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My HELP ad part two! 
HELP! Antique painting? What is this! 
WHAT is this? Home made auto or rarity? - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
What are these pieces?... help! Jade? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
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Can someone help me identify the artist? (Part 1) 
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PLEASE help me identify the artist! - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
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  1. I am (praying) this was done by a master artist... Someone famous.... with works selling for millions! (or even hundreds).... :)
  2. Is it a possible prototype or futuristic designed car made by a company? Thanks.
  3. So perplexed by it. It is very unique!
  4. Any info on what it is? It is cool but unusually designed I think as it is wood. Thanks.
  5. Diddo on this... Any helpers?
  6. Anyone have any idea what this is? (Besides a necklace - lol!) :)
  7. Any help on this would be great!
  8. Thanks Tom for the love! I like your profile description! I agree, antiques with a story are the best!
  9. Any ideas on the artist? Thanks for helping decipher this!
  10. Anyone know who the artist is? I am perplexed. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the information! Is the one on the left military also? Best wishes.
  12. Thanks!
  13. worth much?
  14. Thanks for the loves!
  15. How do you know if a piece you have it super rare (expensive) turquoise versus I guess penny turquoise? I have someone I am taking care of so I sort of need to know. Thanks! Any help appreciated!
  16. Any idea on what this is from? Thanks.
  17. Thank you for the information.
  18. Did you mean does it fold? Thank you.
  19. Thank you so much... You have been a wonderful help Chrisnp. Thank you also fortapache for the info on that. I appreciate it. How do I clean it off or should I clean it off?
  20. Sorry the photos look kindof gross.
  21. Thanks Crisnp. You are AMAZING! Can I ask you... if you know... is there anything here that is ultra rare or valuable? (In your opinion.) I know you said WW1 was your area of collecting... I appreci...
  22. Oh wow. Thank you so much! I wasn't sure where to look and online it is so confusing. I posted a few more... Can you look at those? Thanks
  23. Thanks... I appreciate it.
  24. Is it antique? WW1 or WW2 or earlier? Thank you.
  25. Anyone know what the green stones are? Thanks.
  26. Does anyone know if this is Chinese or Japanese? Thank you.
  27. Hi Aimathena... Thanks for looking! I tried to find one also.. no luck.
  28. I have asked people locally and no one seems to know. Any help would be wonderful!
  29. Thank you very much VERTRAIO50!
  30. Thanks fhrjr2!
  31. Thank you for writing! I didn't know that... Something new every day!
  32. Yes, please! Any information on what it says would be great. Thank you.
  33. Which one is the Fred Harvey piece? Thanks.
  34. Any idea on what this is or age now? Do these pictures help?
  35. Yes... I see what you mean. It actually is all wood... I think. I will update the photo again for a better picture.
  36. Hi, No... Seems to all be wood. The head portion seems to be carved wood only.
  37. Any idea on the age? Thanks.
  38. I am not sure what this is made of on second glance...
  39. Thanks DrFluffy!
  40. Thanks for the love aghcollect, vetraio50, moonstonelover21, manikin!
  41. Hi CW, Any ideas on the age or how to clean this? I think it is wool... Not sure.
  42. Thank you!
  43. Any clue on age? thanks.
  44. Anyone know who DJE or JDE might be? Also, thank you for the love!
  45. Thanks for loving Sean68!
  46. Thanks aghcollect for the love!
  47. Anyone know who DJE or JDE might be? Also, thank you for the love!
  48. Any info on the maker... I looked online but zip! Thanks for the info & the love Valentino97! Also, thanks Manikin, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, Amberrose, Sean68, blunderbuss2, aghcollect, Aimathena...
  49. Any information on this would be great! Thanks. Also, thanks for the loves!
  50. Thanks Valentino97. Any idea on the age of them? Also, I posted a new show and tell for the bug pin. Thanks.!
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Antique Chinese Netsuke Woman Carrying Baby Unknown Artist and Characters Antique Foo Dog,Turquoise In Color Loetz Carrageen Genre 2420 circa 1905 MORE FIESTA WARE STIEFF BEAR GROWLER NOT WORKING. JOINTED. VERY OLD Harrach peachblow vase with hand painted enamel flowers. Cronin Pottery Pitcher and Creamer /Cameron Clay Products W.VA./ Blue Tulip Design/ Circa 1950's-60's More fossils Native American Pottery Chief Wearing Eagle Feather Warbonnet