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Austin TX

Primarily interested in aviation and airline memorabilia but I have an appreciation for all things collectible.


  1. Their faces appear to be gender-specific boy pixies and girl pixies, the girls have lipstick and maybe some makeup?
  2. These Pixie things are captivating and you've built such a nice collection - me like!
  3. In such beautiful condition it would fetch big $$$ (Canadian of course) on eBay!
  4. Hey Phil, I sent you a message in facebook with the link to my model airplane album - it went into your "other" folder because we weren't friends yet. I read the rules here and I think posting a link ...
  5. Hello Phil, I'm back - and I was supposed to upload my collection of model airplanes, about, oh, three years ago (yes I forgot all about it). I lost the originals in a pc crash but copies are all stuc...
  6. Your Republic Thunderchief is gorgeous!
  7. Your model was indeed created by the Douglas Aircraft Company model shop around 1959/60 (there was no McDonnell yet). Are you sure it's not 1:50 scale? Isn't the fuselage a couple feet long? We almost...
  8. Oh yes... I can see this website is going to get me in a whole lot of trouble ;-)
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More Pictures of Green Pixie Bookends, By Henri Fugere, 1927 Jewelled Gemstone Globe & Aeroplane Models. More Art Deco Bookends, "Contemplar" by H. Fugere C. 1927