I am a painting contractor and do all types of painting & fancy faux finishes..My hobby is collecting I love all types of collectables fishing radios militarI am a painting contractor and do all types of painting & fancy faux finishes..My hobby is collecting I love all types of collectables fishing radios military stuff old toys comic books. jewlry advertising signs.coca-cola stuff bottles hot wheels staind glass.LOOK AND SEE I hope you like (Read more)


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chiles tasco carved onyx myan ? Please help - Visual Artin Visual Art
Sun And Stars linen ? - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Handmade tie dye ? - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
I.W.Harper whiskey  - Bottlesin Bottles
tribal ring? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
 old dental mold and teeth 
 old soda can collection - Advertisingin Advertising
Diet pepsi light - Advertisingin Advertising
keane picture - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Iv never seen another sign just like this one has anyone else?
  2. Here this is for you kerry?
  3. Hi Yes I have all old daredevil and fantastic four some old action and old adverture .I have some old 10 cent batman.tales of suspence I have the first layout of iron man 39.Silver surfer first isues....
  4. Open up wide. It wont hurt?
  5. This needs to be in my house.They are great decor and nice to protect your valubles from the cat.
  6. Thannks modernscavenger And thanks feliciageoff Soon comics will just be a thing of the past.
  7. Thanks shottims Isee you have good tast in toys.
  8. I have one too and it was in the house when I bought it. Do you know if it has a bar accross inside of banjo base if you remove the back.Im just not sure if mine is a gibson.Someone else said it look...
  9. I have all kinds of comics My favorite artist is jack kirby.
  10. Yes its like my dr pepper sign I have.I never seen one like it.You almost can put your price on it.How bad does some one want it?
  11. Hi timaddog Yes I think the f-1 was intrduced in 1971 by sizzlers.Does your motors in cars still work ? Thanks blair for the love
  12. I have a red one in box also.
  13. Thanks electobacco
  14. I have the set of 8 in original box.Great piece for bar.
  15. nice piece
  16. Yes I have been reading about it more and your rightit is for sure more to it than tie die.It makes me feel like im back in the 60s
  17. Thanks vintagetaker54 Have a great day
  18. Thanks kerry Hope your doing well.
  19. It getting hot out there. I think its time for a mountain dew?
  20. thanks miss clown57
  21. Thanks miss clown
  22. Some pens go for thousands of dollars.Do your research first.Have someone you trust give you apprasal.You dont want to get 1oo dollars for a 1500 pen ? Just thought Id throw in my 2 cents have great day
  23. google search (lumar van lines truk) and on ebay buy it now 49.00 plus 20 for shipping. also your truck is missig the tail gate in the back.
  24. I will. I know there is a lot of stuff in there you cant see.I already said if you want to get closser come over and open wide.
  25. Thanks ben I love my old toys I have a few neat ones on my site.Chck out the yellow 1930 roy cox race car with motor.Thanks again ben
  26. Thanks blair I love my military stuff Too
  27. It still has original price sticker on back fender too.
  28. Thanks cis2you My wife said that. She knew she is 8 years older than me.I told her you knew.Thanks again cis2you
  29. This ring is marked silver.Silver prices are up now Thanks for reading
  30. Does anyone know anything about these linen?Thanks have a great day
  31. Thanks vontrike I knew you would love all this stuff.Please feel free to stop over if you need some dental repair .You see I also have novacane on hand if you think you need it?
  32. Thanks DMK678 Hope you have a great day
  33. Thanks stonesfan1 what kind of itemes do you have?
  34. Thanks bahamaboy This is a great collection.There is a lot of stuff in there.Yes as you can see if you click and enlarge you can see novacane can 2nd shelf and bottom.Also other stuff too.Thanks again...
  35. It is a nice hobnail glass lamp.I have a couple nice lamps on my page too.
  36. Thanks james Hope all is well with you and family.
  37. I thought for sure everyone would love this pic?There is a lot of cool tools in the cabinet.Thanks for looking
  38. thanks MMM Have a great day
  39. Thanks metalman And Thanks MMM
  40. Thanks metalman
  41. Thanks kerry10456
  42. Thanks cody29
  43. Thanks vintagetaker54
  44. Thanks vintagetaker54
  45. Thanks vintagetaker54
  46. Thanks bahamaboy Its not too bad with tornados we are in a protected area kinda.That one thing I did not like about florida was hurricanes.And to hot and muggy.You are prob used to the hot though bein...
  47. It looks like a sward handle can opener.I have a large collection of can openers.Be careful It might be radio active.Ha
  48. How much do they go for ?
  49. Thankyou yardsalemama and everyone else I did not thank before her It happen so fast.A lot of people love this I see wow.
  50. I have one just like this I did not know what it was .Thanks for posting and saying.
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