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  1. A ceiling lamp retractor. Seldom seen variety.
  2. Well done Dan ! Thank you for the ID. You are a Pro !
  3. Perhaps more pictures AND some dimensions would make it easier to help you. Is this in the USA ? Europe ?
  4. A United States silver dollar. Quite badly worn.
  5. Looks as if it may be a small organ pipe. Is that a marking on its face ?
  6. Could this tool be for removing the primer cap from shotgun shells when reloading the shells ?
  7. The first is a 1936 Studebaker President. Second is a 1915 Packard touring car !
  8. This is from a player piano or nickelodeon. I cannot identify which one though.
  10. You need to remove the hands and dial. The front of the movement will be marked with the manufacturers name. It may also be marked with a number like 4-11 ,for example. That would mean made in April 1...
  11. I cannot tell it's value. It is made of nickel plated steel. Interesting machine to keep conductors honest.
  12. That is beautiful ! I hope you go out dancing a lot and use it.
  13. That sign is from a bakery ! I'm sure of it. Wish it were mine to admire.
  14. #2 is a TDC indicator for an engine. #3 is a greaser for auto leaf springs.
  15. You need to find the data plate with the model number. Or some numbers to identify the machine. Singer marked their machines well.
  16. Egg UNtopper.
  17. This part is for an early touring car. It mounts on the left and right rear corner at the upper edge of the body. It holds the top bows firmly when the top is folded down. I cannot tell you which car ...
  18. This is a lamp for the side of a ships binnacle. A binnacle held the compass.
  19. The Egyptian you asked, was he from upper Nile or lower Nile ? It makes a big difference. Tacos !
  20. These were used by late dynasty Egyptians for marking engine numbers with hieroglyphics ! I hope you are well Larry, Your pal in pa.
  21. This is a tool for refacing auto valves. There is a Ford Model A valve in it now. It won't set the lash. It isn't a very good way to do that task.
  22. Do not restore the tip ! Go to to read all you need to know. It will even tell you which engine the prop is off of.
  23. Your clock is a cuckoo and quail. The quail sounds every quarter hour and the cuckoo sounds on the hour. The smallest bellows is the quail pipe. The GHS identifies your clock as made by Gordian Hettic...
  24. Saw for wood flooring.
  25. I am surprised one can still buy this tool.
  26. This is a tool for lapping or refacing the valves in an automobile engine
  27. This looks a lot like a partners desk because of the drawers on both sides.
  28. Also known as a "storm glass."
  29. This is a clock plate from an alarm clock mechanism.
  30. Remove the hands then the dial. Confirm the movement maker. It is probably way overdue for a cleaning and lube and adjusting. What more information are you seeking ?
  31. This is used by a window glass installer. It pushes a diamond shaped piece of sheet metal into the window frame to hold the glass before the putty is set in.
  32. To the nautilus it was priceless !
  33. The tablet in the door depicts public square New Haven, Conn. The label inside is from BIRGE, PECK & Co. 1849 to 1859. The label is super condition and referred to as the "Puffin Betsy" label. Oh, an...
  34. That is a pill maker. You are missing the top piece.
  35. Removable canoe chair.
  36. Including dimensions helps very much !
  37. This is a bearing scraper for fitting early automobile bearings.
  38. This is a machine for making pinked edge tapes for sewing.
  39. This metal case held a TORK clock. Programmable to turn lights etc. on and off.
  40. What does it say on the lower link. CHAMPION...........something.
  41. This looks a lot like the bottom part of a HOOKA for smoking tobacco.
  42. This is an ignition coil for a one cylinder engine. From the teens or twenties.
  43. This is a shuttle for weaving. Made of dogwood. The glass doesn't belong in there, it should be a wood spindle.
  44. Don't paint it ! Just set it on a front, side, or back porch with a plant on it and I'll be by the first moonless night to pick it up. Great chair some fool pitched out.
  45. This is a Waxjack, used to melt sealing wax for sealing a letter.
  46. It's THE POPE !
  47. The suspension rod is missing. Do you have the pendulum?
  48. Or a string bean.
  49. Go to or and ask them.
  50. This is a plug for a hot water bottle.
  51. See more