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I've been a collector of many things for alot of years. Knives, guns, axes, tomahawks, glassware, toys, spurs, coins. I also handmake knives and tomahawks. Dabbling I've been a collector of many things for alot of years. Knives, guns, axes, tomahawks, glassware, toys, spurs, coins. I also handmake knives and tomahawks. Dabbling in blacksmithing. chinablue is my lovely wife for 32 wonderful years. (Read more)


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  1. One of my top 5 of all time. Right behind Dark Side!
  2. Manikin....Thanks for the love
  3. aghcollect...I'm tardy, but thanks for the love
  4. dlfd911... thanks for the love
  5. Shirley recently passed away. She was a joy to millions of people.
  6. This was told to me by some people on here as CLAD. It's not!
  7. Love me some Marilyn!
  8. If you can drool over a truck...I'm there! Love it!!
  9. Great watch....between 1903-1928.http://elginwatches.org/databases/elgin_sn_intro.html
  10. Yea! Check out mine in my collection. It's like the twin-spin, only single. Love these.
  11. These are cool...Love em
  12. Poop thanks for stopping took me 10 months and i'm sorry but thanks
  13. Packrat thanks
  14. Thanks Jono
  15. Thanks Jono
  16. Thanks for the love fhrjr2
  17. fhrjr2...Interesting. What makes you think so? I've tried to research it, but came up empty
  18. Thanks Jono
  19. Great! Love this stuff.
  20. What a cool piece. Love the older toys
  21. Thanks to all for the love
  22. ttomtucker...Thanks for the love
  23. rhinoman Thanks for the love on this great piece
  24. aeon...thanks very much
  25. I just dressed a deer with this very knife, not an hour ago
  26. I'm very tardy....Thanks to all for the love
  27. bluemax.....thanks for the love
  28. You have such a flair for that...Love it
  29. I love the smell of napalm in the morning!!
  30. Right up our alley, scott. Thanks for posting this great piece.
  31. Thank you trunkman and HandymanTom.
  32. Thank you BELLIN
  33. Thank you miKKo....Sorry for my tardiness
  34. Thanks Tom....The one that vibrates? So much for gridiron strategy.
  35. I found myself staring with my mouth open like an idiot. Love it!
  36. You have top-water fishin' heaven. Love the explosion on the surface. Great display, thanks for sharing! Jimbo
  37. miKKo and chinablue. You two are amazing. You're Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chan rolled into one.
  38. Nice!!!
  39. nsvmom...remember this?
  40. Jackpot, trunkman. I can't tell you how much i love this strongbox. Great job on the refurbishing.
  41. I'm glad you still use it. That's what it's for.
  42. Thank you BELLIN
  43. Thank you miKKo....as usual, your comments are delightful and insightful
  44. An ancester of Charlemagne....
  45. Thanks for the love BELLIN and mustang
  46. Thank you miKKo. Yep, he's a good guy. Now when i see him, we just talk horses. But, not a bad subject. Jimbo
  47. Thanks pw-collector
  48. Thank you BELLIN
  49. blunderbuss2...They were advertised in Boy's Life Magazine and Strait Co. had a catalog. Thanks....Jimbo
  50. Can't remember the names of the characters riding Quickdraw's stagecoach.
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1938 shell tank truck


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