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1940s vintage handmade German leather dress bootsby HunterDan
1940s vintage handmade German Ski Bootsby HunterDan
antique shoesby marered…
What type, or style of shoe is Francis Dee wearing in this photo? by gingera…
Industrial shoemaking history by Elisabe…
vintage linen kids shoes..i thinkby rhavie
Wood Shoes Form early 1900 by Hornet
Vtg Oomphies appear to be fur with gold chainby Finy
Grandmas gold wedding accessoriesby sarahoff
How old is my favourite pair of shoes?by archeanassa
Selz Shoes Flange Signby jamiedpt
Victorian Silk Shoesby Wildchild1992
Vintage Tie up oxford heels ladies shoesby chickysis
Red Goose shoesby nativeorigi…
Red leather  shoe,  I found  these with some Red Goose shoes. by nativeorigi…
Not sure what kind/type of shoes these areby taximom22
The Clinic shoe 1945-49by clinicshoe
mansfield shoes hand painted catalogueby vinnyone
shoes- constantinopleby hapoli