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  1. OK , I was wrong. Gendron c1915 had wood spoke wheels. Thanks to DD !
  2. The wheels do not look correct for the car !
  3. This is a mechanical pencil.
  4. No, that is fine. It is a tape measure graduated in inches !
  5. What means tyvm ?
  6. Known as pince nez .
  7. This looks like a battery test meter for telephones back when telephones had dry cell 1 1/2 volt batteries. For instance, wall phones with oak cases.
  8. Mechanism for pin stripping . Most were thrown out as junk . Nothing beats a brush and steady hand .
  9. US made, Spanish American war era. The clock dial and probably the movement are replacements. The dial is just a little too small for the opening.
  10. Looking at the label again. Is the label torn off at the bottom just below the right hole ? That is where it should say HUDSON & SKINNER . Their dates were 1825 to 1839 . I base this on examples of ...
  11. A beautiful label. Go to the bottom of the case label and look for small printing Elihu Geer printer. The address is the dating method. He changed addresses every few years and that tells the date. P...
  12. Known as a hollow auger, it is used to put round tenons on wood parts like wheel spokes or chair rungs. The center gauge is the depth stop which controls how long the tenon will be. The gauge is usual...
  13. Just this, you probably know. Henry and his twin were captured by Indians. What a great read. The page is a religious hymn, The Holy ...
  14. Wow, nice ! Pipe aboard the admiral.
  15. NOEN stands for Naval Ordinance Experimental Laboratory located at the Dahlgren Weapons Center in Maryland. The US Navy used these in the Oerlikon gun. A great find !
  16. The serial number has not worn off the dial . It was never there. Remove the movement from the case and find the serial number on the movement. Chelsey Clock Co. is in business today . They have a web...
  17. Drier rack for a cowboys batwing chaps.
  18. Turn it around and open the back door. Take quality pics of the movement and any ID or names or logos. Without more info we can only tell you it is a clock.
  19. That is a scraper plane.
  20. Definitely a shaving mug. Called a coal scuttle. Soap up top and brush below.
  21. Let us get the case writing translated. Propeller protractor.
  22. I agree. Next case.
  23. Swat it looks like to me too.
  24. Google image : Excelsior stove. Made by National Stove Works of Quincy, Illinois.
  25. Not jack in the pulpit but pitcher plants. Regardless, it is a great story and I thank you for sharing it. It is a beautiful piece. Now how do I get it away from you ?
  26. Inner tube vulcanizer for applying patches. Early 20th century.
  27. The standard cap for such a can without a cap is a piece of potato. That has been used ever since we had gas and oil cans. TRUE !
  28. Way to go , Larry ! Good to hear from you again.
  29. As it says, it is for trimming cigar tips. Usually found on counters of cigar stores. Most were made by Brunhoff of Cincinnati circa 1900. Worth more than one would think. Usually had a key fixed on t...
  30. Sickroom vaporizer.
  31. Die stock for holding threading dies to cut machine threads.
  32. This is a Zeiss Ikon cylinder key made in Germany. Actually four keys in one, hard to pick the lock that uses these keys. But in WW11 the allied POWs could do it.
  33. This tool is a cable splicing clamp.
  34. I think the wire wheels are a later addition.
  35. A handle for carrying a hard salami.
  36. For Heavens Sake ! Just GOOGLE it ! there are many videos on youtube to show the machine in action. It had a removable crank the operator used to wind the machine spring. It would run many times on a ...
  37. I answered Hawaiianfinds question. He didn't ask about the truck.
  38. From a penny arcade machine. Made by Mills Novelty Co. known as a Mills drop card machine. It is missing a LOT !
  39. Gas cap for Ford 1926 & 1927.
  40. But the increments on this tool are in pounds. Spring scales are usually in ounces. Perhaps of a different use entirely.
  41. Used for testing the force of starter and generator brush springs. Also used for ignition point springs .
  42. In Germany they are Lusterweibchen chandeliers. Perhaps these are copies of that theme.
  43. Oh........these have been here before. It's a timber scribe / race knife.
  44. English railroad lamp.
  45. Railroad signal lock.
  46. Buy your parts here in 2016.
  48. Iron corn sheller.
  49. I believe it is a change making apparatus. Possibly for an arcade setting. Any tokens in this country would be the size of US coins. Without good dimensions anything further is conjecture.
  50. Dot needs to come back and answer the question at hand.
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903