted 1 month ago