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I collect, restore, and sell Vintage Industrial Lighting, to include porcelain enamel gas station lights, explosion proofs, and vintage street lights. All vintage I collect, restore, and sell Vintage Industrial Lighting, to include porcelain enamel gas station lights, explosion proofs, and vintage street lights. All vintage industrial design fascinates me...Industrial fans, soap dispensers, industrial carts... Have questions about industrial lighting? email me! (Read more)


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Mole Richardson Type 205 Pan Light w/ Tripod - Lampsin Lamps
High Voltage Radial Wave - Lampsin Lamps
Red Enamelled Radial Wave - Lampsin Lamps
Black Enamel Radial Wave - Lampsin Lamps
New England Radials - Lampsin Lamps
Green Radial Wave  Street Light (side mount) - Lampsin Lamps
Benjamin Explosion Proof with Robitic Mounting Arm - Lampsin Lamps
Explosion Proof Enamel w/ Custom Gooseneck Mount! - Lampsin Lamps
Holophane Explosion Proof Acorn - Lampsin Lamps
Benjamin Explosion Proof Light - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Right?!? Well, I finally heard back from Mole-Richardson. It turns out these are much more rare than I thought. There were only about 100 of this model made, from 1928 - 1930! I'm going back to cal...
  2. Now, don't get me wrong... there is Nothing better designed or built than an original Jielde articulating industrial lamp. I know, I also own one. Absolutely unbelievably way too cool. However, your...
  3. No kidding. I'm waiting to hear from Mole Richardson, who are still in business, for more info on these bad boys. As to the tag- seeing the serial # so low is just amazing - and the others may be sequ...
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  12. This color, I believe, is not found often. If I'm not mistaken its gray with a slight blue tinge? Nice standard dome shape. And despite appearances, should clean up nicely- try some very fine steel wo...
  13. Most of the lights shown are Explosion Proof "Advertising" Lights - lights that when mounted angle the light back toward the building or sign. Explosion Proof's are characterized by heavy, large top h...
  14. This is a Porcelain Enamel Service Station light. Referred to by collectors as a harp service / gas station light, for the brackets holding up the shade. Very sought after by Petroliana collectors. Gr...
  15. So, what I've found is Mazdalux was a british manufacturer of commercial lighting back in the day. I was not able to find any information regarding the model of light you have. however, going by the s...
  16. I see it was mounted to a wooden post - that would lead me to believe it was not a street light. But it could have been used for some other commercial industrial purpose. Then again, the fixture head ...
  17. Hmm, that might have potential. So, that ring on the left is the mount. And all three rings articulate? I would trash the cheap socket, add a small enamel shade, then secure a paddle porcelain socket....
  18. Actually, check out the gray steel Benjamin explosion proof with the cage I posted a few months ago - That is what the head of yours looks like fully assembled.
  19. Hi Denny, Too many other projects going on!
  20. Well, you wont find anything currently made that has the same thread size. I've gone down that search and found the thread is unique to the fixture and not a standard NPT size. So, unfortunately they ...
  21. Mystery Solved! These are vintage Explosion Proof Lights. However, they are missing half their hardware (the top half). Made by Benjamin Electric back in the 30's/40's. See my Show & Tell for what the...
  23. Nice! And yes, so often this cool lighting is just thrown in the scrap yard... I see this was categorized as Petroliana. And although its plausible yours came from a gas station, these can so easil...
  24. Very cool. Can you tell me more about the name or the company that used it? Regards, Matt
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