What’s appropriate on Show and Tell?

Show & Tell is a place where you can share your favorite vintage items and antiques with visitors to CollectorsWeekly.com, whether it’s a piece from your collection, something cool you saw while out picking, or a collectors event you’ve recently attended. While an item’s value can certainly be a part of the conversation, Show & Tell is mostly a forum for communicating with other users to learn more about the pieces you own.

If you’re looking for an item’s value, check out ValueMyStuff rather than posting it on Show & Tell.

Please read the following guidelines before posting and commenting on Show & Tell. We reserve the right to delete content that doesn’t comply with these guidelines or that we deem inappropriate for any reason, and also to delete any content we believe is not in the spirit of Show & Tell.

In your item postings:

  • Don’t post items that are for sale anywhere, be it a live auction on eBay, Etsy, craigslist, etc.
  • Don’t post items merely to get a price for a future sale of those items.
  • Don’t post solicitations to purchase items you collect.
  • Don’t engage in self-promotion in posts and comments.
  • Don’t post items that are really ads for services or upcoming events.
  • Don’t post items you’ve made yourself as products to sell.
  • Don’t post images that you don’t have the rights to.
  • Be sure to include as much information as possible in your item’s description so other users can give you good feedback.

In your comments:

  • Be respectful. Personal attacks or offensive language of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Stay on-topic. Take digressions and side conversations elsewhere.
  • Don’t try to buy, sell, or advertise items or services.

If you see a post or comment that you think is inappropriate and should be removed (or anything else on the site that’s broken or incorrect), please let us know. As a shortcut, you can just click the “Report as inappropriate” link on the lower-left corner of any Show & Tell page.

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