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HULL Magnolia Matte Teapotby CWcolle…
Hull "Corky Pig" Bank 1957by DecoVoo
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Hull Art Pottery 4 3/4" Vase /  #13 Magnolia in Pastel Pink and Blue / Circa 1940by mikelv85
HULL --  POTTERY PLANTER ( duck )by antique…
Hull Art Pottery "Orchid" Double Handle Vase /Ivory and Mauve Marked 302-8  /Circa 1938by mikelv85
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Beautiful Matte Ivory Flower Form Vase with Scroll Handles / Marked USA #206-7? /Circa 1940's 50'sby mikelv85
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Hull Pottery Duck #23 - 1950'sby nldionne
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HULL U.S.A. POTTERIES - Green Goblet Planterby BHock45
Hull U.S.A. POTTERIES 197 - Piggy Bankby BHock45
Hull wildflower vaseby nldionne
Hull Bowknot Candle Holderby nldionne
Hull WaterLily Vaseby nldionne
Hull Waterlily Double Cornucopia - 1948by nldionne
Hull Magnolia Vase  - 1930 - 1958by nldionne
Hull Bowknot Vase - 1949by nldionne
HULL ASHTRAYby hulalad…
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Hull shelfby nldionne
Hull Blossom Flite Candlesticksby nldionne
Hull Pottery Magnolia vase 1946by nldionne
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Hull   G32 & 152by sonnyd
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Little red riding hood cookie jarby Toyman
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