What can I do on Collectors Weekly?

1. Explore more than 1,900 categories of vintage and antique objects:

Start on our All Categories page, or use Search to find something you like.

When you arrive on a Category page (see example below), click the eBay tab or select Most Watched from the pulldown menu to view more live Auctions and Fixed Price items. (In addition to Most Watched, sort options in the pulldown include Ending Soon, Newest, High Price, Low Price, and Completed.) You can also click on any of the items in the right-hand column, which is curated by Barnebys.

On eBay pages (see example below), click one of the buttons on the left to view All items or just Auctions or Fixed Price items. You can also select a new Sort, or adjust circles on the Price slider to the right or left to narrow the price range of displayed items. To refine your results even further, type a relevant keyword into the “Filter results” box.

2. Read something fascinating:

Check our homepage for all our latest feature articles, subscribe to our RSS feed (https://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/feed/), or browse our six sections—Fashion, Design, Home, Culture, Machines, and Collectibles.


3. Share your favorite items:

See great collections posted by other users, and share your own items on Show & Tell.

4. Tell your friends about us:

Follow Collectors Weekly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

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