How does Show and Tell work?

Show & Tell is a place where you can share your favorite vintage items and antiques with visitors to, whether it’s a piece from your collection, something cool you saw while out picking, or a collectors event you’ve recently attended. You can upload up to four high-resolution photos for each Show & Tell, and you are encouraged to write as much as you want (the minimum is about 30 words). You can also track your favorite Show & Tells, leave comments, and ask questions. Think of it as a shared virtual museum, with really smart docents—you!

Here are a few more details:

  • Show & Tell is free. We plan to keep it that way.
  • Show & Tell is monitored. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate for any reason.
  • Show & Tell is not for selling. Please don’t post items that are, or will be, for sale anywhere, be it eBay, Etsy, craigslist, etc. For-sale listings, even non-commercial ones, will be deleted.
  • Show & Tell is not for buying. Please don’t post items that are examples of things you are trying to buy.
  • Signing up is quick and easy. You need to create an account to post items on Show & Tell.
  • You also get a personal profile page. You may upload a photo of yourself or your avatar (no business logos, please!), and a bit of information about yourself and your interest in vintage and antiques, although you should always think carefully about posting your email address since access to your profile page is unrestricted.
  • Bookmark your profile page for easy access. From your profile page, you can see all your Show & Tell items, as well as other people’s Show & Tell items that you’ve Liked or Loved. You can also access your profile page by clicking on your username in the upper-right-hand corner of any of our pages.
  • Adding new items is easy. On the add item form, just type in a title, select up to four photos from your hard drive to upload, then write a description of your item. Be sure to include as much information as possible in your item’s description so other users can give you the best feedback.
  • About categories. Choose up to two categories for your item so it will appear on the correct pages. For example, if you are uploading photos of a 1920s Lionel train, select “Model Trains” as your main Category and “prewar Lionel” as your Sub-Category. Tip: Post single items or a collection of similar objects so they can be better categorized on the site.
  • About photos. We currently accept jpg, gif, and png files. If you want to upload an archival photo to contrast it with your own, please make sure you have the rights before doing so. Like the Show & Tells themselves, we reserve the right to remove photos for any reason, whether it’s for image quality or appropriateness. For more information, visit our page on photo tips.
  • Editing your pages is easy. Just go to that item’s page and click the “Edit this page” link on the lower left (you will only see this link when you are logged in).
  • Items get displayed in multiple places. Once you’ve posted a Show & Tell item, it will appear in multiple places on, based on its categories and the number of people who have Liked or Loved it.
  • Sharing pages is easy. On any Show & Tell page, you can share with friends and other collectors via email, Facebook, and Twitter using the links and buttons provided.
  • Other questions or suggestions? Send us an email!
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