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Levittown, New York

Since I was a teenager my greatest pastime was to go with my sister to one antique store to another, which we would spend hours in each store. I always had the loSince I was a teenager my greatest pastime was to go with my sister to one antique store to another, which we would spend hours in each store. I always had the love for many vintage and antique things. Such as dolls, perfume bottles, teapots/cups, art etc. However, it was my sister who was the big collector and buyer. I just enjoyed going with her and browsing around. Now, I mostly find myself looking on the website for things I love and even occasionally buying. (Read more)


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Lander's Perfume Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
My Cute Little Furbies - Animalsin Animals
Ceramic Figurine Elephant - Animalsin Animals
Lincoln-Kennedy Penny - US Coinsin US Coins
Paper Money - Asianin Asian
Perfume Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Perfume Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Evening in Paris Cologne - Bottlesin Bottles
Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Centennial Commission Certificate - Paperin Paper
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  1. Real Pretty!!!!
  2. Just love it!!!!
  3. Super piece of history!!!!!
  4. I too love the roses and birds. VERY PRETTY!!!!!
  5. Pretty photo!!!!
  6. Meow Meow!! That's means " LOVE IT"!!!!
  7. Just so ADORABLE!!!!
  8. WOW! an another WOW! IT IS JUST SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  9. Love all the colors and artwork!!!!
  10. Really Pretty!!!!
  11. Oh wait Mani, I guess you are 'older' than me, because I don't remember that hair dryer. LOL
  12. LOL. That is just so CUTE!!!!!
  13. WOW I also just notice the cat picture, "Is that a real kitten"? It is adorable.
  14. Love them sooo pretty!!!!
  15. Hi Agram.m, REAL PRETTY!!! Hope all is fine by you. I had to leave my house due to hurricane Sandy for a couple of weeks, but all is fine now.
  16. I too know nothing about them, but they're soooo cute!!!!!!
  17. Just love them. So PRETTY!!!!!
  18. I was just about to write the almost the same thing that BELLIN68 wrote. So here goes: Great Coloring and Beautiful Art Work
  19. Absolutely Beautiful!!! Love all of them!!!!!
  20. Love it! I thought Steiff only did Teddy Bears
  21. I'll have a Root Beer Float. It's the only soda I like.
  22. Love them!!!!
  23. Just got back home yesterday, had to leave due to hurricane Sandy. I am going to see if my friend in Arizona knows or can find out anything about your blanket.
  24. Very Pretty!!!!!
  25. Love it Mani! In my teens my greatest past-time was sewing. I had loved designing and making my own patterns. (of course, not as good as Simplicity) By the way because of hurricane Sandy, I had to l...
  26. Very Nice! One of my best friends happens to be Native American, I will see if maybe she will know something about it.
  27. Sorry I disagree with you, I think she is Beautiful!!!!!
  28. Mani, First that was very nice of walksoftly to let you put it on his post, but I certainly can see why. I said it before and I will say it again.... 'You Are One Talented Lady'. That is the cutest vi...
  29. Yes I did notice the log cabins in front, love them. Where I grew up there was one in my town that was over 100 years old. It was absolutely beautiful.
  30. Hi Mani, I just spotted your above message. Wow that's neat!!! I have to check that out. Thanks for information. But Wait, "Do you think I should put it on Ebay for $2,500. LOL. Believe it or not the...
  31. What a Beautiful Platter!!!!!!
  32. Very Very Pretty!!!!
  33. Very Nice Walksoftly!!! Mani, I Loved the video and also the song. Where do you find such cute video's. If you add me, I am without a doubt 'Dizzy". lol
  34. Hi Mani, I just re-read my comment. Glad you understood what I meant. I see I left out the word "a" . lol Hope all is well by you. Things here have been a bit crazy for me. My friend is back in th...
  35. Hi Mani, You're Welcome! I really think the manikin is so pretty. What a nice collection you have.
  36. Very Pretty!!!! Love it!!!! I have one that's like yours, also from Germany. Only mind is packed away needs to be fixed.
  37. WOW!!! Such PRETTY & GREAT MANIKINS!!!! How many Do you Have?
  38. What a beautiful manikin, I just love it!!!
  39. Hi AmberRose, I just now had seen what I typed above. I meant to say "A Real Nice "KODAK PICTURE" (not kodax). I really am losing it!!! LOL
  40. Hi Mani, Just spotted this LOVE IT!!! I also missed Bordens great taste bottled milk.
  41. It looks like a Charles Wysocki needle point. Very Pretty
  42. I just absolutely love it!!!!!!
  43. Love the middle one~!!!!!
  44. kerry I just notice above what I wrote. What I had meant to say is 'I wish all the best for you and your LOVE ones. Sometimes I type to fast and I don't pay attention to what I'm typing. lol
  45. Thank you AmberRose & miKKoChristmas11 for the nice comments
  46. Thank you BELLIN68
  47. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  48. Love the first picture.
  49. Cute little kitten, but I also LOVE the ones you feed. lol
  50. Soooo Cute!!!!!!
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