1. Unique! Know you're always looking for something special.
  2. You're's not too late! It's actually a perfect time to spread it out, rearrange, sit back and enjoy every change you make to display your prized collection...good for you!
  3. Looks great in the house...just don't let anyone smoke one of the stinky things in your beautiful home! ha!
  4. Very unique!
  5. Love the simple color and style. Very nice.
  6. Looks great! Super way to enjoy your collection!
  7. You are EXACTLY right...LIVE with your stuff and enjoy it!
  8. In the dining room? The "Man Cave" is overflowing into the "Man Den!" Good for you! Looks great!
  9. What a find!
  10. Beautiful colors!
  11. Gotta love it...know someone named "Nicholas!"
  12. Reminds me that back in the day our windshields were washed for us.
  13. Waaaaay cool!
  14. The American Pickers should have you on their team!
  15. Gotta love finding such a great pick in your hometown!
  16. Love the neon!
  17. You're right; great graphics for an item pushing 100 years old!
  18. Let me know when you're ready to open up to the public and charge admission; I'll find my way there and sell tickets for you (for a cut, of course!)!! Looks fantastic! Super collection!
  19. Great display of a quality collection of Rocker Cans!
  20. Good ol' Mounds bars. My dad loved them. Great find; very nice!
  21. Waaaaaaaay cool! Retro and modern enough at the same time to be a great decorative piece!
  22. You're right...anything 66 years old that looks that good is in great shape!!
  23. Looks like it's in great shape! Nice pick!
  24. Nicely displayed!
  25. Double! Wow! Very unique.
  26. Unique! Nice find.
  27. What's not to love about this sign!? Great to know a "neon man" who can do a restoration like this! Very nice, Michael.
  28. Looks like it must have in 1947-1950! Great find.
  29. Very nice variety. Even the colors display well together!
  30. You've gotta open a store or a museum; yours is too great a collection not to share!
  31. Big or small, every find is "special!"
  32. WOW! What a fantastic find! I ABSOLUTELY love it!! Your collection was already A+; this has pushed it waaaaaaaay over the top!
  33. VERY nice finds! As always, good "picking!"
  34. Super place to display it!
  35. Growing up my best friend's dad ran a Sinclair station. After a swim in the local pool every summer afternoon, we walked to the station and waited under the Sinclair sign for a ride home from her dad...
  36. Very nicely displayed.
  37. These look great...excellent addition to an already fantastic collection!
  38. Very different...gotta love "different!"
  39. Very nice condition...and you're correct, it looks right at home on your wall!
  40. In perfect condition AND useful!...great pick.
  41. Signs may be hard to find but you're doing a great job of searching out the good ones!
  42. Now THIS is WAAAAY over the top, "officialfuel Jones!" Wow! What a find! Good for you. No matter how much room it takes to display, it's a perfect find for you...congrats!
  43. Very unusual...nice pick!
  44. Very nice combination of original and restoration! Oh, to find a pump at the local station that says "25 cents!" Afraid that will only be seen in collectibles like yours.
  45. Gotta love anything that lights up and looks this good! Looks fantastic with its "life" back!
  46. You are a dyed-in-the-wool picker to be out and about in this terrible winter cold! But THIS was worth the trip! Very nice!
  47. Gotta keep Jeff on speed dial! WOW!
  48. Absolutely perfect!
  49. What great shape this is in! Merry Christmas to Michael from Michael!
  50. I'm "Sweetie Pie" to my granddaughter; I REALLY love this find!!!
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