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southern maryland

Lynn here. Been collecting mickey since 11 years of age. Slowly gathering better pieces as i age!


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  1. question...is the crystal glass or plastic on yours? I think mine might be plastic. Would that be right for this watch?
  2. Amazing!
  3. Kerry.... HELLO there! Remember me? I haven't forgotten about you... I recently bought one of these pocket watches...super excited with it, as its in fantastic condition! Now I just need a box and...
  4. Did they make a reproduction of this watch?
  5. Got it. Thank you so much!
  6. Kerry...I am very pleased with what you've done. I am overly excited to get it back and display it with all my others. If I ever get my hands on a set of "mickey hands" for this watch....I will have...
  7. I have a couple of these knives and I've also heard they were fantasy. But never had proof to prove the rumor. Can anyone prove this theory?
  8. I just posted it Kerry...
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1936-37 Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch and Packaging Mickey Lapel Watches


posted 13 days ago