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  1. A long case regulator of high quality . It has a pendulum of glass jar filled with mercury . Missing the sweep seconds hand . Be careful who overhauls that . Most clock repairers aren't qualified to d...
  2. Looks much like a hinge fitting for a cabinet door . The long spike is driven into the cabinet door frame and the round part up carries the round strap attached to the door . The curved spur would len...
  3. Used to paint lines on dirt roads .
  4. This is a broom makers cutter . GOOGLE image will show examples in use.
  5. NO dimensions makes it rather difficult ! Looks like an insulator for a telephone / telegraph line . Where is geraldton ?? Does it matter ?
  6. Plane blades .
  7. What is the full patent date ? For sure .
  8. A very bad copy . Originals have the makers company name stamped inside along with the date of manufacture .
  9. Used for texting while driving an early FORD ?
  10. Hand beader without blades .
  11. A link to show another .
  12. Tool for changing tires in teens and twenties . Mostly for clincher beaded tires .
  13. For reading while duck hunting ?
  14. Restaurants and saloons serving wine . Passenger aircraft have them mounted to the galley counter.
  15. 1890s version of an earlier model . Time , strike , and alarm . Clock repair shop or hobbyist can restore movement for you . Not very valuable . operating well perhaps $ 150 to 175 . Check online auc...
  16. GOOGLE it !
  17. Do you mean Maserati ? Of Modena Italy ? No , this watch is made by the Trenton Watch Company .
  18. Tool for making crop circles .
  19. Glass blowers shears .
  20. Called a "Sticking Tommy" it was used in mining to hold a candle .
  21. Close. It is used to let down clock springs to disassemble the movement for repair . Search for clock letdown key , though most today have round wood handles .
  22. This is an ignition coil for a model T Ford . One of four required . The box contains a primary and secondary coil and a foil capacitor . Worth little unless the points are replaced and the capacitor ...
  23. Clock movement repair stand used mostly for round plate movements .
  24. It looks homemade . Pictures of the mechanism would help to identify time line .
  25. Tool used to crimp the metal lids on five gallon metal pails . For paint , etc .
  26. I didn't know these were made in France too . In the USA they are known as Plato clocks . The platform escapement at the top of image four is a replacement . The center wheel with the red on it may be...
  27. This is a travel lamp . Used when you were traveling by horse , train , or stage . A room for the night might not include a lamp . I have several in my lamp collection . Also called a BEETLE lamp beca...
  28. Bow lantern for a canoe or cat boat .
  29. I use mine for aircraft metal forming .
  30. Thanks TassieDevil ! Brewers and distillers used them as advertising pieces . Great education to be had here .
  31. I didn't know the railroads used paddles . Why did they need to lock them ?
  32. I believe this is used to perforate the amount and signature on checks . Then it would be obvious the check had been altered .
  33. This is a bed wrench used by firemen to save the most expensive furniture first ......the beds .
  34. Five years employee service at Pratt & Whitney .
  35. A jack mechanism to put on the wood beam of your choice for any length .
  36. Looks like a bearing scraper , for babbit bearings .
  37. Revelations abound !
  38. A brad pusher . Used for installing small wire brads .
  39. G G ? Possibly Carl Schneider 1879 to 1886 .
  40. I do love German bisque . Such detail , yet today it is worth very little . My first thought was a spill vase . It is beautiful .
  41. Latch pin for farm equipment .
  42. This is a wire splicing machine . Possibly for telegraph wires. See J . Barron patent number 713,940 of Nov.18,1902 . It is completely mobile with no provision to mount to a bench .
  43. Tool for setting spark plug gaps .
  44. Perhaps a film sprocket from a movie camera or movie projector .
  45. Not a steel workers spud wrench.
  46. Light socket switch key with extension.
  47. This was originally a peg lamp. The glass peg was meant to go into a candle holder. Someone felt they needed a threaded hole in the peg for a different application. So that is where you are today.
  48. This is for a key chain. At the bottom it says "& RECEIVE REWARD" It should also say RETURN . What is on the back of the medal ? It is so worn from rubbing on keys.
  49. upholsterers tack puller.
  50. Perhaps a house siding gauge, for installation spacing .
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903