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I enjoy collecting many different things but love coin-op, petroliana, and medical. I have alot of foot/shoe related items as it is part of what I do professionally.I enjoy collecting many different things but love coin-op, petroliana, and medical. I have alot of foot/shoe related items as it is part of what I do professionally. I also have a collection of antique medical items and especially electro-medical "quack" devices. I love junking/picking with my kids and all 3 of them really enjoy it. (Read more)


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Russian Icon - Visual Artin Visual Art
Dr Scholl Foot Comfort Appliance poster - Advertisingin Advertising
US Army cabinet - Furniturein Furniture
Nabisco Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Funny Sign - Signsin Signs
Coke thermometer...rough but cool - Signsin Signs
Barqs root beer sign - Signsin Signs
Nesbitts Nesburger cardboard sign - Signsin Signs
Donald Duck bread sign - Signsin Signs
Squirt sign - Signsin Signs


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  3. I have no idea what its value is....I am guessing more than the original $12.50! There are a couple on ebay now that are around $50
  4. great story Michael, love it
  5. LaurenStrawn An antique dealer I trust put a value of about $40 on this piece
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  14. Cool. Ejw would you like me to send you one of these?
  15. Thanks Popcorn. I think I had tried to contact you about doing a popcorn restoration for someone some time ago. I believe they were able to reach you
  16. Hillsville, Va Labor Day festival....thousands of vendors...city wide sales, hundreds of thousands come to it annually.
  17. I finally got around to framing this pretty lady, here is the link http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/78329-nichol-kola-girl-framed
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  19. the plate works as one of the electrodes and would have a clip of some sort for the wires to connect to it. The plate was generally used for treatment of the foot by placing the foot down onto the pla...
  20. THANKS FOR THE LINK, I love the cubs score card.
  21. your email got kicked back, I tried it at the address on your main page you can email me if you get a chance, it is jamie@footrx.com
  22. That is awesome gargoylecollector, thank you! It appears to be about 2 1/4" diameter in the dispenser opening. They will be small cups/cones, yes I expect it was probably cones originally. Email on i...
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  24. Early 60s was what I was guessing, thanks again Kerry. I was manufactured in 1963 and I think this can is holding up better than I am LOL
  25. Merry Christmas to you also Bellin, and thanks for the love Designer EJW-54 ttomtucker Longings trukn20 and Michael
  26. Kerry the can came today, LOVE it! thank you. Perfect timing, today is my birthday so it was my first present of the day :) Will try to get some photos of it later and post them here thanks again, ...
  27. not yet, I will watch for it today!
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  30. Awesome, I love it Kerry!
  31. I think you are pretty close on the value estimate. Depending on condition 300-900
  32. Hi Kerry, yes we still collect some cans. My son James especially likes em.
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