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skeleton head 
Native basket  - Native Americanin Native American
Silver box  - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Large heavy wood Sculpture  - Folk Artin Folk Art
Cast Iron pot  - Asianin Asian
Ivory  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sterling silver Brush - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Badge  - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Coral Jewelry  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. I am still unable to find anything like this Is it Possible that it is or can be One Of A Kind
  2. Still looking for any information
  3. I wish that I could help these are the only ones I have ever seen and the were my moms
  4. Any clues to what kind of basket this is trying to look it up please if you can help
  5. It is extremely cold it is vary heavy it translucent it has to be some kind of mineral defiantly not marble I took my Diamond tester and touched the gold part an it gave me a reading of diamond I thou...
  6. This is not glass Still looking for anyone that can help me identify what it could be Thank you
  7. Still looking for Information if you know what these are
  8. josseline, If its bone it will be pitted, If resin A hot needle will go in it, If it Ivory you can see the detail, Its only worth what someone will pay There are some here :: https://www.google.com/we...
  9. What dose the { 3 E F } mean I don't know is it silver or plate do you think
  10. Thanks vetraio50
  11. Thank you TubeAmp
  12. Maybe someone didn't know what it was, I will say it has a good home with me for now
  13. LOL It all adds up the same I try not to say anything about money But it was a fantastic find I have it around my neck today haven't put it away yet maybe soon
  14. Thank you pops52 The best part was I got it for 20 Quarters
  15. I still love the lamp now that I put a red light in it
  16. Thank you for the info. LOUMANAL
  17. Thank you AmberRose
  18. One more treasure put away for the kids just hope they will appreciate it all.... Thanks for the Love's ....
  19. I wish that I could Identify this is defiantly different ::Thank you all for the Loves
  20. No one seams to be able to fix it or tell me anything about it no one has ever seen anything like it And the one person that said they seen one was not able to confirm That they really have seen one I...
  21. Looking to find out the age on this
  22. I will need to find someone that can tell me if its the real deal all I can do is test the gold content and that part tested a real Will up date what I find out .
  23. Keep it and pass it on down. It's different, That's for sure
  24. I have tried everything I hope someone will recognize this and can tell me more about it Thank you MsDowAntiques
  25. Thank Sean68 and everyone for the loves
  26. All I know is that its a Elephant bell sorry
  27. Thank you everyone for the Loves
  28. Love this one to looking for someone that can tell me about the markings
  29. Thank you all for the Loves
  30. Thank you Agram.m,
  31. I have a hard time doing research on a lot of what I have Just do your best and post Tell what you know about it There are so many people here I honestly can say if it wasn't for them I wouldn't kno...
  32. Yes it is I do find some nice pieces I also have some Bone
  33. I have more maybe post another time
  34. Thank you BELLIN68 Things been crazy hard lately in may family
  35. Thank you all Vary much Just got back from the vet with two of my dogs what a Big bill { The colors are all blue with black trees they are all the same the color changes from the reflection or sun hi...
  36. Thank you Agram ,,,,,, The last couple years been hard May Daughter's been in & out of the Hospital, I do have More I will try And post But going to look and see what I have mist first
  37. Just added a Bracelet & would like to say thanks for the help
  38. I have two of these,,,,, Can anyone tell me anything that will help me Identify them
  39. Thank you valentino97
  40. How true I also have one that's called Living Stones And the pictures do it know Justus
  41. This is the other half with signature I am having a hard time finding out about this any help would be grateful http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/33981-living-stones#comment-267162
  42. I can not seem to capture the details ..... This looks so much nicer than the pictures are showing No luck on signature Yet
  43. I Love this to......... Thank you all and any info. your able to help with
  44. I found one the other day that still has the cigarettes I will post pictures when I can
  45. Looking for any information about the { 3 :. } mark on it if you can tell me anything that will help thank you
  46. I did have them tested they are jade
  47. Trying To identify This any help is appreciated above is a another link to more photos if you can help thank you http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/33986-living-stones
  48. Micmac, I want to say thank you this is such a grate help.
  49. vetraio50::: Thank you for the help I had know Ida about them other that the sound is grate
  50. Are you sure its not a sales man sampler The one I have was used as a cats bed http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/30523-miniature-chair-salesman-sample
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