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  1. A link to show another .
  2. Tool for changing tires in teens and twenties . Mostly for clincher beaded tires .
  3. For reading while duck hunting ?
  4. Restaurants and saloons serving wine . Passenger aircraft have them mounted to the galley counter.
  5. 1890s version of an earlier model . Time , strike , and alarm . Clock repair shop or hobbyist can restore movement for you . Not very valuable . operating well perhaps $ 150 to 175 . Check online auc...
  6. GOOGLE it !
  7. Do you mean Maserati ? Of Modena Italy ? No , this watch is made by the Trenton Watch Company .
  8. Tool for making crop circles .
  9. Glass blowers shears .
  10. Called a "Sticking Tommy" it was used in mining to hold a candle .
  11. Close. It is used to let down clock springs to disassemble the movement for repair . Search for clock letdown key , though most today have round wood handles .
  12. This is an ignition coil for a model T Ford . One of four required . The box contains a primary and secondary coil and a foil capacitor . Worth little unless the points are replaced and the capacitor ...
  13. Clock movement repair stand used mostly for round plate movements .
  14. It looks homemade . Pictures of the mechanism would help to identify time line .
  15. Tool used to crimp the metal lids on five gallon metal pails . For paint , etc .
  16. I didn't know these were made in France too . In the USA they are known as Plato clocks . The platform escapement at the top of image four is a replacement . The center wheel with the red on it may be...
  17. This is a travel lamp . Used when you were traveling by horse , train , or stage . A room for the night might not include a lamp . I have several in my lamp collection . Also called a BEETLE lamp beca...
  18. Bow lantern for a canoe or cat boat .
  19. I use mine for aircraft metal forming .
  20. Thanks TassieDevil ! Brewers and distillers used them as advertising pieces . Great education to be had here .
  21. I didn't know the railroads used paddles . Why did they need to lock them ?
  22. I believe this is used to perforate the amount and signature on checks . Then it would be obvious the check had been altered .
  23. This is a bed wrench used by firemen to save the most expensive furniture first ......the beds .
  24. Five years employee service at Pratt & Whitney .
  25. A jack mechanism to put on the wood beam of your choice for any length .
  26. Looks like a bearing scraper , for babbit bearings .
  27. Revelations abound !
  28. A brad pusher . Used for installing small wire brads .
  29. G G ? Possibly Carl Schneider 1879 to 1886 .
  30. I do love German bisque . Such detail , yet today it is worth very little . My first thought was a spill vase . It is beautiful .
  31. Latch pin for farm equipment .
  32. This is a wire splicing machine . Possibly for telegraph wires. See J . Barron patent number 713,940 of Nov.18,1902 . It is completely mobile with no provision to mount to a bench .
  33. Tool for setting spark plug gaps .
  34. Perhaps a film sprocket from a movie camera or movie projector .
  35. Not a steel workers spud wrench.
  36. Light socket switch key with extension.
  37. This was originally a peg lamp. The glass peg was meant to go into a candle holder. Someone felt they needed a threaded hole in the peg for a different application. So that is where you are today.
  38. This is for a key chain. At the bottom it says "& RECEIVE REWARD" It should also say RETURN . What is on the back of the medal ? It is so worn from rubbing on keys.
  39. upholsterers tack puller.
  40. Perhaps a house siding gauge, for installation spacing .
  41. Possibly a spare tire lock , but you don't say how long the chain is. Or supply any dimensions.
  42. The first pic is a D18 Beechcraft. My Navy squadron decommissioned the last one owned by the USN. It looks like it is now being used as a simulator for skydivers. Needs a trampoline on the ground !
  43. This is an ignition coil for a one cylinder engine. Probably a stationary farm engine.
  44. looks like Hawaiian koa wood.
  45. Yes and, do not go crazy trying to put bushings in the wood plates. After all these years, very few need bushings. Polish the pivots and do not oil the wood.
  46. This is a mechanical pencil.
  47. No, that is fine. It is a tape measure graduated in inches !
  48. What means tyvm ?
  49. Known as pince nez .
  50. This looks like a battery test meter for telephones back when telephones had dry cell 1 1/2 volt batteries. For instance, wall phones with oak cases.
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Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903