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Schecter Bass late 70's / early 80'sby lefactotum
Found in uncles home No idea what it is. Has felt pad where it gtipsby Jackietools
My Fav Instrument! by Conchal…
Victorian Guitar playing womanby scottvez
1960s to 1970s JAPAN made Mosaic guitar picksby Signaho…
Camaro guitar - anyone heard anything about these?by Kleenexz
1940s Bob Clifton's Tu-Way guitar picksby Signaho…
Vintage Regal Tube Amp by Tosan
archtop guitar by siep57
1940s Regal Cowboy guitarby Signaho…
1960's Signed Psychedelic Art Guitar for the "Incredible Iguanas"by HippieA…
Telleno archtopby coffeegeek
Harmony H-945 Archtop Acoustic Guitarby jerrybo…
Gibson Gospel (1993 reissue)by jerrybo…
1934 Gibson L-Century Of Progress guitarby Signaho…
What Kind of Musical Instrument is this?by AB95117
1983 Fender Stratocasterby kamikaz…
Old kawai guitar no labelby Thoughtbuilds
Vintage Youth Guitar -- Unknown Makerby antique…
Old guitar, Salvador Ibanez (Spanish)by Esso
56' Gibson Les Paul Gold Topby hanksja…
K&F Fender Lap Steel Amp 1945by richman85251
Mini Guitar Winstonby JImam
Reliable Toys ( Canada ) - Toy Guitar Western Themeby antique…
1985 Schecter Serial # G 0948by MatthewB
59 Silvertones U1 & U2.   I Shanerbell
unknown guitarby falmusa
mini electric guitar any informarionby mariobroos1…
1980's Vintage LAPEL PINS ( Guitar Shape ) by antique…
Vintage 1960's ? Montgomery Ward Guitar in the Boxby MachineGunP…
Martin 1950's backpackerby misshinryu
Guitarby were
1959 Rickenbacker 360fby swamplord
Adorable miniature six string salesman's guitar. Sampleby Kaseylyn
1962 Manuel Rodriguez guitarby mluna99
1975 Ovation Medallion Guitarby EJW-54
Help ID Grover Jackson Washburn Bantam XB500 5 String Bass Guitarby mssue64
72 watt 2 channel nickle59
My beautiful mystery Dobroby Guitarzania
187? Martin Parlor Guitarby Carycme
60's 12 String Help to Identifyby RobertDG7
Help identify early 50s Danelectro guitar amplifierby richardsand…
Determine A Gibson Les Paul - Gold Topby Mitchwhite8
Guitarophone- Oscar Schmidt,New-Jersey,USA, Circa 1917by Alan2310
My great grandparent's Dobroby AmyV
Martin ukuleles, age?  Type?by ripfree
Guitarby were
Any idea what this is?by sbarjames
My Guild D40 Specialby dlc-xray
My Favorite custom handmade guitarby Asheras…
Guitarby shortfe…
1970's Gretsch Roc 1 solid body guitarby Dozer1688
Vintage Unknown maker custom inlayed acoustic guitarby earl99
1986 62 reissue fender stratocasterby thunder…
Vintage Martin Mandolin  strings by DiamondiceSLR
Instrument by Bottlesjw
Spanish Antonio Torres Ramirez guitarby Guitarman123
1948 Fender Pro-Amp, well preserved!by RobVee
Pignose Acoustic Cutawayby rbert16000
Can anyone help identify the maker of this 12 string?by bdollar
1936 Gibson EH100 Amplifierby vintage…
1937 Gibson EH100 amplifierby vintage…
Gibson ampby vintage…
Stratocastel "Number One" Stevie Ray Vaughan (Custom)by Hornet
Martin Tippleby Martinfan
Gibson Les Paul Custom with original Caseby mikeigo…
Vintage CF Martin & Co Acoustic guitar (not so sure about the model) normandaleg@gmail.comby yhongdelz
Vintage El Bee guitar ampby Jami937
1960 gibson les paul special type electric guitar unmarked need helpby raretomcat
Elvis Guitar ?by Vavavoom17
Unknown pedal steelby Eighthn…
Arch top Guitar - you helped me partially identify!by CardinalLady
Vintage Black Walnut Schechter Strat from Componentsby wileydad
Guitar left to us & have had it for years.  Is it worth anything or just a design item?by CardinalLady
1960 Eko Ranger 12 String Italy With Orig Case by NCC
Madeira Accoustic Guitarby Torsstuff
k. yairi y800 classical guitar circa 1960'sby kimert
1961 Airline N-1 Single Cutaway Archtopby kimert
Trying to ID this vintage guitar amp name brand "Amateur"?by lostone777
Cryogenic Martin '95 HD-28by shawn_g
Treasures of My Daddy' Aimathena
83 Jackson ser#: RR0034, 34th jackson ever builtby portingagui…
rickenbacker proto typby axwizz
1960's guild 12 sting (not a 112 or 212)personal favorite,2"wide nutby guild12st
Guitar pickersby scottvez
Starforce 8000by airframegen…
My Grandfather's Japanese archtop guitar circa 1960-1975 by christian_m…
Collectionby antique…
1960 DeArmond R5T by RobVee
just came across a Danelectro from The 50sby kenny12
Tempo f hole archback acousticby buggybleu
Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar. by Guitarguy
Collector of Antique history ??? by cashcount
1960's Jordan Two/04 Guitar Ampby Tazamaraz
john grey & son 4 string banjo g5759by davidnipper
Formerly known as.... by superdan
Yamaki classical guitar GC25by elbee6t6
Chimes single cutaway acoustic guitarby orelse
HELP! What guitar is this? (brand, model, wood)by m717
mysterious fender 63-67 pro-reverb /dual showman ps15by zdk0222
BB King Autographed 1992 Epiphone Sheraton With PAF's by NativeJ…
1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Gold worksby NativeJ…
Folk Art Primitive Upright Bassby jimboot…
Vintage 1941 D-15 M Martin Guitar by kharma58
guitar Id???by chopitup
Banjo [family heirloom]by debbiengeor…
Can anyone identify this jumbo guitar?  by eltroub…
Glass Bassby Glassic…
Glass Guitarby Glassic…
Old "Parlor  Guitar"by fdm
Profile Guitar - Black Magic / at least it used to be.. by superdan
60's Tiesco Violin Guitar by RobVee
1891 Fiddleby gvgordon
Dad's Toysby czeller66
Guitar by Garza23
possible Martin?by Guitarguy
Unique Vintage Mandolinby mkw1836
Jerry Horton's Original Artist Seriesby RatherHaveA…
Alamo 2566 "Fury" amplifierby HawkeyeKane
shadow S-10by loozianaman69
Taylor 510  by buzzbuzz
Vintage Hohner mysteryby jocelyn.tar…
unknown banjoby fit4sixty
Who made this Banjo? What era was it made?by mountainman13
I'm trying to find out what kind of banjo this is.  by bbedwell
HERE'S YOUR CHANCE to see a Very Rare Vintage 1967 Guild Mark III classical guitar that just became available!by b.babich
Vintage Russian Belalaikaby gvgordon
Can anyone tell me what I found?by Getnothingf…
1940-1950,s German buildby Mvander01
I need help identifying my newly found banjo... by Synqmazta
Mosrite Serenadeby Opentheg8
X550 Stuartby markie.mark
Pedro Solis Caro Guitar know anything about em???by rstong
Washburn A1287 Acoustic Lap Guitarby steve1
inusual guitar Some one Help me ?by Hornet
Roxy 1960s German banjoby designingdo…
1940s banjoby archiel…
Beare and Son Mandolinby grok
Kenvai Guitar need information on this makerby curhist…
great guitars by stringm…
My favorite Martin banjoby weedhopper
RARE!! Vega Mandolin Banjo 1920'sby cnarvaez48
Vintage dobroby Aramis
1960 Gibson ES355  W/ ORIGINAL CASE and AMPLIFIERby raymondharper
m y project/ starforceby stringm…
Small Guitar Watch Charmby musikchoo
1993 Gibson F5 Custom with factory VIRZI signed by Steve Carlsonby Hillbil…
Help?, I can't find info. on this lovely Silvertone Guitarby Canukk
Koa Wixom Concert Slotted mmstan
1988 Gibson/Epiphone Nouveau Spotlight (PRS Lawsuit Model) by TANKAR1
dB electro-musical  X.Pressor   by Perrence
Gibson Model?by rfs1920
Unknown Silvertone. Help!!by nevjim_3
more guitar picsby melaiki
gibson guitar?by melaiki
Granada G3oo made in Koreaby jennylmb
Newest Aqusitionsby mmstan
abbott banjoby allan100
1936 Style 97 National Mandolinby Fazza
my recent find at a storage auctionby andyman
These are my three Bass musikchoo
Vintage Banjolinby EWUNIA
Premier Twin 8 Amp 1962by SudoNimh
TOY BANJO or is it a BANJO UKE ??by GeofW
My Vintage 1951 Gibson CF100by veeman507
How Many "1 of 1" Gibson Les Paul's are there???by artsguitars
Love HH Scott Tube HiFi Vintage Guitars by vibrolux45
Rare 80's El maya bass guitarby BillyBgood
3 neck vintage steel guitarby kennyray
Inherited early 1900's Banjoby baylee03
Martin and Co. NY 1865-1897 What style?by bstimy
Vintage 5 string Banjoby potato22
1941 Rikenbacher B6 (Bakelite 6 string) Lap Steel Guitarby JayDubDesign
Three 'vintage' guitars; Telleno parlor guitar, Ibanez 693-Dove, and Harmony, Grand concert size, 3478h165by burningwood…
harmony guitar made in usaby ahoyle
50 watt Marshall combo fawn restorationby guitarr…
Modern Man's handmade clear polyester resin ModernMan
Ukulele..not match-less..but it is matchless!by tonyhall
Marshall 1967 Super PA by RobVee
Lefty 1969 Les Paul Customby RobVee
Lefty 1971 Les Paul Customby RobVee
1978 Lefthanded B.C. Rich Mockingbirdby RobVee
Lefty Custom made Epiphone Coronetby RobVee
Flamingo Ukuleleby picking…
can anyone tell me what this 4 string banjo is worth? old gretsch i believeby brandontheguy
1965 Gibson Dove all Original!  by oldhippee
Anyone know what this is?by Slyhook
Gibson J-50by JustPeach2005
One of My Favorite Old Guitarsby oldhippee
My Left Handed Guitar Collectionby RamblinHusky
My New Ibanez Artcore AS73L Guitarby RamblinHusky
My Left Handed Schecter Telecasterby RamblinHusky
Heerby Guitarby ldnicklas
Help Identifying my Banjo Ukuleleby kellycaster71
Marshall Master Lead Combo Reverbby xjennsx
The Abbott 'Monarch' Banjo Ukuleleby xjennsx
 A suzuki Mandolin made by Kiso Suzuki Violin co. L.T.D. Japan.  I believe it was made in the early 1900's.  by musikchoo
1957 vibrolux amp. 5f11by guitarzan
my 1975 fender p bass that i play guitarzan
Slingerland Uke Banjoby gene.arcboa…
5 string deering banjoby vanskyo…
1958 Splid head Explorerby Takeshi
1972 Fender Jazz with Mojo!by Classicjazz
jetel ukulele banjoby kathill73
Marshall ampby papa
kalamazoo archtop seriel #2824by Absnow
Stradolin mandolin by ThFerret
Greco Classical Acousticby Mongo503
Regal Guitarby cwork
Can anyone Help me identify this guitar?by Wican2
1959 Guild A-50 Acoustic Archtopby musicman47
1956 Harmony Accustic Guitarby trish52
vintage guitarby Tcollins
1957 Roc Jet??by Cloneranger
My Lyon & Healy Style A and Style B mandolinsby ggbarber
Orphan Mandolin without a name by SummertimeB…
Vintage guitars/ampby pickrkn…
Kalamazoo Model 2by HawkeyeKane
Fender vintage…
Gibson Les vintage…
My 1954 Fender Bassman next to my 1968 Les Paul Custom Black Beautyby Gatorblue
This is a Les Paul 1961 Custom guitar "orginial" down to the socks :)by hallspenself
1968 370F ~ A real lookerby Rick_Enbacker
1970 Guild 12 string # oa1229by LaurieV…
Billy Joels Ovation 12 String from the Russian tour by LaurieV…
1959 Martin 000-13E by LaurieV…
1970's Telecastorby LaurieV…
1970's Telecasterby LaurieV…
My Favorite all around guitar Ovation 1992 Special annerversary Model Shallow Backby LaurieV…
Late 70's D'Aquisto archtop and Fender Jaguarby LaurieV…
original 1981 D'Aquisto #101 Forte by LaurieV…
1970 Madeira Guild A30Mby MadeiraMan
1923 Slingerland 6 string Parlor Guitar holylandpiratesgmailby Jimala3
The "Nanci Griffith"by kevinda…
Help me to identify this ampby weeble9898
Gibson J-50 guitarby mtg75
1969 Real Gibson by wilkil11
The Emmylou Harrisby kevinda…
unknow found at thrift store other the wood and the sound,really resonateby jeffsasser
Gibson J45 Cutawayby orlino
My 1976 Taylor Guitarby BuddyG
Bajo Quinto 10-String Acoustic/Electric Guitarby Hezzie
Most awesome guitar~by lolabait
Squier by Fender Guitarby Mrj303
Guitarby ariding
Original Electro Harmonix PolyPhaseby rstrausjr
family zephyr epiphone 1951by musicjean
1957 or 1958 Guildby Bill1957
unknown mandolin by Heldid
SG Systems 610 ampby taber1969
New Fender Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar signed by Max Q: All Astronaut Bandby Guitarnovice
Guild D35 SD Serial no. 59033 by adsintx
Ibanez SA400 (gibson es345)by davecorten
Washburn A-5326 Mandolin by dsh2682
55 es 225tby MY55GIBSON
1980 Lefty Ovation Deacon by guitarswith…
74' Gibson Les Paul Customby birdzegg
Roma Guitarby NickT
1960 guild accustic electric T-100-B-D-P   by strings
Penetro.... one of nine built by John Dopyeraby blenderbender
My Favorite: Left handed Nik Huber Dolphinby TimingNL
Neon Hamer guitars sign from 1989 by HarryKat
Howe-orme guitarby chattylarsen
My steel guitars,triple neck rickenbacker 1959 or 1960 and a lap epiphone electar 1940' rguitar
Martin D-18 (148406), foundby fossiled
My guitarsby sodadad
Michael Jackson toy guitarby vinylrecord…
my favorite martinby cbarnes1937
Can anyone tell us about this mandolin?by TiffanyTall…
1964 Harmony Bobkatby jhendrixbus
Roll-Way Box & Workbenchby ClassicPicker
1970's Gretch Banjoby cbrummett
Got this for 60 bucks by Blury
Airline 7230 - Triple Pickupby AllenK4101965
Pro-Master Pedal steel by bjbj4651
Parlor guitarby ghccn
Profile brand Black Magic strat copyby ghccn
Camaro guitarby ghccn
Baldwin Baby Bison- Year?by Jerryencoma
Mystery Classical Concert Guitarby thakseman
*RARE Lace Helix Twisted Neck - electric guitar - one of a kind*by lacehelix
My 1937 Gibson EH-150 Guitar Ampby Gatorblue
Deagan Tube Amplifierby fatdogstudio
Vintage Ventura Bowl Back Mandolin, Exellent conditionby itsnotyou2
PRS Rocks! by terrybius
vintage kay guitarby dl74075
guitar unknownby shortfe…
1960's guitar made in Japanby ghccn
Vintage USA 1977 Telecaster Guitar.All Originalby vintagetele…
S. S. Stewart 5 String Banjo - Original Caseby scpena
Resonator Guitarby bufflohead
Help Identify this Gibson??by lotsof8s
Step dads old Hofner bassby pnzrsx
Fury BBM - Leftyby Guitarw…
PRS Custom 22by Guitarw…
4 string banjoby strider…
unknown guitarby strider…
Regal Guitarby strider…
Can somebody tell me what circa vintage and make of this guitar?by weiser
Old tele star ampby jt_ratliff
the hondo guitarby shortfe…
musical instrumentsby shortfe…
PRS Custom Built for Me, Heirloom Bass, Serial Number #11 from 1977!by BassHappy
2002 Gibson Les Paul Special "50th" Anniversary prototype. One of Twoby trojanman1
1950s Kay electric full hollow body guitar. by acconciar
Paracho Acoustic Guitar Mich, Mexby loofy62
Stinger SSX by CF Martin & Co  ca. 1986by Guitarded
Rare Triple Mandolinby Guitarded
Stinger SWG by CF Martin Co.      ca. 1989by Guitarded
Starforce usa  ca. late 1980s by Guitarded
Fender Stratocaster 1963, Jimi Hendrix Vintage…
Kasino by Kustom: Vintage Bass Guitarby daviddown
Anybody else have a Guild X 440?by mbrindell
IBANEZ GUITARby shortfe…
Aspen acoustic guitar AD-28by Doc_Monty
Sound Electronics Corp X305Rby Doc_Monty
Banjo Clockby Teacher…
Fender 2009 VG Modeling Stratocaster by musicians-n…
p'mico guitarby oilman514
George Harrison used guitar BeatleJ…
1967  Lefty Fender Telecasterby jazzrich
1930's Gibson L-OO?by HenryTX
Vintage Gretsch Professional Hi Fi Electromatic Guitar amp - pics/videoby WekivaSprings
Old 5-string, don't know what kind????????? need acedaddy78
VINTAGE GUITARby glendakrantz
1967 guild starfire 4by coophead
Steel Vontrike
1966 Fender Telecaster serial #174534by HanGartner
Rickenbacher Electro Los Angeles ( 1940 model NS )by carlose…
National Glenwood 99, 1965by Vintage…
Echozcar & Angel Baby. Analog boutique Vintage…
Fender Candy Apple Red, Guitar & Bass collectionby Vintage…
Fender Jazz Bass 1965, Candy Apple Redby Vintage…
Gibson Harp Guitar, 1920´sby Vintage…
Gibson Les Paul Std 1959, Sunburstby Vintage…
Henman Guitars, Rolla Vintage…
Gibson Les Paul 1958, Sunburstby Vintage…
Fender Jazzmaster 1964/1965 Candy Apple Redby Vintage…
Fender Stratocaster 1963, Sunburstby Vintage…
Ibanez AD-80, Analog Delayby Vintage…
Univox Super-Fuzz, 70´sby Vintage…
Fender Blender, fuzz pedalby Vintage…
Boss SG-1 Slow Gearby Vintage…
MXR Distortion +by Vintage…
Fender Jazzmaster 1963, Vintage…
TC Electronic Stereo Chorus+by Vintage…
Tycobrahe Octavia, 1976by Vintage…
1968 Basketweave Marshall 8x10 cab, model Vintage…
Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1958 & 1959by Vintage…
Gibson Les Paul Custom, 1957by Vintage…
Ibanez TS-808by Vintage…
Fender Jazzmaster, 1959by Vintage…
Martin OM45, 1979by Vintage…
Gibson Flying V Korina, 1982by Vintage…
Fender Stratocaster 1963by Vintage…
1967 Epiphone Rivoli bass guitarby TallerT…
i have a ES-250 gibson by neilgoins
Grandfathers Mandolinby sebring01
My Used Guitar Pick Collectionby deadman…
1963 Guild A-50by MarleneSose…
American Guitarby Musicradio
Mountain Dulcimerby Mrj303
Audition Guitarby Mrj303
My very rare & only known first electric amp from 1930 by electar-Epiphone!!!by floydan…
Ludwig Banjo by joemc65536
Ukulele case - Washburn, Chicagoby SMD
Looking for relief cvrichardson
Roma  Mysteryby BTHS
Regal dobro - 1930s angelus model?by ldenton
my first vintageby nate3008
T-60 Peavy Electric Guitarby alisha
My Guild 1978 G-37 Signature Guitarby lbyrom
Vintage 4 string banjo help, help helpby Mrbill100
Mickey Mouse Club Mousegetar musical box by GPaciocco7225
custom guitar frames-1by wiserde…
Les Paul Pee Wee autographed by Jonas Brothersby brendamac
1996 Guild DV6by kdavid
Musketeer Banjolinby papabears7
very old harmony bass help me date this guitar please!!by marylynn1966
1958 Guild T-100 (I think)  What do you thinkby mowashin7
California acoustic guitarby ericcjensen
1963 left handed firebirdby spikekenny
Early 1900's Zither 3 in one Mandolin/Guitar- may have beginners music booklet alsoby trudy1958
A group of  guitars and jodygwynn
Ukeleleby sherrywitht…
Mandolinby sherrywitht…
Banjoby sherrywitht…
What kind of Banjo is this?by Dylanboy1224
Fender 1953 Guitar & Amplifier Collectionby Stratos…
Heritage Les Paulby markdorr
 1968 Gibson 335 by hwy138
Guild factory custom, 1 0f 1 ?by jimkonjo
Rare Taylor?by DarrellWolfe
Guitarby danangel1
my 1960s silvertoneby guitarplaye…
Can anyone help me with information on this model? make,year, ect??by jenbob58
2 uke'sby arelicz…
1969-1972 Yamaha G-50 A Classical Guitarby mantique_co…
Mid-Late 1950's Stella H928 Acoustic Guitarby mantique_co…
 Early 1930's Kamaka "Special Concert Size" Ukuleleby Buddymo
My Guitar--1996 Taylor 810by wsvincent
Jose Do Espirito Santo ukeby arelicz…
vintage martain guitarby vclaydene
1930 Martin 2-17  my pride & joyby kdavid
this is my 1983 stratacaster elite. made 2 years,only3000 madeby telejr377
1934 Martin R-15 Archtop in it's original case. Production number 58652, the first of only two BevSpecialist
Vintage Vox Catalogsby valleyboy
Vintage Epiphone Guitar Catalogby valleyboy
Vintage Gibson Guitar Catalog, Part 3 of 3by valleyboy
Vintage Gibson Guitar Catalog, Part 2 of 3by valleyboy
Vintage Gibson Guitar Catalog, 1 of 3by valleyboy
Washburn Les Paul Black Beauty 1980s Copyby valleyboy
Vintage Kay Electric Bass Guitarby FLHRci01
1918 Gibson A3 Mandolinby FLHRci01
Gibson V 5 string bassby CaptainRon
What is this?by tubescreamer
Can any one tell me anything about thisopen back 4 string banjo?by slg4151
Pignose Guitarby KITCHen.ETC
custom made guitarby Reno
My favorite guitarby RWLoflin
Some of my favorites! by mrmodern
Jose Do Espiritu Santo late c. 1880'sby andyroth
Fender Thinline Telecaster 1969 Reissueby valleyboy
Round Archtop Gretsch Mysteryby prose33
Brand New Kay Banjo by acousticfem…
ukulele or mandolin ?by surfcity
1933 Gibson RB-1 / Mastertone Banjoby Grandpa…