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  1. A Phillips screw was invented in the 1930s. Original Phillips screws would date the table to the 1930s or later. I saw an old European table from around 1890 with a single line through through the scr...
  2. Thank you both.
  3. could email an expert photos and ask for their opinion for free I've never seen anything like this before. unusual?
  4. Did you look for markings?
  5. Ron, There is another bottle photo you may be interested in looking at.
  6. Thank You.
  7. Manikin, I saw you collect glassware. Could you take a look at a possible Wheaton bottle? I value your opinions.
  8. Thank You.
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Antique Painting Vintage Bracelet Vintage Necklace Portraits from North American Indian Life (1972)


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