Enid, Oklahoma

Collected old things since a kid, just what ever catches my eye at the time. Love all old cars and have had many of them, started out restoring old VW's being that Collected old things since a kid, just what ever catches my eye at the time. Love all old cars and have had many of them, started out restoring old VW's being that my first car was a Karmann Ghia. Also I'm a artist and for a living I have a Sign business called Signs on a Dime. (Read more)


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  1. I should of keep it, but it had a lot of lower rust, more than I wanted to pay someone to fix, but went to a good home.
  2. Found them on a old bike that someone had added them to, sold the bike kept the handle bars and put on this bike, have some ram horn handle bars also. You can find the ones pictured on ebay at times f...
  3. Never ending, have more plans, building a office/art studio out back to match the house, new fence, new roof and other changes as i have time, labor of love.
  4. Thank you, it has some nice old would work etc. If I can get some good lighting to show the details I would, Pictures other wise just do the inside no justice.
  5. No stock yet, but know there's several people wanting me to make them. :)
  6. Funny you mention that, at night I flip a switch and it has neon green lighting that glows below the bike along with a Red Taillight that's in the shape of Rat Fink.
  7. Yep a wheelie bar and drag slick tire.
  8. Only when you ride very fast :)
  9. Thanks :)
  10. Long gone
  11. Yep, my house that I've been restoring and love the old place. :) I think I'll keep my day job LOL
  12. Great, I'm busy enough with my day job. LOL
  13. Thanks Everyone :)
  14. LOL, I bet I would. :)
  15. The place had a rather large collection of vintage lights but my wife collects Kewpie's so this "Brighten" her day. :)
  16. Yep Micah has me beat by far and I'm not sure where I'll put them all as i run out of space but see a new building in the near future. :)
  17. That's a Cool Seat Manikin
  18. Don't think I've heard of a AirWing, Just looked it up and found nothing, maybe post some photos.
  19. I've always enjoyed them since a kid my self and now I have many of them. Glad you enjoyed :)
  20. Never seen such a............"Cooler" Collection :)
  21. Found some one that has bars like this listed as, WALD COLUMBIA MACH 3 BICYCLE HANDLE BARS
  22. Rebuild of the bike is coming along rather nicely.
  23. And all I did was give her a bath and put air in the tires. :)
  24. Posted a new photo of her all cleaned up toolate2
  25. And that's just a few, have some more in other posting and it looks like more to come, have a guy that keeps bringing them to me also. Just a fun new project as if I need any more projects.
  26. That I have man, been so busy with my sign company and just not as much time to go treasure hunting.
  27. Yep George and several more not in this photo, plus more coming. :)
  28. Don't need another, just picked up one today that I posted here.
  29. Any time
  30. Well finders keepers, you can't have it back. :)
  31. Kerry where ever you parked it, it must of sat there till the tires rotted off and some one had the heart to put it in a attic. :)
  32. Almost went to the sale to buy that bike, I heard about it before the sale when they took it to the bike shop to get a appraisal, Micah told them $200.
  33. Thanks Bellin68, they do fit the style, only marking they have is ITALY.
  34. Glad you like and hope your able to get yours.
  35. Thanks Ted
  36. I have one just like it on my page, it now rests in my back yard and is a heavy beast with about 4 feet of pipe below it.
  37. It would be from the 50's I had one exactly like it as a kid, found it with my metal detector at my parents home that was built in 1947.
  38. Funny story epson.
  39. Thanks Man, And Merry Christmas to you.
  40. Just down the street from me George :) would see it every morning when driving by and thought it was kind of interesting.
  41. You Bet, glad to help :)
  42. You can copy it, Right Click on it and hit copy.
  43. Have one of these on my page also George.
  44. Thanks, now the question is, will I ever get around to doing anything with it.
  45. Thanks Packrat, I tend to wonder if it was worth the $2 since now I'll have over $100 in parts but it was a fun project, after riding it I discovered the rear wheel is bent.
  46. Thanks DinoMan
  47. Thanks Gearpunk
  48. Did you get this at the same sale I went to, I bought a green boys bike and was told someone bought a box of parts with sissy bars etc.
  49. Being more into cars I'm sure I would.
  50. I can't make out the first part, last part is (Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corporation)
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