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  1. Wine decanter with a place to keep the car keys, condoms, or change .
  2. I think it is home made.
  3. This is a tachometer for determining shaft or engine speed. Used with a watch to time interval. Usually came with a rubber tip or different tips for different applications.
  5. Handball gloves. Maybe 1920s. Ask Spalding !
  6. This looks a bit like the parts of a drag saw, but there isn't much to go by despite all the parts shown.
  7. Should be one red one green. green on the right. They are your running lights.
  8. NOT watch keys !
  9. Too too beautiful ! Baby or no baby, I'd push that around. Full of iced beers perhaps. AND a trunk for snacks. This one cannot be beat !
  10. Thank you for posting this. It is the second brass point I have seen. I have the first. Never mounted on a shaft, it has the hole behind the pivot. I have read the hole was filled with a wood peg that...
  11. I believe this tool is used to clean the flue tubes of a steam tractor boiler. It would have been mounted on a loooong steel rod.
  12. is probably French. Remove that gold colored bell shaped part on the movement back. Look there for a stamped mark of any sort. Throw the gold bell part away and do a Google image search...
  13. Most of these are reproductions and I believe this is too. Hard to know for sure with a photo, though.
  14. The source is my readings of history. I cannot quote chapter and verse. I have seen photos taken during the war of the police in action. Usually seen with German shepherds/Alsatians on leashes. But yo...
  15. Similar but not Model T. It seems any old car part is from a Model T.
  16. No info about the lettering on the gorget. They were worn by WWll military police of Germany. Hated not only by civilians, but by the German army as well. They were nicknamed the "Chained dogs" for th...
  17. This is a Dzus key. It is used to turn Dzus buttons or fasteners on aircraft engine cowlings. Mostly from WW 2 on. Not used much with these new generation Airbus types. A regular screwdriver would wor...
  18. I am loving that a lot !
  19. This tool is called a trammel. Usually six to twelve inches long it was used to raise or lower a betty lamp. The example you have is HUGE ! Perhaps to hold a pot over a fire for cooking. A signed and ...
  20. Go to this forum and ask for info as you have here. You may have to join to post, free and easy. Just don't ask for value, as you have not he...
  21. If there are answers YOU have them. Remove the pendulum and remove the movement from the case. Look at the rear plate and check for manufacturers logo or name. Come back with that info. It isn't rocke...
  22. Wallpaper trimmer. I don't think they use them anymore because of the way wallpaper is made today.
  23. A Fanning Mill ! I have never seen the like ! Another gold star for the Rustfarm. I don't know how he does it.
  24. Rustfarm is my hero ! He is as sharp as a tack and smart as fresh paint. I don't know how he does it. Studied hard in school I guess.
  25. This is a plumbers tool. It is used to expand the end of lead pipes to join them.
  26. That's a horse trough with an iron pump to fill it. Horses had to be kept watered.
  27. Gauges for cutting pie slices perfectly.
  29. The black clock is marked on the dial with the sellers name and not the makers name. The maker would mark the movement back plate. But not always.
  30. Thank you for the history. I never knew who to ask !
  31. Medical sterilizer for military field use. Used alcohol.
  32. The iron piece is missing the leather strap. It is a corn husker used to peel corn ears. The brass item is a button hole cutter guide. Patent number 147,209 for feb. 3, 1874
  33. Columbus gum machine with rare slug rejector on coin slot.
  34. In the US it was known as a TL29. Made by Camilus among others. Used by Navy and trades like linemen. Screwdriver is locking open ?
  35. Your dad had a very good eye for antiques. That is probably around 1900. No seatbelt or airbags.
  36. Bicycle or hunting horn.
  37. It may be just an Austrian hunting trophy. But.........I think that is full of bad Karma. You can see it in the eyes ! Have you identified the animal horn ? Get rid of it during a full moon......alone.
  38. It's a bit hard to tell with the pix too close. Need a full image of the case. I suspect it has been cut up somewhat.
  39. That is a spool cabinet, supplied to stores by the thread company.
  40. USA Canada and Mexico ! Early NAFTA ?
  41. Great piece. First I've seen like it. It seems as if yo-yos have always been with us.
  42. Research Morris chair and you will see what the back looked like. You could make one. And they are not ducks on the arms. They are Old World Dolphins.
  43. Fabulous condition ! I cannot read the underside lettering. It isn't Sun Rubber of Akron ? I like it a lot.
  44. These work well for snuffing candles too.
  45. This looks like a pickle bottle, but I cannot find the proof. Not a liquor bottle.
  46. And it really really works !
  47. The allen setscrews date to after 1910 patent. I'm still chewing on this.
  48. I do not know this one, Rustfarm. It is recording the bore of something. But not much of a dial indicator for accuracy. Is the hardware SAE or Metric ? That may narrow the field somewhat. A bail on on...
  49. Saw tooth setter.
  50. My info came from Standard Catalog of American Cars. Doubt you will find it anywhere else. Good luck..........
  51. See more


Loetz Sheashell vase unknown decor ca. 1903