1. Nicely displayed!
  2. Double! Wow! Very unique.
  3. Unique! Nice find.
  4. What's not to love about this sign!? Great to know a "neon man" who can do a restoration like this! Very nice, Michael.
  5. Looks like it must have in 1947-1950! Great find.
  6. Very nice variety. Even the colors display well together!
  7. You've gotta open a store or a museum; yours is too great a collection not to share!
  8. Big or small, every find is "special!"
  9. WOW! What a fantastic find! I ABSOLUTELY love it!! Your collection was already A+; this has pushed it waaaaaaaay over the top!
  10. VERY nice finds! As always, good "picking!"
  11. Super place to display it!
  12. Growing up my best friend's dad ran a Sinclair station. After a swim in the local pool every summer afternoon, we walked to the station and waited under the Sinclair sign for a ride home from her dad...
  13. Very nicely displayed.
  14. These look great...excellent addition to an already fantastic collection!
  15. Very different...gotta love "different!"
  16. Very nice condition...and you're correct, it looks right at home on your wall!
  17. In perfect condition AND useful!...great pick.
  18. Signs may be hard to find but you're doing a great job of searching out the good ones!
  19. Now THIS is WAAAAY over the top, "officialfuel Jones!" Wow! What a find! Good for you. No matter how much room it takes to display, it's a perfect find for you...congrats!
  20. Very unusual...nice pick!
  21. Very nice combination of original and restoration! Oh, to find a pump at the local station that says "25 cents!" Afraid that will only be seen in collectibles like yours.
  22. Gotta love anything that lights up and looks this good! Looks fantastic with its "life" back!
  23. You are a dyed-in-the-wool picker to be out and about in this terrible winter cold! But THIS was worth the trip! Very nice!
  24. Gotta keep Jeff on speed dial! WOW!
  25. Absolutely perfect!
  26. What great shape this is in! Merry Christmas to Michael from Michael!
  27. I'm "Sweetie Pie" to my granddaughter; I REALLY love this find!!!
  28. WOW! What a find!
  29. Mike and Frank have nothing on you with your "rusty gold!" Good job picking!
  30. Absolutely perfect on your porch!
  31. Great addition to the collection! No doubt you like her because she's speechless!!
  32. Great colors!
  33. Adds nice dimension to your display.
  34. Proof it pays to NOT by-pass the sales on the way to and from the Covered Bridge Festival!
  35. It's in great shape!
  36. Finding something so breakable unbroken is always a treasure!
  37. It's a keeper! Don't replace...add to!
  38. Museum quality!
  39. Under your neighbor's work bench?? You saved gasoline on that pic trip!
  40. Excellent find!
  41. Wow!...paper still on it!
  42. Gotta love the unusual finds.
  43. Just like some people...good shape for their age!
  44. Great colors. And you're right, new pieces are cool, too!
  45. Keep that looks great restored!
  46. Love that it's two-sided.
  47. There it is and there it should stay! Looks fantastic...great clock! It's a "sign of good taste!"
  48. Know some people named "Gardner." They would probably love it, too!
  49. Great way to display! "Gas station attendant???" (I'm pretending I'm young enough to not have a clue what you're talking about!!!!)
  50. Hot summertime fun finds!
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