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Repair Mannequins - Dollsin Dolls


  1. This is for composition dolls repairs.
  2. Hi I was told this: As for filling cracks and repairing fingers I use Aves apoxie sculpt. Its a 2 part epoxie. You can find it on eBay or Google it . It's the best. - cathieleedollhospital
  3. HI peggy's arm had a crack and now broke into two parts. Close to the extension that goes into the hole of the body. What do I use to repair composition.
  4. Hi ya never answered my last question?
  5. Wow, It's heard to believe the before and after. You did a fantastic job. What did you use to repair the doll. What composition material did you use? Was there a rod in the arm before you started...
  6. Hi Have a merry Christmas!
  7. Hi I'm in Pa.
  8. I want to get into repairing the dolls and bringing them back to luster. I have to find out what to use and take a cource in air brushing.
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posted 2 days ago