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  1. Soapstone is a lower quality of Jadeite by the way, and this appears to be a mid-quality Jadeite. Very nice!
  2. This could be mocha ware from the 1800's. If it is, they are worth $400 each.
  3. The perfectly polished pontil gives it away as real, true, great Loetz! Congrats!
  4. I have the same one. Nice nice nice!
  5. agreed ^
  6. Very nice. Probably 180-230 years old. Most likely bone and not ivory from the looks. Worth: maybe $900-$1500.
  7. Are you positive it's glass? it DOES look like it. Does it "feel" like glass in your hand?
  8. How much did you pay for this wonderful piece, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. This appears to be Mountain Jade (or Dolomite), or Serpentine. However, Jadeite CAN come in this color, it is more rare (and not that valuable). The most valuable Jadeite is a translucent Emerald Gree...
  10. I'm quite a jade expert.... and it's not "the best jade", which is bright "emerald green" and very clear, but this is one nice piece of jewelry and from the photos it surely looks like very good quali...
  11. This may be Nephrite and not Jadeite. If this is Jadeite it's worth about $3000+ depending on the age, but it really looks like the very common nephrite to me, which makes it about $300+ depending on ...
  12. Thanks Jim! I appreciate the comment very much! I thought it was Chinese until you said something! I have been looking for the mark for the past 30 minutes and cannot find it either! Weird! Anyways, t...
  13. looks like a dragon to me... How much did you pay?
  14. This piece is from between 1890 and 1910 from China. Could be worth $200! It is very nice.
  15. This is not an ashtray! What you have is a writing brush washing dish! Very nice! Do you mind telling me what the sticker on the bottom says?
  16. oh well thank you for looking it up! i'll take a look at your items as well.
  17. they are beautiful and cool! are they salt shakers? and how much are they worth?
  18. i remember they were considered "Colima" figures... wherever that is I am not sure.
  19. thanks again. i think the area is either argentina or columbia... one of them.. i forget which however.
  20. thank you for the compliment! they were dug by an archaeologist who lives in a neighboring town. they were dug in the 1990's. they are about 7 inches tall and are clay.
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Blue Jasperware with Oswestry Coat of Arms


Beautiful Chinese " Jingfa" Cloisonne Ash Tray / Circa 1950's 60's