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Interested in antique and vintage sewing machines, and items related to Dewhurst & Sons cotton mfr Skipton UK.


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  1. There are no records for National :( I would say 20's to 30's.
  2. This is a 221 Featherweight. The serial number will be underneath the edge of the base, at the bobbin end.
  3. This is a Singer model 12, it will be pre-1890, and the serial number should be on the stitch length surround. If there are 2 numbers, you use the highest one to date it.
  4. A.G. Mason wasn't a manufacturer, he was an agent. This machine is a White VS.
  5. National Vindex Type 2. There will be a serial number stamped into the machine under the front bobbin cover.
  6. there is some information here
  7. This is a Goodrich Model A machine.
  8. National VBTT type 5.
  9. A National VBTT, this one is the type 1. Improved High Arm. Windsor was a brand sold by Montgomery Wards
  10. This is a National VBTT (vibrator top tension) type 5. Many of the early US makers used leaf tension on the top like this.
  11. Brunswick, badged for Montgomery Wards, an Expert BT by National. Nice cabinet :)
  12. Got your work cut out for you there Ron :) that's a very long way from being a working machine. German pawfoot TS, possibly Clemens Muller?
  13. No factory records were made public for these. If NZ followed Australia's patten, it will be a Kilbowie machine. If you email Singer at they will tell you the factory. They will ...
  14. Perhaps the C is G? G0782745 Would be a batch of model 66 commissioned 8 April 1924 and consistent with a Red eye which as kpgreg has mentioned above were only produced in USA.
  15. i'm pretty sure this machine isn't a Singer. Its a pawfoot most likely German Saxonia that's been refurbished with some Singer decals.
  16. JB 431231 dates to 1941. Its a 15J91
  17. The hinges look like they're hanging on the back of the machine? Round bits. :) For others reference - the best way to remove a treadle from the cabinet is to undo the little grub screws, which are un...
  18. It is a 15J. 15J91 would be the model, having the potted motor on the back. Quite original and in beautiful condition. 1954 is the start date of the JD serial numbers, this one is late 1955.
  19. This is the little Expert BT - serial number will be under the front slide cover. Anne Kusilek known as Damascus Annie has some National data which she has collected for many years. You may be able to...
  20. love the cabinet with the matching stool :) nice 15-91
  21. it's a model 99, and the hole in the front of the case tells us it should have a knee controller. It might be hiding up inside the top of the dome case.
  22. it's a Singer 66 with the decals known as Red Eye. From a batch of 50,000 commissioned June 12 1913. It has the rear attaching accessories (sometimes called back clamping, although they don't clamp) w...
  23. It's a model 66 from a batch commissioned March 17 1909, which has been refinished in it's current gold, by Good Housekeeping. It was probably originally a treadle. The plate with the 1910 patent date...
  24. The latest patent date on a machine, is the earliest a machine can date to, and often they are later. Patent dates were added to machines that could have been for just one small part or mechanism of t...
  25. Model 99, on of a batch of 15,000 commissioned May 19 1925. Here is a link for the manual
  26. This machine is a 201-2. The serial number is behind the bobbin winder spool pin, at the front - it looks like AE4x2583 the second number is obscured by the pin. It will date to 1937 if you can give t...
  27. This machine is a National Rotary. Shapleigh was a hardware company that sold by catalogue. There are no official dating records for National.
  28. The machine will have a serial number under the front bobbin slide cover. The Graybar name dates the machine to post 1925, and I would guess more towards 1940.
  29. This machine is a National Expert BT of a later design. National had quite a long association with Western Electric. Graybar, is the name made up from Gray & Barton, the telephone and electrical comp...
  30. According to this history, Singer had an agency in Brazil as early as 1858
  31. The Kilbowie factory was one of the biggest in the world and exported machines via their sales net work of dealers and agents all over the world.
  32. The K and the serial number show that it was made at the Kilbowie factory near Glasgow in Scotland.
  33. This machine is a National Rotary sold under the name of Hacketts. The same machine shows up as a Damascus and many other badged names.
  34. 49K1 - it is indeed a pleating or kilting machine, for pleating fabric. Part of this batch Y- 3775061 - 3775310, model 49K, batch of 250, commissioned December 16 1925
  35. The 15-125 threads right to left, with the flat side of the needle placed to the left.
  36. This machine is a model 15-125. It has a potted motor like the 15-91, but the updated shape. The serial number will be stamped under the front edge if you lift up the machine. It will date to mid-late...
  37. 99's are sweet little machines and if you're in the right place at the right time can still be found at a good price. That one is the later model with stitch length lever and reverse. If you would li...
  38. Brash's was a department store/appliance retailer in Australia.,5399171 The red 'L' logo below the st...
  39. This machine is a National Rotary model R40. There are no official dating sources for these machines. The style is 1930's/40's
  40. It's not possible to value a sewing machine online with no pictures - even then it's difficult. Sewing machines sell for different prices in different parts of the world and in different parts of the ...
  41. Y- 2811951 3041950, model 15K from a batch of 23,0000 commissioned July 28 1925 at the Kilbowie Factory near Glasgow, Scotland. To find out the value you will need to research what they sell for in yo...
  42. This machine is a model 15. If you can post the serial number I can give you the date for it
  43. The serial number will be on the front edge of the machine under the front bobbin slide cover. There are no official dating records for the National machines. Are you on Facebook? Look for group call...
  44. The Windsor B is a National, sold by Montgomery Wards, it's like the model known as Improved Eldredge B but they used the name on several models.
  45. They appear to be resin model ornaments.
  46. This is a Machine by W. G. Wilson who was not connected to Wheeler and Wilson.
  47. This machines is a VS, not a Rotary. If you call the Husqvarna/Viking/White company at 1 800 446-2333 FREE, they may be able to date your machine for you.
  48. Kohler is a German maker -
  49. This machine is a White Rotary. You should be able to date it using the references from White Family Rotary machines.
  50. This machine was made by National. Model S-40
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