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archtop guitar by siep57
Telleno archtopby coffeegeek
Harmony H-945 Archtop Acoustic Guitarby jerrybo…
1959 Rickenbacker 360fby swamplord
Arch top Guitar - you helped me partially identify!by CardinalLady
Guitar left to us & have had it for years.  Is it worth anything or just a design item?by CardinalLady
1961 Airline N-1 Single Cutaway Archtopby kimert
My Grandfather's Japanese archtop guitar circa 1960-1975 by christian_m…
1940-1950,s German buildby Mvander01
Unknown Silvertone. Help!!by nevjim_3
Anyone know what this is?by Slyhook
1956 Harmony Accustic Guitarby trish52
Roma Guitarby NickT
vintage kay guitarby dl74075
1950s Kay electric full hollow body guitar. by acconciar
Roma  Mysteryby BTHS