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  1. Buy your parts here in 2016.
  3. Iron corn sheller.
  4. I believe it is a change making apparatus. Possibly for an arcade setting. Any tokens in this country would be the size of US coins. Without good dimensions anything further is conjecture.
  5. Dot needs to come back and answer the question at hand.
  6. Does a penny fit closely inside the tube ?
  7. Looks to me like a Hunzinger chair. Usually well marked. Paper labels, but also stamped into the wood. Nice !
  8. Soap saver.
  9. This looks like a counterweight for a kerosene lamp, possibly Dutch.
  10. Coveralls.
  11. OR likely slate.
  12. You better put it back where you found it. It may be a bottle of cave oil. Used for those very tight spots below ground.
  13. I would not attempt to clean it. It may be an early oil lamp with the wick through the head and out the mouth.
  14. Wick trimmer for kerosene lamps.
  15. American Watch Company.
  16. This is a policemans 'dark' lantern. When lit the inner shutter could be moved across the lens to darken without extinguishing the flame. It is missing a tab between the handles for a belt hook. The l...
  17. Also known as a fleshing knife, it was used in animal hide processing.
  18. This tool is for lapping the valves in an automobile engine. The valve head had two holes for the forked end to mate into. Using a grinding compound the valve was turned back and forth to produce a sm...
  19. Phone book for a monastery ?
  20. Tape Clamp Handle. Do a Google Image search.
  21. I think it is a firemans wrench.
  22. I just did a map search for this address ! It is in Victoria, Australia. What is your location Peterdrury ?
  23. But which is it FORD or FOOD ?
  24. Possibly a permanent match.
  25. To empty jackpots: Remove back door. Raise L latches on the lower corners of mechanism. Remove panel behind coin head, usually has a wing nut. Raise mechanism slightly and slide rearward to remove mec...
  26. Colt made lamps to burn acetylene. This lamp tank and tubing used white gas. Someone has married the two..........and wired it.
  27. A hanging gas lamp. Used white gas or Coleman fuel. Yours is missing shade holder and shade, mantle and holder. Scan ebay for burner parts. Easy and cheap.
  28. I think your title is partly correct. It is a clock, but not a new one. About 19oo and it has been painted by someone.
  29. Perhaps a sugar nipper.
  30. No, the seal is inboard of the inner bearing. It keeps the grease from coming out past the spindle base and contaminating the brakes.
  31. Automotive wheel seal puller.
  32. Listen to Rustfarm !
  34. The Lucite plugs are for finding the precise center of a hole , then the trammel is used to measure from point to point. no ?
  36. The drum does not tip. It works just like cement trucks today. They do not tip.
  37. An early motorized cement mixer. Turn the drum one way it mixes. Reverse the drum direction to dump.
  38. Glove stretcher that has been personalized. Possibly as a gift.
  39. Turkish pencil box !
  40. This is a pin stripping tool. The can holds the paint and the wheel rolls it on. Most were thrown away as being useless. No way to compare this tool with a brush in a steady hand.
  41. Tool for making hooked rugs.
  42. Buttonhole attachment for a sewing machine.
  44. I think it is home made.
  45. This is a tachometer for determining shaft or engine speed. Used with a watch to time interval. Usually came with a rubber tip or different tips for different applications.
  47. Handball gloves. Maybe 1920s. Ask Spalding !
  48. This looks a bit like the parts of a drag saw, but there isn't much to go by despite all the parts shown.
  49. Should be one red one green. green on the right. They are your running lights.
  50. NOT watch keys !
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903