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Interested in antique and vintage sewing machines, and items related to Dewhurst & Sons cotton mfr Skipton UK.


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  1. Is it worth restoring - sure if you want to. It's already cosmetically challenged and it's not a terribly rare machine, so if you mean, is it worth restoring to sell for a profit, the answer is probab...
  2. sorry I can't edit that above post, it is a copy and paste from Dave Best's list of American Sewing Machine manufacturers. Look at Foley and Williams.
  3. Foley & Williams Manufacturing Co. 1885 – 1924 ?Factory: Cincinnati, Ohio. ?Offices: 149 W. Sixth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 1891 President: William C. Foley 1902 - 1913 Formerly: H. B. Goodrich...
  5. Nice find. Singer model 15 with Pheasant decals. Where did you find information about the date Tom? What is her serial number? I would expect a machine from 1887 to be a fiddle base.
  6. It appears to be a Singer 327 - on the stitch length surround you may find a model number. It will have a serial number under the machine, stamped into the casting at the bobbin end. 1960's is about r...
  7. I really don't know. A one off machine from America seems unlikely.
  8. Singer 221 aka Featherweight. The 222 is the free-arm version. The 221K was made right through to the 70's but this one is pre-1951. The serial number is stamped into the underside edge at the bobbin ...
  10. Singer 328, a domestic machine. There will be a serial number underneath the edge. Should be able to date the machine from that.
  11. Centennial is just a name added by the seller - anything that says 'Deluxe Precision' will be post WW2. It could be from 1951 taking advantage of the centennial of Singer perhaps. The same style of ...
  12. You'll see many different sewing machines marked Pinnock - a company started in 1891 and was in operation until 1967. They never made machines, all imported and badged.
  13. Also under the machine it will probably have Light Manufacturing Japan markings. These look like J-A or J-C, the J is actually a J and an L combined which makes it look like a -
  14. Any chance of a clearer picture of the main machine body? It's very nice.
  15. Could be Japanese or another south Asian country. India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, probably made in the 60's. Usually unmarked except for the brand name also stamped into the rods underneath.
  16. The Graybar is a National Expert BT. Gray & Barton, the telephone and electrical company started by Enos Barton and Elisha Gray in 1869, became Western Electric in 1872 when Western Union bought in ...
  17. an industrial or home manufacturing machine in the style of a Wheeler and Wilson 12. Singer continued the W&W12 as their 12W after they took...
  18. Singer did not make 'badged' machines or supply machines to other companies to add their own names, these Asian machines used the Singer 15 design after the copyright expired
  19. Made in Taiwan - deluxe precision - Asian machine in the style of a Singer 15- produced in the late 40's early 50's. Not possible to date these unless you find a dated receipt or warranty with them
  20. Your machine is a National Rotary A2. The serial number should be on or under the bobbin cover plate. Dates are not readily available for these. The same machine was sold by Sears as the Damascus. htt...
  21. it's beautiful :)
  22. Your machine is made by the National Sewing Machine Co and is a VB-TT type 5 I think.
  23. Your Improved Faultless is a National machine, a Vindex model.
  24. quiltinrealtor, does your machine look the same as the one above? If it does, search for a HA1 sewing machine manual online
  25. I am reading the serial number as G127014 :)
  26. It looks like a New Home. Can you post a larger photo?
  27. It's a model 27, one from a batch of 50,000 machines commissioned January 8 1910.
  28. the machine will most likely be a National Rotary but can you post a picture? The Y and C could stand for Young and Chaffee
  29. It's a model 28 that was made in 1901 but has had some major cosmetic work done at some stage :) not the original decal. Check eBay and other selling sites for closed auctions to get an idea of value
  30. It is a Singer 27, one of 30,000 commissioned October 26 1909. DobbinDee is correct it has been converted to electric portable, probably at the place which is shown on the sticker
  31. Sorry Scott I missed your comment from 2 years ago (duh) :) The Davis VF mechanism was patented by Job A. Davis in 1866 and they continued to produce it for many years, as late as WW1, but the one pic...
  32. It's a little bit hard to tell about the machine, a clear photo of the whole machine would be helpful :) The Brunswick is most likely a business name at the Paris address. Company names on a machine l...
  33. Adler is a long standing German company with a reputation for fine sewing machines. You could get an idea of value by searching sold items on German eBay
  34. Nice to have the original box. Date from 1920's - there are features that can be used to date these more accurately - has it got numbers around the thread path?
  35. Singer 20-10 - dates from around 1950 Very sweet little machine
  36. can you see any names or markings on the machine that might help narrow down a maker? some makers specialised in certain types of industrial machines
  37. Kohler is a German maker, I would guess the age at around 1900 but some more photos would be helpful
  38. Lovely colour :)
  39. These machines are very hard to identify. You may find letters and numbers stamped into the underside which can provide a clue - look for J-A- or J-C, with a number.
  40. What lovely condition this machine is in :)
  42. As you have discovered this machine is a W G Wilson, not related to Wheeler and Wilson. The Smithsonian has a couple of manuals although not the exact same model
  43. this should help you DebyMolizne
  44. The JC series spans 1948 to 1954 so spot on for a Centennial machine which was in 1951. As I said above, Singer were preparing machines with these badges just prior to 1951 to have plenty of their spe...
  45. It's a Japanese machine quite possibly made by Koyo going by the information on the motor. Are there any markings or numbers under it? It's a reasonably modern machine relatively speaking, not a colle...
  46. This machine is a Free 'New Royal' Model K. There isn't a dating source for these that I know of.
  47. So does it have a JC serial number?
  48. But it does have a Centennial Badge - so it was made just prior to 1951. :) Singer were stockpiling various models for up to 2 years going by these machines and the serial numbers that often show 1949...
  49. Yes it is a 128. It's possible that this machine won't be one from the Kilbowie or Elizabethport factories, which are the only machines that can be dated by Singer's database. The M.R. seems to ind...
  50. It's a model 99 - you can tell by the lack of a rear inspection plate. The machine could date from 1920's to 1950's, impossible to say. They didn't change much in that time.
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