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My Chris-bear tree! - Dollsin Dolls
More Teddies I LOVE! - Dollsin Dolls
Some of my schuco cuties! - Dollsin Dolls
Some of my favourite Teddies - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Love this little cutie! I have a similar bear with ff button, but it really is something for him to still have his ear flag/stock tag. Gorgeous and lucky you!
  2. Hi Manikin and Kony, believe Schuco also made regular bears (without tails) but of course they are hard to attribute with no other ID. His long snout could also point to Bing... Glass eyes for mos...
  3. Hi there, thanks for commenting on my Chris-bear tree. Your bear is lovely and huge! He has the look of the 1920's German bears. I have a 24" Schuco yes/no bear circa 1920 who has very similar feat...
  4. Thanks so much!
  5. Hi there, is he an artificial silk or cotton fur instead of mohair? I have a similar bear that came from Poland originally and his fur is an artificial silky soft fabric. From his body shape he look...
  6. She is gorgeous. What lovely eyes she has!
  7. Likely excelsior, a type of wood wool shavings although many British bears were also stuffed with kapok, a soft plant stuffing kind of like cotton batting. It looks like he had a growler from the squ...
  8. He is a cutie for sure. Do you know if his plastic nose is original? Are his eyes glass or plastic? Glass eyes would place him likely 1950's, or earlier but the plastic nose seems 1960's. By his l...
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This was my Mom's Teddy Bear. Old felt face Monkey circa 1930-40 Very Well Loved Mohair Bear