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Rare Marx electric  DC power motor, Not a batteryby MrTrains
Marx 1666 steam chest smoking trainby MrTrains
Lighted Marx Tinplate Tendersby DLS_Texas
1947 Marx 999by Toy.lover
Marx train #666 in Like new condition: no boxby MrTrains
This is a very nice part of history, The Marx 999by Toy.lover
My Marx 595 I got for my Bithday from my Grandma six years MrTrains
3 Marx 1669 100 watts Trasnformers. with info on them,by MrTrains
 The three different variations  Marx  418 bell signals made.  by MrTrains
Marx  lithograph 897 : Prewarby MrTrains
Marx Accessory Catalog form 1952 by MrTrains
Marx Trains 6 Boxed black and chrome light posts. NOSby MrTrains
Marx Train 1404  Five-Light Remote control Block signal, Prewarby MrTrains
Marx Prewar 1405 TrainMaster Automatic Block Single. by MrTrains
My Marx Commodore Vanderbilt #597by MrTrains
Marx 495 MARLINES Steam MrTrains
Marx Army Commodore Vanderbilt Prewar MrTrains
Marx 559 stock - cattle carsby DLS_Texas
Louis Marx train. by Matallica
marx steam engineby rodeojr
Marx trains pre war red Mercury with nickle noseby JohnnyT.
Marx Trains wind up Commodore Vanderbilt New York Central setby JohnnyT.
Marx tin train setby Marciea
Vintage Marx Train Bridgeby Vetteman
Gloss black Marx custom 391 and NPR tender rescued from a fireby JohnnyT.
Marx Trains Louis Marx Commemorative Birthday Train Setby DLS_Texas
Restored Marx Commoore Vanderbiltby JohnnyT.
Marx New York Central trainsetby gargoyl…
Tin  Marx Train set in original box.Very good condition appears to have been used very fordnut100
MarX 556 Variety Packby DLS_Texas
MarX Tin Litho 552 Gondola Variationsby DLS_Texas
Smokin and chuggin gray 1666by DLS_Texas
Marx & Co. Model train 52272-pby prieto
1666 locomotiveby cge548
Marx Sample Mohawk Set from tedprince
Marx Locomotiveby picking…
MarX Pre War Union Pacificby gvgordon
60 Year Old Marx Train Setby CMHJOE
Not sure what I havedby dwlodwick
Marx trainsby jjackson
Can anyone tell me about this toy train engine?by tinakonecny
HELP!! louis marx stream line steam type electrical train # 52212by morgananne007
New addition to my fleetby JohnnyT.
Marx Trainsby djz9
Marx Prototype  CamleBack  engineby cchaste
1950's Marx Train Setby chevy59
Marx 10005 red and silver U.P. passenger setby JohnnyT.
Marx Canadian Pacific setby JohnnyT.
Marx rare 897 wind upby JohnnyT.
Tin Train (Marx)by nick21
Marx Train with Train sounding hornby Roadrunner
MarX Toy Company refrigerated boxcar Colorado and Southern variationsby DLS_Texas
Marx Steel Ride On Trainby chevy59
Marx restored wrecker carby JohnnyT.
Marx 1938 all original Commodore Vanderbilt freight set!by JohnnyT.
Vintage Marx custom Con-Rail transport car with lights and sound!by JohnnyT.
Rescued Mercury lighted passenger observation carby JohnnyT.
Another restored Marx trainby JohnnyT.
This is my restored Marx wind up Sparking Mercury,she was just a shell when I got her!by JohnnyT.