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Here is a nice  vintage abstract impressionist style painting in the style of Jackson pollock  - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
called a susani - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
ferlin huskey documents - Musicin Music
Mr Peanut pens have arrived - Advertisingin Advertising
another baseball - Baseballin Baseball
vintage baseball - Baseballin Baseball
a real nice ronson cigarette lighter  unused - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
bergman cold painted bronze? - Lampsin Lamps
Time for vintage cocktails  I got a load of vintage swizzle sticks. BYOB. - Advertisingin Advertising
Last auction revealed an early motorcycle seat . - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles


  1. I sold them for $500 Canadian wow
  2. Well it looks like a toilet style chain.
  3. Holy Grail of Vintage Space prototypes.
  4. Thanks a lot Stwillia76 .
  5. Wonderfull Great to find some great stufff.
  6. It is 16th century but Who painted it?
  7. Thank you kingstonlam
  8. My guess is that it may a device used for faceting gemstones. There may be traces of abrasive compounds in the box.
  9. it was My first opportunity to buy southwest pottery
  10. 62" wide 26 1/2" high.Phil
  11. Got a picture of the lamp David?
  12. Its Mint Man.
  13. How did You manage to obtain such a nice piece? Random picking? Good score.
  14. I traded it for some sterling silver.
  15. The ultimate in scavenging, Good story.
  16. How about Salvador Dali? Surreal with a sense of humor.
  17. Thanks for the info
  18. Mysterious black velvet I think they chipped their teeth by family members it is a good thing to do ? Self Sharpening teeth.
  19. Rick3335 Thank You for the info, I will do some research in that direction.Will post updates .
  20. Yes it is mint and the beads are glass.
  21. Jwewndell222 You are right. Cheers
  22. One day. Beautiful
  23. Thanks Tube Amp. I cannot find any info on F.W.Balkwill.
  24. Is it a Picasso style?
  25. Perhaps it was "re purposed" way back in the 1800s. That's why nobody knows what it is. It used to be a ________? then it was a___?now it is a _____________ or an unfinished backyard invention? I ...
  26. 4 3/8" diameter 4" long
  27. Everything is carved .
  28. Walksoftly You are probably right it appears to Me like old leather . I cut a slice off and put a hot flame to it and it would not burn after the hot flame was taken away . And would not burn except...
  29. Thanks PW-collector
  30. Walksoftly You are right on the money .Thank You.
  31. The handle pivots in the hole and causes the top piece to rotate in a horizontal plane .Sort of like an old steam train has an eccentric shaft on the drive wheels.
  32. The handle goes through the hole as shown in photo #1
  33. I was told it is a prayer rug.
  34. It is made of wood and hand carved.
  35. I saw it online at an auction and said well that is it is amazing I phoned in an an absentee bid without even examining the piece and won and . There it is
  36. I think it is Frankart.
  37. It is 12"x18"
  38. If teak floats maybe that's how they got it. On the beach. On a second look it may be walnut. The bottom is slightly curved and radiused as well. It looks like a tool ,of course it's a tool . It ...
  39. i guess its probably worth $20.00
  40. Here is the story I acquired these in a lifelong collection of Colonel D Rochester Canadian army . Colonel Rochester was in the 8th infantry royal engineers at the end of ww2 Anyways these items...
  41. Looks like a sealing wax stamp used on envelopes.
  42. Yes worth a few thosand if it is perfet
  43. Looks like early Ikea ,except you can take it apart.
  44. The best I have ever seen.
  45. Seems to be in very good condition and I would call it almost as good as it gets .Excellent condition. It does not matter how many there are or commonality , it matters what condition it is in. I ...
  46. Have a look for anything at the base that looks like any kind of writing,or man made marks.
  47. Are thyt Japanese by any chance?
  48. Reproduction but nice.
  49. Vinegar
  50. Total classic set
  51. See more


Time for vintage cocktails  I got a load of vintage swizzle sticks. BYOB. some flags  I purchased at auction Mystery bisque doll ww2 german  Donitz Grand Admirals car pennants esso tin windup toy Japanese pot or something ? Villeroy and Boch pot and cups


Hohner .... for the harmonica player Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. N.O.S. 1930's Embossed Peter Paul's Chocolate Cocoanut "MOUNDS" bar 5 cents Unknown Hat??? dancing girl costume