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Vintage? Ball mason jar

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    Posted 11 years ago

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    Can anyone tell me if this is a vintage or reproduction Ball mason jar? It is an aqua colored, wire hinged jar and has "Ball//Ideal//PAT'D July 14, 1908." printed on one side. The bottom has a number 6 with a line under it and one side says "WIRE SIDE".

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    1. CedarOaks CedarOaks, 11 years ago
      I don't want to sound ignorant....But, I do have a question: Do they make a # 9 jar? If so, how do you know if it's a 9 or 6, if the line is not there? I ask because I have collected a few old jars, over the years, and use them to keep my macaroni, rice, etc. in. It all started with my grandmother. She did the same and when she passed (1904-1984), I kept 2 she had. Admittedly, I don't remember which two they were and I've picked up a couple since, because one of the ones I had was accidentally broken at some point.

      I have 6 jars and not all are Ball Brand....I didn't collect them for $$$$...It was more of a sense of keeping my grandmother around! But, now that I've found this site today and I noticed your jar, etc, I thought I'd ask and see if any of mine are of $$$ value ~ Maybe I shouldn't be using them in my kitchen???

      What I have is:

      ~Ball IDEAL, PAT'D JULY 14, 1908, with a 6 or 9 on bottom (no underscore) and at top, around the neck by the bale is the words "BAIL HERE".

      ~ Ball ECLIPSE WIDE MOUTH, with a 5 on bottom and at top, around the neck by the bale is the words "WIRE SIDE".

      ~ One that has a 'twist on' type metal lid (looks old with patina), that says Ball on top of it and a single wire at top....But looks like it's for a handle, not a bale (does move from side to side). No writings/markings on sides. The bottom has the following: 3087 , S2, 54, and some initials/marking. The marking looks like a capital 'T' with the base of the 'T' made into an arrow pointing down. Then on each side of the 'T' are the letters 'M' and 'C'...I think! The 'C' is kinda shaped like a diamond of sorts (?).

      ~One has no markings on side or top....But, bale is attached around top of jar by a wire, that looks to be hand twisted to make it tight. This bale is not built into the glass like the others. Instead it's attached to the wire, with some type of metal fittings....different!! Bottom has a 2 and then a 'H' (smaller at top than bottom of letter) and an 'A' in bottom of the 'H'....The 'A's top is squared off and follows contour of the 'H'.

      ~One says "ATLAS E-Z SEAL" on side and the bottom has a 'C' or 'U'. Top bale is attached like the other...with wire, etc....not built into the glass.

      ~ One that says "ATLAS GOOD-LUCK" with a large four-leaf clover emblem. Bottom reads "3 B and then the "H" and "A", as described above. Bale is also only attached with wire, not built into the glass.

      All are of clear glass.

      Are any of these jars worth much $$$$, that I shouldn't be using them daily???
      Any help on info would be appreciated. I haven't taken time to research them...I just used them and began collecting them as functional pieces, as my grandmother did. She taught me to 'pinch' cook and basically was the one that raised me. She attended culinary school at the DeGraf Culinary School and I still have her recipe book from them.....But, that's another story!!!

      Thanks and I am so glad I stumbled across this site today!!!

    2. bossy, 11 years ago
      I have a bunch also and use them as decor.never thought about any value
    3. CedarOaks CedarOaks, 11 years ago
      Thank you for your response.....I am not looking to sell mine. I use them and thought I'd better check that I'm not using something that has a high price, for storing my rice, etc. ~ Should another get broken. I like the eclectic look and to me they are functional....also keeps grandma near!
    4. bossy, 11 years ago
      same here just like the look have beans,rice,coffee etc in mine
    5. cindyjune cindyjune, 11 years ago
      I have been canning my veggie garden all my life and never thought to see if the jars are collectible! I have many, many bail jars that still work great!
    6. cindyjune cindyjune, 11 years ago
      Thanks for the info AR8Jason!
    7. CedarOaks CedarOaks, 11 years ago
      Thank you for your response.....I am not looking to sell mine. I use them and thought I'd better check that I'm not using something that has a high price, for storing my rice, etc. ~ Should another get broken. I like the eclectic look and to me they are functional....also keeps grandma near!
    8. CedarOaks CedarOaks, 11 years ago
      Yes, Thank you AR8Jason....You learn something new every day!!
    9. Judy, 11 years ago
      I have 28 aqua blue Ball Ideal canning jars with lids. The date on the front is July 14, 1908. They have different #'s on the bottom 3,7,11 which are mold dates. Can you tell me anything more about them. Possibly an estimate of value for insurance purposes. I thank you in advance for your help.
    10. CedarOaks, 11 years ago
      I'd like to say sorry to 'nanaquig', that the listing here has gotten a bit off track lately! I myself am here to learn and ENJOY what collectors share with us, only recently did I find this website....So, I'm a 'newby' here.

      I do re-sale things sometimes. But, not all my postings are for the purpose of selling. I do have a small collection of 'jars' that I use daily and a few other things that I just want to learn about and share. Not all inquiries are for purpose of reselling! This site is informational and fun. It's amazing reading up on how people have come to acquire their pieces, etc.

      I recently posted a punch bowl that my brother unearthed/saved and he was thinking of using it in some 'project' he thought about using it in if it wasn't a rare piece, etc. Our antiques and treasures are being destroyed daily by people who have no idea what they have. So, when I come across something I want to know what it is before I do anything! I am not a major collector on anything and my knowledge is minimal. But, this site has helped my knowledge grow, every time I visit. I found out what the punch bowl was, without any help from the collectors and in the process have learned the difference between pressed glass and cut glass.

      I also understand that the collectors here don't want their knowledge to be taken advantage of, by people who are too lazy to do research on finding out what they have....whether info used for purpose of resale or education on something they've found and like, but don't know anything about it! I myself have asked in help identifying some things that I don't plan on selling and thanks to all the help I received, I was able to identify exactly what I have and now know what to tell people about my various 'treasures', when they ask about them in admiration!

      I have spent hours upon hours researching things and sometimes I still have difficulty in identifying something for whatever reason. But, through my researching I always learn something new...quite enlightening! Many people on here have been very helpful and I personally am not here to take advantage.....only help in possibly pointing me in a direction to help in MY researching and the rest I find out for myself. But, as most people here understand, sometimes it's hard navigating the internet and finding proper links and such to help find out whatever it is they're looking for. But, I too can already spot when many people are here to try and get a quick free appraisal on their items and therefore agree that many collectors try to limit their knowledge they give out.....I don't like being taken advantage of in anything!!!

      True collectors do their research (that's how they're knowledgable) and anyone wanting to know something about an item should take their time and learn about it and not expect others to hand them the info on the proverbial silver platter! But, aiming a person in a direction for them to look up themselves helps and I am thankful for those that have pointed me in the right directions, letting me learn for myself!
    11. CharlesAtlas, 11 years ago
      where can one find information on Atlas jars? I enjoy collecting these jars and love the colour. Why are some jars brighter blue while others seem to be dull in appearance? Is this due to materials in the making of the jars by chance?

      Help please:) Anyone...?
    12. nanaquig, 11 years ago
      AR8Jason your comments are always helpful and informative. Thanks for the information. I am confused by your first response to me in which you state the line was taken off in 23 and returned in 33. Wouldn't that mean my jar dated either prior to 23 or after 33 rather than between 23-33?
    13. CharlesAtlas, 11 years ago
      Thanks for the information AR8Jason, much appreciated!

      Another question or two if you don't mind. Can you determine the age of the BALL jars based on the lids; porcelan insert vs solid zinc lid? I would have thought the solid lid style would be older?

      I have a few larger & lighter coloured BALL jars in great shape, are these on a higher demand or search? I can't seem to find anymore of these larger ones in thepast few years. Maybe they are easily broken due to their size and less portability? They or mine at least are much thinner and a significantly lighter colour aqua colour.

      Beaver jars, are they around? I am patiently waiting to dig one up but have not seen one since the early 80's from the Kootenays (BC). Were these jars in less supply in comparison to Mason/Ball? I absolutely love the purple colour the Beaver jars have and are such a conversation piece with the old timers!!

      Thanks in advance.
    14. CharleAtlas, 11 years ago
      Fantastic! Thanks so much for this piece of knowledge. Tomorrow I will be attending an auction and there is tons of bottles so this may or rather will help in my continued collection of Jars.

      Any direction on the wire handle addition to the jars as far as dating? Would this be considered an improvement as well? I have not come across any at all in my adventures.
    15. Chris, 11 years ago
      I have some square clear widemouth Mason canning jars with a G in a square on them. Would these be worth anything?
    16. Martha Waldrop, 11 years ago
      I have a masons 1858 jar , it has a eagle on one side and a star under masons with the #3 on the bottom. I would guess about a 5 gal. Can you give me any information on this.
    17. Monica, 11 years ago
      If anyone can help with some info about my ball jar, It would be very much appreciated. I have a large 10 inch tall by 5 inch wide blue ball jar, blue glass top, it has a 2 stamped on the bottom, with "bail here" on the side near the top where the wire is. The B on ball jar is open and an underscore is present. can anyone tell me how old it is and if it has any value. Thank you!
    18. luv_oldies, 10 years ago
      I have a #1 red key Mason Jar no chip,s/crack,s . And 1 #52 Patton Nov 1858. And 1 #28 Mason Jar nov,1858 with what I think is Penn State logo. Can anyone give me price range,s for these item,s? Thank you..

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