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$5 silver certificate notes-- are they real or fakeby Tom619
Confederate moneyby Ariel77
Never have I seen one of lokiddo
Canadian 25 Cent "Shin Plaster"by Chrisnp
Confederate Currency and $100 Bondby Chrisnp
reverse overprint on a 1977 U.S. $10 noteby KennyT
Error money - "Franklin pirates"by Congtd
1957 One Dollar Billby Penaax76
Confederate 20 dollar billby BoxesIn…
1935 silver certificate by wruthie…
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Confederate currency, and foreign old moneyby Okeeffel
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Fractional Currency Complete Type Set 16x20by hitch7411
Dollar bills tuxedo shirt by Jewels
Four silver certificate by Bmgraw98
Fancy Serial Number 100 Dollar Billby computo…
Confederate States of America - Novelty Noteby aghcoll…
1935 Silver Certificate $1 star symbol 91013378 Eby croatiac1
Miss Printed $5 dollar billby Lblock7
1862-63 Confederate Notesby Tootce
Colonial Currency - Novelty Note (United States)by aghcoll…
Colonial Currency - Novelty Note (Pennsylvannia)by aghcoll…
Colonial Currency - Novelty Note (Georgia)by aghcoll…
Colonial Currency - Novelty Note (South Carolina)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Louisiana)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Mississippi)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Texas)by aghcoll…
1957 - U.S. $1 Silver Certificate Star Noteby aghcoll…
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 481by aghcoll…
Colonial Currency - Novelty Note (New York)by aghcoll…
Colonial Currency - Novelty Note (New Jersey)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (South Carolina)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Arkansas)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (North Carolina)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Florida)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Georgia)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Alabama)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Note (Virginia)by aghcoll…
Confederate Currency - Novelty Noteby aghcoll…
1935E, 1935B & 1957 one dollar billsby Printsid
Red stamped $2 bill and silver certificate money by Printsid
1899 Series Indian Chief Counterfeit Silver Certificate Scarce with Punch BADby cmharding
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 521by aghcoll…
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 481by aghcoll…
1957 - U.S. $1 Silver Certificate Star Noteby aghcoll…
"Santa Claus" Novelty Bank Noteby aghcoll…
$10,000 - Novelty Bank Noteby aghcoll…
114 Years Old...1899 One Dollar Black Eagle Silver Certificate With Portraits Of Lincoln And Grantby officia…
$10 Bison Note / Columbiaby tomsurina
act of march 3ed 1863 10 cents confederate billby djcuba
1928 D - Two Dollar United States Noteby aghcoll…
1935 D - U.S. Silver Certificateby aghcoll…
1957 - U.S. $1 Silver Certificateby aghcoll…
1957 A - U.S. $1 Silver Certificateby aghcoll…
1976 - Official First Day Issue Commerativesby aghcoll…
1976 - U.S. $2 Banknote - First Day Issueby aghcoll…
The $5 Woodchopperby tomsurina
1862 Mississippi Noteby NicoleJ…
More pics of the spliced dollar showing green walvadam
Dollar printed on paper splice?by walvadam
Just got this $50 note frm a Tom_ek_
Civil War $20 Bill from Richmond Bank of Virginiaby bnance
Ink Error on dollar billby KNOAH1
Federal 52 by CoLeichter
Paper moneyby morningstar
1862 Confererate Moneyby Snow1315
Inverted Back - 1934 5-dollar US Silver Certificate Billby silvercerti…
Shillings, What are these worth?by coverfame
1957 A Series Silver Certificate by Spiperato
Ten Dollar National Bank Monmouth ILby belmargirl
Blue Seal Silver Certificatesby NicoleJ…
1864 Confederate Noteby NicoleJ…
1917 $2 Mule Noteby NicoleJ…
1907 Gold Certificateby NicoleJ…
$1 US bill - Treasury Seal bleed thru - series 2009by JustinW
Very interesting bond!by ChiefTC
Canadian dollar billby cwork
10 cent fractional 10 cent bill 1863by filmnet
1914 $10by ktflann
20 dollar billsby bluckmud
1993 One dollar Star billby bluckmud
1976 two dollar bill With a star by bluckmud
1974 ten dollar billby bluckmud
1923 Silver Certificate $1by ktflann
1907 $5 "Woodchopper"by ktflann
colonial moneyby colonialct
1902 $20 Alameda 10150by ktflann
A Two Dollar Billby Mykeyel…
Just something I foundby rpoindexter
My oldest $10 billby Momscol…
1923 One Dollar Billby nsvmom
1917 One Dollar Noteby nsvmom
Confederate 20$ Bill 1864by nsvmom
Fidelity Investors Inc 1930 Preferred Certificateby cha
Guaranty Liquidation Corporation Common Stock Certificate from 1930by cha
Guaranty Liquidating Corporation Preferred 1932 Stock ( is it of any value still)by cha
US Fractional Note 50 Cents, Stamped as Counterfeitby jph3190
confederate  moneyby tammyt39
1935 G series by ebrandon70
Confederate currencyby blunder…
old US gold certificateby ching
error notesby novaman
the night they drove ole dixie down by Gringokid
Antique photograph of a boy banker with King of Billsby scottvez
frankly, more francsby mikieli…
VIVA LA FRANCE!!!by mikieli…
all bills dated 1944, German marks & French francesby mikieli…
funny moneyby mikieli…
What is this?  U.S. Brand Bond Notesby ssmith1…
1907 $5 Billby jimbora…
old one dollar billby Fahylin89
old brooch by DianneEads
Old South Carolina Money ??by musikchoo
First bill I have collect by crusott1
10 cents 1863 Fractional currencyby Kimmay
Confederate Billsby jlennon…
1919 share in Ajax Producing EileenFlenner
Military Currencyby ader26
Military Payment Certificatesby jlennon…
Beaver Land and Irrigation Company - One of my favorite vignettes!by scrip4colo
White_Bear Land & Cattle - wonderful vignette!by scrip4colo
Prin-Seti Gold Mining Company stock certificateby scrip4colo
It's Tax Time!  One of my favorite Cripple Creek stock scrip4colo
Confederate $500 Noteby mygrannys
1813 Bank of Steubenville $10 Ten Dollar Note, serial number is written by hand, believe the bills and paper are originalby JackRabbit_…
1891 Silver Certificateby Kirt
old currencyby elibbie
1914 Stock Certificateby cwork
Victory Bondsby cwork
The Ohio & Colorado Smelting and Refining Company, H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company, General Public Utilities Corporationby Pamelajean
Misaligned $100 and misprinted old £ endaby
1886 $2.00 Silver Kirt
$5 errorby nickip
Favorite $50! 1914 FRNby Kirt
misaligned miscut dollar billby pammi691
1899 $5 Silver Certificate and a 1928 D $2 billby correction
Confederate States of America #4763 B.Duncan 5$ billby haleytinam
Favorite Kirt
National bank of Dixon, Calif 1911by Sandypay
Poll about the age of the scripophily collectorby FLW
Alcatraz Relicsby NewEnglandC…
Valuation helpby lost425
Valuation helpby lost425
Valuation help againby lost425
Favorite 5'sby Kirt
Found these stocks  by Steveadore1
My favorite George Washington bill.   by Kirt
Valuation helpby lost425
Silver Cretificate 1899 Valuation helpby lost425
Oil, Hawaii, Telephone and Early American Industry - Business & Art Historyby downingsf
Foreign money- 1922-by wingletts
20 dollar  errorby arty45xx
Old Stock Certificatesby xixi56
Federal Reserve Notes in Wisconsinby eldogg92378
Who know's about Overprints?by colinskye
1879 Louisiana "Baby Bond" 5 Dollar Bondby whitman75
Kalamazoo Railroad Bank $5 Bill 1853by flyrr100
texas moneyby ashmegjud
1882 $10 Brownback - Ser #1by TMLAFF
20 dollar noteby markblasius
Us Dollar Billsby H.Parker
1922 papper moneyby H.Parker
The Bessemer "Consolidated Iron Company"  $500 Bondby NickZak
Silver Certificate - 1899 Indian Five by rk17
Five Dollar Note, Brown Back, Series of 1882by rk17
texas money 1839by tazzrlr
Unusual Twenty Dollar Silver Certificateby Country_Girl
Civil War Money 3by Deanteaks
Silver Certificate Series of 1934by tamdos
1976 $2 dollars bills First Day Issued Stampedby chevy59
From my collectionby ScottGeib
1976 $2 Billby thequick
WW2 State of Illinois Warrant from Columbian Bank Note Companyby Marilynshr
Stock Certificate Purchased in 1921by bahamaboy
My Odd Five Dollar Billby Ironchef
1929 bank noteby k80unsingle
Confederate States of America 100 dollars and 5 dollarsby mercury…
my great great grandpa's oilby kristie
Poineer Gasoline Companyby moorejammer
$1.00 Blue Seal Silver Certificates dating 1935 & 1957 by bahamaboy
Old $2.00 United States Notes & Federal Reserve Notes 1953, '63 & '76by bahamaboy
$5 Silver Certificate & Federal Reserve Notes 1934 & 1950 & 1953by bahamaboy
The  St.Louis Kentucky Oil COmpanyby uribe
John Wayne Signed Australian dollar/Certified realby casey
25 Cent Fractional Currency 1874by ttomtuc…
Convenient Store Faux Pauxby LisaG.
$100 bill printed with the paper backwards in the pressby mailman921
Unused Hawaiian Bell Telephone Company Stock Certificate 1880'sby ttomtuc…
RICH AS I WANT TO BE !by Savoych…
A 1935A One Dollar Bill Stamped Hawaiiby ttomtuc…
Mining Stock Certificateby killjoy
Help me find out some history on the Stock Certificates!!!by bhuenink
100 thousand billby gpratomo
old cashby fishhunt37
Confederate Money $3 bill and $2.50 billby hamiltol
Confederate Moneyby chillyd…
1957 A Silver Certificate - Signatures are not accurateby gjcheramie
$10 N.Africa Silver Certificateby arleas
silver certificateby koolItem
Huge Lot of Unissued and Blank Stocks & Bondsby Dizzydave
$1 Military Payment Certificateby jsw14
Looking for a Brief Education on National Bank Notes 1929by hrhea
civil war bank bondby lacrawfish
US $20 error note (smear)by Dulcet
Silver certificate’sby TeresaD
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Look in the rumble roomby gerryess
dexter, diamond in the roughby sparkmarv
Error Noteby chucklet
The Pelican Gold Mining Companyby katonthemoon
U.S. Silver Certificate -- $1, 1935by valleyboy
1960s Pan Am, Hojos, and General Motors Stock Certificatesby potrero
East Coast 1950s/60s Railroad Stock Certificatesby potrero
BOOKMARK !by Savoych…
 "The Exchange National Bank of Tulsa Oklahoma", Charter No. 9658. Type 2 , VF +.  & Very detellious2
Silver Certificate One Silver Dollarby floridaron
Paper 25 centsby floridaron