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  1. And yeah, 1979 seems pretty clearly the year for that bottle. Even if the sometimes ambiguous date code wasn't embossed on the bottle you can still tell it's within a few years on either side of 1980 ...
  2. That's amazing. I dream of finding a place like that. I'm not sure if you ever drank that bottle but I'm betting that Eagle Rare 101 is pretty great bourbon.
  3. Nice bottle. Of course it'd be even nicer with the brandy still inside. The label says "invented and manufactured for over a century" by a firm established in 1770, so that would mean your bottle can'...
  4. Nice find, although Benedictine isn't a single malt scotch. It's a cognac-based herbal liqueur from France, and it's delicious.
  5. Very nice find. I'm always looking for old bottles at estate sales but haven't come across any yet. (This is complicated by the fact that companies who run estate sales typically dispose of alcohol be...
  6. I can't tell you much but I can say that the embossed "Federal Law Forbids" statement dates this bottle to 1935 or after. Quoting from another website: "As of January 1st, 1935 all liquor sold in the ...
  7. Very good article, electobacco. Many thanks for sharing. That confirms my initial understanding that old bottles of blended whiskies such as Canadian Club or Crown Royal aren't significantly more valu...
  8. I don't doubt that old bottles are valuable--they're worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay for them. But I don't know that there is a well-established market for it. The $65,000 figure you cite is ...
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Special Old Reserve Bourbon Whiskey An old bottle of Cognac I almost threw out Chas Jacquin's Forbidden Fruit Liqueur Humphrey Taylor & Co Pricota Liquor


Four section French brandy bottle '40s Tequila


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